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Source: QuickyBaby

Here’s why in World Tanks you should stop at Progetto 66 and save yourself 6,000,000 with Rinoceronte!


World Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. I like underdogs. Come at me. I got flipwagen, Gsor, IS-4. Some players underestimate them, thats when i trololol all over them

  2. I already full upgraded my M26 Pershing but my win rate is still 40%

  3. i think wg needs at least 2 more years to buff the rino. And than i ll have enough free exp to skip the stock grind!!!

  4. i must say that you played so bad at that bridge that you actually made all of your teams heavies die cause of that.everyone had to overpeek cause you were making them do that with your movment.Everything else you said bout the t9s tanks compared to their t10s ,were interesting as always 😉

  5. Rinoceronte/rhinoceros are ancient greek words meaning “nose horn”, because Rhinos have horns on their noses! How clever!

  6. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Imagine Grille 15, a vehicle that I would never ground. Everything is shit. The vehicle was nerfed and we got ZERO compensation.

  7. To bad the people who work on the Console version of WoT they screwed the Italian heavies up they don’t have the reload compensation

  8. I wanna send quicky some vids so he can coach me lol

  9. lol i used blueprints with random blueprints after a year i finally unlock progetto 66……gonna free exp the parts as well what kind of equipment i should use for that?>

  10. Is it me or this video is kinda darker than last ones ?

  11. Will you do a lets play of the tank crafting game sprocket?

  12. I got both, I kept my 66

  13. Man that southwest corner doesnt look fun to play at all from the east spawn.

  14. Nah , I love my rino 👌

  15. I personally love the rino.. but that might just be me. I’ve found the rino somewhat competitive in ranked of all places.

    • Rhino is my favorite tier ten. The prog 66 was hell for me to get over 50% wins.

    • 22 Ζοντόβολο

      @Tristan Franco pro 66 is crap , slow reload , slow speed to move and turn ….. and ammo racks a lot ….. like bisonte and conq and the armor sn’t something special…. and rarely bounce any shoot

    • I didn’t mind the prog. 66 the grind was very rough though, but when fully upgraded I agree with QB, it could really be classes as one of the best tier 9’a in the game. Regardless of overall wn8 and all that jazz.

  16. I couldn’t disagree more with this video. I absolutely hate the Prog 66 with a passion and love my Rino to bits, It’s my favorite tank and my most damage game taker. But everyone has their own opinion 🙂

  17. I also didn’t buy a Rino, the Proggeto 66 showed better performance in all fields and serves better as a tier X than the Rino … plus a better look, better mobility, even a better gun if you ask me.

  18. that washing machine is still in the background…

  19. The tier 8 is hands down the best tier for tier.

  20. ugh.. really dislike the rino.. looking forward to the inevitable buffs.

  21. I have no idea how it’s happening but I absolutely love Rhino and have better avg damage per battle than with Chieftain… (over 3,2k)

  22. The washing machine door should be open to air out to prevent mold from forming.

  23. Chrislee Nieve De los Santos

    Been looking forward on having this tank for the past few weeks till I got it yesterday, and then I saw this vid HAHAHAHA

  24. I’m enjoying the grind.
    106 K more to the Rhino.

  25. Hey QB,
    i got the Tier8 Proghetto and do pretty well in it or better Most time, depending on MM.
    I got a Replay with 8 Kills on Save Haven where one can see what a Italian Autoreloader is capable to do if it is Toptier.
    It was my first Radley Walters Medal.
    I like these Tanks.

  26. And I’m just here enjoying my Rinoceronte to the max and even playing Clan Wars in it. 2nd Mark of Excellence and I’m getting hungry for the 3rd one. It’s a weak tank I agree, but it has its strenghts and when used right and played patient It can achieve marvelous results.

  27. I only play my rinoceronte for ranked battles but I have more fun with the progetto 66 in general. Rinoceronte is meh but progetto 66 is where the fun is at.

  28. I’m mixed about the Rinoceronte, I like the idea and play style of the tank, but I feel there are better tanks for the job. The Progetto 66 I feel though should be the tier ten. I just prefer the Progetto more and is more flexible in my opinion.

  29. 3300 wn8 is not enough to know play à rhino

  30. is it like st-1 with is-4?


    **Buys it**

    I regret everything!!

  32. why do you ever want to sell a tier 9? tier for tier they are allmost all better than their 10 vehicle…

  33. I think everyone is a little to harsh against the rino, it’s underrated but REALLY good if you know how to play it right. Like every game I get at least 3,8-5k dmg.

  34. Why every new tank is autoloader etc.😟

  35. I Love Bad tanks. The WZ 113 gft is my best tier10 with 4k dpg. Imma get the rinoceronte

  36. I was hoping you would make a vid on this topic. IE When to stop at a certain tier As with the turtle at tier 9 ( note I actually stepped down to it after your excellent post some time ago ) My point is I’m hoping you will continue this process and give us all your thoughts on where the sweet spot is in all the tech trees. It will I imaging possibly mean having more than 1 tank in a specific tree been worthwhile keeping. as always much love and please please keep up the good work because even after 11 years of playing this game your are my main source of information and help in all things WOT

  37. I don’t play the game just to win. I love the different tanks and how they work. Sad that the game has degenerated into “stats and gold ammo” obsession

  38. Sold mine yesterday, no regrets. This thing has no DPM, is paper when on flat ground, and the turret cannot reliably deflect gold ammo even when completely hulldown.
    At least the Tier 8 and 9 are great, and even the Tier 7 is fairly enjoyable.

  39. I’m glad to hear this, mostly because I like the look of the Tier 9, and think the tier X is ugly…

  40. I like it.

  41. i got to this tank and abandoned the entire line because i hated it so much i refuse to even continue further, that tank was garbage, it’s flat on all sides so arty hits killed half the crew every time , it happened so often that i sold it and just went to a different line, i was never able to shoot at anything without something being broken or a crew or two crew dead, it was not enjoyable at all i think after 30 battles i just sold it, guess it doesnt matter i quit playing months ago lol

  42. Harris Nitikoesoema

    never buy WG’s gold tank, don’t get scam, especialy if u sux on play

  43. Hi, what can my account do is Suspended

  44. I enjoy my Rino very much.

  45. I enjoy mine

  46. So why bother grinding the line? The whole emphasis is to ”achieve” and get to the next level, keep what you like in the line and sell and dismiss, avoid or pass by with your own money the crud hard long grinders. So why did you go UP this particular line, to get a tier 9?? I highly doubt it QB. Having two accounts must be a blessing, knowing what you did on your PAID for sponsored account (not taking away your own skill of course), to pick and choose, most if not 99% of the player base do not have that ”luxury”. Players PICK a tank as a target to grind towards, just like you did, just as I, having a pay for and play for free account to pick and choose is a luxury most cannot achieve. Been watching you since 2012 mate, saying don’t buy when you have 600k+ of influence is not good at all, tanks are based on skill, yup some are OP, but not many, let the PLAYERS decide, don’t just write DON’T BUY jeez

  47. James Sunny Crockett

    As long as you are in Belarus thou shalt become Laundrybaby 😂🤣

  48. This is the beauty of WOT- different tanks fit for different players/playstyles. I liked tier 8, tier 9 was meh and Rino was pretty good.

  49. In my opinion Rinoceronte it’s a good tank, tier to tier maybe even better than Progetto 66.

  50. Most honest player in wot. That’s why people love your videos but Wargaming probably hate you 🙂

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