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FV4201 Chieftain is the latest hyped up premium in Tanks but don't be fooled into gambling – here's why!



  1. Don’t get much time to play, and threw in $50usd for 50 rolls. Managed to get the Cheiftan P, T95/Cheiftan, and the AMX 30 Proto. So pretty solid for $50, along with the gold and premium and other goodies… and I am capped out until Christmas probably, honestly was surprised was fishing for the Emil 1951. I’ve had good fun in the Cheif P so far, otherwise great content as ever QB and happy belated birthday!

  2. only “try” to get Chieftain Prototype if u like to potshot and/or snipe fast tanks like LT/some MT…if u are purely hunting damages, kills, MOE, WN8, all that bullsheet, just get AE or pump some effort in ranked to get Concept 1B, it have much better firepower and almost comparable turret armor and speed in exchange for worse HE shell.

  3. Plus, with the AE or similar heat, can pen the mantlet of the chieften proto, when they are using their gun depression.

  4. No arty man, show me this map with 3 artys and this tank 😉

  5. i legit got the new cheiftain with the second key opening my jaw literally dropped and i also had an amazing first game have not played another yet tho but it was a fun first game

  6. “DON’T GAMBLE FOR THE CHIEFTAIN” my take from that is (without even watching the video) its overpowered and boring after a few games…. its like qb doesnt want people to use this to fight against you????????????????????????????????? now i watch the video

  7. 2,4% doesn’t exactly equal to “1 in 50” chance, QB.

  8. I paid $20 for keys at the start and got extremely lucky. I got the Chieftain and the AMX.

  9. I gambled for it, and got The chieff P after 6 openings, spend 18 euros…so i was lucky. I also got the VK7201 in the same run.

  10. I dont usually disagree with lootboxes, but seriously, i got the chieftain, ktts, renegade, kpz 07, skoda t27, chieftain/t95 + all the styles and 20 waffen battles from 50 boxes. Seriously this is the only boxes i would consider buying

  11. 14:25 love that IS-3 crying in chat while being shoved away for hanging around behind allies

  12. rolled for chieftain. got 10 wt e100 plays and a rpz 07 rh. not a bad trade in my opinion

  13. I didn’t have to gamble (real money at least). I used gold to reroll my free keys and I got the cheiftain luckily. Granted it took close to 10k gold, but I can make that back in 2 weeks of tournaments so no big deal.

    • @Juan Zulu i don’t really see it as gambling if I’m not spending real money and get to do it for free but ok I guess.

    • @HEBREW HAMMER it is still gambling, you gamble your time

    • @Eniff not really cus I got nothing better to do lol. whatever tho I fixed my comment.

    • @HEBREW HAMMER how you value your time entirely depends on you. To me this game worths nothing, when my premium time runs out in 3 weeks I will stop indefinitely.

    • @Eniff your right, that’s why its not gambling in my mind, cus I got nothing better to do, gambling requires you to put something at risk for potential lose or gain, I’m not putting anything at risk cus I dont care about my time right now. but I guess everyone wants to get technical even though we all know this was talking about real money gambling.

  14. 25 bucks and I got it and the French medium and that tank,the alt proto is actually a lot better than I thought it was gonna be,the gun is really good and I put my char futur crew in it but I had to start with a new loader or whatever,a 4th crew member,but yeah,the chieftain proto is alright too

  15. Andreas Johansson

    got mine at box 3 so didnt gamble that much

  16. What is the chance to get that tank per box?

  17. gambled and got 5 tanks 🙂 I love this tank, has a good gun and good turret.

  18. ‘Impunity’, not ‘immunity’.

  19. Now wg will probably buff this tank to oblivion because of the title and the video

  20. Nope. Nit being suckered in by Wargaming to line their pockets.

  21. You have played the T10…

  22. I bought 10 keys and got it…so i guess is a deal for me

  23. that first round just show how sad WoT is…its slow and boring as hell to watch while everyone sits there and just hopes to hit a weak point or for someone to turn just wrong.

  24. I got lucky enough to get the Chieftain on the first try, spending only $5. And never spent a dime again.

  25. Ok with all you said… but you cant train your crew for the tier 10 Chieftain and Super Conq with an american tank 😉

  26. i got the proto on a reroll.

  27. Honestly… I would not roll for it out of spite at this point.

    WG was teasing community with Chieftain for years – like when it was supposed to be tier 10 heavy after Conqueror, once the line rework kicked in – and ever earlier, split was considered.

    After all the years, this is a distasteful joke.

  28. that’s not how probability works lol

  29. I was lucky, bought 50 boxes and got 4 tanks including the Chieftain P and KV4. Another guy in my clan bought 50 boxes and got 1. It helped I had most of the other premiums already.

  30. I got Chieftain first day. I havent tried yet. Shall I keep this tank or sell?

  31. Honestly, im having fun smacking these things into the dirt with my T95 (American TD). But they are a menace when I try to play anything else. Very happy I completed the grind on the T28 before these were released.

  32. I’m a rebel and I will gamble! Heh, take that, QB!

  33. The AE Phase 1 is so much better…

  34. Krzysztof Byłeń

    Yeeey I got Raumpanzer in 50 boxes…

  35. I got tier 9 chieftain opened 4-th boxes, when opened 10-th tier 8 chieftain )

  36. Jagdpanzer E. OneHundred

    I got it and I hate it

  37. Same as T57 heavy, if you rush too much. It’s death sentance.

  38. got it for 4th still dont belive it 🙂

  39. I bought 100 keys and spent 16k gold from my Xmas boxes on re-rolls and got both Chieftan’s, the KV, Rhaumpanzer, Renegade and the fast-firing German medium.

  40. Guys, if you are looking for an AE Phase I setup, it’s very good to use a turbo, a gun rammer, and a vertical stabilizer. Stabs will be much more important in your games than vents. God granted me a 66% winrate with this setup. Good luck! 😀

  41. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Who won a shovel?!

  42. Astron rex on 2nd free box, vk 75.01k on around 20 other keys.
    Rex? Amazing. perfectly fits my playstyle, only problem is that I had to retrain crew AND remove intuition since I use premium rounds only on it.
    VK? Err, so far decent/good, the armor isn’t the best, getting open maps is a sad time and getting against t6/7 is a roflstomp with 490 alpha

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