DONT CALL IT A COMEBACK – UDES 14 ALT 5 – World of Tanks

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  1. Dont call it Schnitzel.


    • BestViewedWithCable

      Saw some anomalies, might be time to upgrade your video card drivers.

    • Yes, im very proud of you. For playing a fun and enjoyable class, instead of campin’ bush with a TD!

    • We see here an example of knowing when to fall back (seeing that they’re about to be overrun.) Keeping your wits about you and not tunnel-visioning (noticing the arty tracer while fighting-off the enemy assault and blind-firing the filthy clicker.) Misdirection (taking-out the JagdTiger, moving in one direction until he’s unspotted, then doubling back to ambush the Indien Panzer.) And the whole time keeping cool under pressure. Not to mention anticipating this whole scenario by just looking at the team list and noticing where the Centurion positioned himself at the start of the match. Just an overall masterclass, well done, sir!

    • Best give props to LL, son…..why not give props to Nederhop….kiddin’, we all know why 😐

  2. Alexander Stoychev


  3. Listen to the tanks go BOOM!

  4. Gotta love playing against muppets 🤣

  5. nice carry.

  6. I had a game in my M4A1 Rev on this map at the same spawn with the same situation and still won 😀

  7. Mama said knock you out.

  8. “IT´s the UDES!” strokes Beard…..well, that was a Game and a half!

  9. @11:07 Right up main street!

  10. This was awesome, I think you just inspired me to download and play again after 3 years of not playing …

  11. Borrasque was the hero by distracting the blob first, surviving somehow and then preventing Indien, Ferdi and Strv from crossing over until Circon was done on the left flank.

  12. Oef…great comeback and vid!

  13. #winables with a lot of doubts

  14. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Well I’m changing my mind about going Swedish TDs so I’ll go with the med tank

  15. UDES looks like a good tank?

    • it has high skill cap it has a good gun with good mobility and nice gun depression but with no turret armor so you can ambush tanks and then fall back

  16. Good job Circon

  17. The Better Swede Tank on El Halluf: Electric Boogaloo 2

  18. Aside from having arty against him, I wonder if the Strv would have been better off to have backed up away from rock, try to get some view to either side, and shoot instead of chasing you there.

  19. I just don’t get it, why this tank have 360 alpha damage. The tiger and T32 has a 105mm gun too but with 320 dmg… They need to buff those two.

  20. Good job, Circon.

  21. Saw this game live lol it was epic.

  22. dear sircon, it’s supposed to be called mois-chen like moist without the t and chen, like in hence with a strong russian accent. cheers.

  23. What mod do you use

  24. gud djob sirkon, you aktualli meid moni! You are finally learning how to not be a pay to whiner!

  25. Jandre Labuschagne

    Is that a Five Finger Death Punch reference SIR???!!!???

  26. lol, if you hadn’t also rammed that Strv you would have ended the battle squeaky clean. Not a scratch on your little tankie 😀

  27. That was damn near perfect. Very surgical and clean. Gud game sir

  28. The clinical and clam way in which Circon describes things even as he dismantles the enemy team is one of the finest displays of competence ever. He’s like “bitch, I don’t even need to get mad”.

  29. Nice virus buster

  30. Good job Circon

  31. I’m proud of you!

  32. Good job circon.

  33. Send udes

  34. Sees Circon with 156 MILLION credits… Sad poverty noises….

  35. Melancholic Ghost

    Centurion 430….. is that a new Russian premium?

  36. Hmmm yes, the throw looks like a throw.

  37. Good Job Circon

  38. Good job Circon

  39. has anyone commented on the aesthetically camo design mr. circon puts on his tanks? cause yes 🙂
    I play on console and they don’t let us do that 🙁

  40. 2 swedes one circon @11:09

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