Don’t have 279E or Chieftain? Play This!

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Source: DezGamez

If you do not have Object 279e or Chieftain in, then try IS-4. World of Tanks IS-4 Gameplay, Heavy Tank.

IS-4 has never been the most popular tank in the game, which can be a good thing if you know how to play it… Because this tank has some aces up in its sleeve knows a trick or 2 to make it quite a tough nut to crack.

What do you think?


  1. Poor mans Object 279e aka IS-4. 🙂
    Which is your favorite heavy tank in the game and why?

    • Recently I have really enjoyed Rino and E100.. Went up the Italian heavies expecting them to kinda suck, but actually really enjoyed them. xD

    • Miroslav Chladny

      @Worldbuilder still too slow.. T10 battles without gold ammo? hehe, nice joke

    • @KiLLi I agree, played it for ages trying to get best out of it and sucked. I did have one 6k damage game, 4k spotting but it’s only good on a ridge so need a higher level of ridge knowledge on all maps than I have.

    • Try also ST II

  2. I used to main this before I quit 55-56 percent winrate and avg 6k blocked in a good session

  3. IS4 isnt what it used to be. I 1shot an IS4 with the Object 268. Before, that would never have been possible.

  4. Iyouxin did this thumbnail and video first, dafuq

  5. it is my 1st tier 10 tank……

  6. Vongsakorn Aulvong

    Problem no ammo capacity

  7. look like i need to bring out my is 4 again lol the bounce on the second awesome

  8. One problem: premium ammo

  9. it’s always a 60tp that struggles against an IS 4

  10. Kelvis Shandei Musik

    I want the IS4 ,but I don t want to grind the Line…

  11. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    IS-4 not only came with the Red Rubber Boat but with a ‘free’ T-62A.

  12. Voloder Hadžimuratsefimović

    Can’t wait to get K-2…Is-4 at tier 8 🙂

  13. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    Sorry, but this tank will be always the reason why Tania got punished

  14. IS4 is a beast except when I play it, then it’s like butter and the gun is like a wet noodle

  15. Lack of ammo ruins the tank tbh, i really don’t understand their logic with limiting the ammo on some of the tanks.

  16. is 4 gangsta until they press 2

  17. All nice until the enemy loads premium ammo, your shoulders become paper and you can’t angle anywhere.

  18. My first tier x 🙂

  19. It has problem. Slow

  20. “… with his ass wide open…” classic

  21. IS4 isn’t a popular tank because the current Meta is for fast heavies and medium MBT’s. Since most players have never seen it they don’t know how to hit it.

  22. Even back when, I like playing IS-4. It doesn’t have the speed, but the balanced front and side armor makes its survivability better in a heated close combat group battle compared to the IS-7. When the gold spam started, I sold it after strings of defeats and bought the fancy new 277 to accompany the IS-7 as it was the meta for clan wars. I’ll buy the tank again when it’s on sale.

  23. Recently got that tank and for some reason it’s not working as well for me. Welp

  24. I love the IS-4 cause you can overangle the side and nobody expects it to be as well armored as it is, and since everyone is spamming HEAT at that tier anyway, I bounce even more damage cause it is all spaced armor

  25. My first ever tank is the IS4 and it is still my most favourite tank. Well balanced, not op, yet still very strong (armour and firepower wise). Best tank in the game for me, honestly.

  26. Andrew Macaambac

    So its appropriate to change its name from IS4 to “Cheap10” a cheaper version of the chieftain at tier 10.

  27. Only issue of IS-4 is ammo capacity. 30 is not enough :/

  28. Came up against an IS-4 today on your second map, he held the cliff side all on his own against 4 of us and we lost. Just bounced every shot. I still haven’t got this tank, been waiting for a sale forever. Think I may just pay the full 6k and get it, been looking forward for ages to get it but just keep forgetting.

    My favourite tank at the moment is the Rino, just suits me well. Got a master on it within my first 10 battles and 1st marked it yesterday.

  29. Thank you for your video

  30. Pure love when it was Tier 9. On tier 10 people just spam gold.

  31. I refuse to play Russian bias tanks.

  32. Minh Nhựt Trần

    The main reason is this tank has too little ammunitions. Gun is excellent, i love this gun.

  33. i think that alpine tiger is very underrated. it’s very similar to IS 4 and it’s gameplay. it’s one of my favourite premiums. fun fact: I did with it 7,1K damage game :DD

  34. I love people like the t-100. “Nobody setup to shoot the left side of the map so I yolo’d it into the 4 line and died.. You guys all suck at this game!”

  35. IS 4 mhm what to say? a well i’m just here for the comment anyway

  36. Heavies death. Tier 8 premium medyum tanks can penetrate tier 10 heavy tanks and has better dpm.

  37. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    IS-4, my 1st russian t10 HT.

    love’d it.

    although i hate it’s pre-buff turret.

    but it’s good.

  38. its crazy to think that IS-4 is armor wise really really good and has a decent gun and yet nobody plays the tank. one of my fav T10

  39. Poor JP E100, could not find the hole in your butt, even with HEAT xD Love it! That was actually very funny video xD

  40. with purple equipment its too easy, but on standard its not a good tank at all.

  41. The pre-inflated boat on the back of the tank looks kind of bad on it ooooof

  42. I did Ebola missions to bounce some shots on IS-4.

  43. I dislike the gun changes very much. Befor the rework it was accurate and the IS-7 was derpy. Now it’s the other way around.

  44. good tank but people would still choose Obj 277

  45. Wish you content creators quit talking about the IS4. More people are playing it now. lol

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