Don’t leave bread out for too long…this is the result (War Thunder)

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Don't leave bread out for too long…this is the result (War Thunder)


  1. *SOOOOO lucky me i got this at 7.0! they just updated it’s BR to 7.3 do you think that is balanced?*

    • Phly when it came out it was 5.7 BR… With an autoloader… With 200mm of pen… Going 60kph. Best tank ever back in the day

    • Phly I have a idea for a video (Lunch box RACE)??

    • It is the only tank that always penned the side of my t28 from the front and slightly angled. Maybe a 30 or 25 degrees angle, when EVERY other round bounces, but not the AMX, no sir. It happened to me several times, and funny enough, playing myself the AMX, I also killed a T28 in the same way. Impossible angle, penned without bouncing.

    • 8.0 would be good so I don’t have to verse these with my King Tiger

  2. Its performing exactly the same. You’re not doing anything that tank couldn’t do before the buff.

  3. *HELL YEA*

  4. Maybe 7.5

  5. HELL YEAH! Now can I get a OOF in the replies

  6. Maybe Centauro is more cancerous. Dont have both of them so idk.

  7. Officer Lorraine

  8. Dat reload speed

  9. This is cancer

  10. Think 7.7 would be fine if the reload is reverted back to 6.7 seconds – with the amount of mobility and stopping power this thing has…

  11. Those “lunchboxes” looks a bit like mouse droids from starwars.

  12. 〈〈xxMATRIXxx〉〉

    Centauro in soo cancerous that it’s name should be CANCENTAURO!

  13. HELL YEAH!!!

  14. I was feeling good about my 6 kills as a T-34-85, then I watched this

  15. TheColombianSpartan

    I watched this in France, right after my breakfast, which consisted of a Baguette and a croissant.
    Am i doing it right?

  16. TheColombianSpartan


  17. Heavens no

  18. Centauro is more cancerous

  19. Put the oh no in your sound pack

  20. Just after this video it gets moved up to 7.3 (Edit) also so many other tanks have been changed br wise such as 10.5 tiger and the jumbos

  21. HELL YEAH!

  22. One of the few French tanks that wouldn’t have rear-view mirrors. Christ that is dirty.

  23. I love this thing, but it would be better for people playing with an against it to make it 7.7 and remove the ridiculous repair cost.

  24. Hell YEAH

  25. 3:45
    I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but…

  26. Lorraine as now a repair cost of 24k in RB when aced. *cries in baguette*

  27. Hell yeah


  28. I love how phly has a crew skill of 150

  29. At least it can fuck up the IS-7 now

    And besides this tank is really Gun-Only, everything that meets it CAN and WILL kill it

  30. it’s a glass cannon

  31. @11:36 *PhlyDaily taking lunchboxes since 2019*

  32. Works hella fine at 8.0 too LOL

  33. HELL YEAH!!

  34. Phly! Military High Command has ordered you to have a ONLY T-34 lineup, no use of cheeki-breeki, and you have to respawn until the end of the match because *mother Russia never surrenders*

  35. f you phly <3 3:39


  37. FIRE IN THE BAGGUETTE!!!!!!!!!

  38. why did you leave the baguette open in the hangar?

    its too crispy

  39. plz post a vid with nothing but you missing, ricocheting and just failing in general. it will make some of us feel better.

  40. This thing has a better gun than the T-54, even with APDS.

    It’s a light tank at this BR, and it definitely deserves the 7.3 BR

  41. 9:22 that needs to be one of those sound gifs pls

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