DON’T LET RNG WIN! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

RNG in World Tanks is the bane of many tankers! Here I'm talking about how I, at least try, to deal with it!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Playoff P’s clutch gene

    I think there shouldnt be any penetration rng

  2. To bad RNG always wins, also tanks GG might show the value of what it is but that doesn’t mean you still will pen, it is called RNG. not random, russian, russian = rigged, just look at pudding. Why enemies roll high 90% of the time on me and pen shots that should bounce. yeah they balance me out because i WAS a 70% win rate player and now a 55% because all i get on my team is 45% losers who can’t play a defender with 50k+games.

  3. QB I deal with RNG by not playing sir. You are so wrong about this one my friend. When my gold ammo wont pen a like type vehicles weak point and they knock the crap out of me with every round in places that should not pen that is the RNG that makes me wonder why the hell I play at all. If it were not for the fact I have a bunch of money and time invested in this stupid game I would not play at all. You sir could put a rubber band on a go kart and knock tanks out. Not so much for average guys just wanting to enjoy a game with a chance of winning.

  4. I once missed an arty from 5-10 meters with a Chinese TD. There was like one pixel space between the arty and the aiming circle and guess where the shot went. This rng is disgusting, atleast they should lower it to 15% or something but 25% is just way too much. Though if you think about it its actually more than 25% i mean you take the shot does it hit or miss the tank completely, and if it hits does it pen the weakspot you are aiming at or not or does it pen somewhere else or the shot just goes totally elsewhere and bounces? Oh yeah and theres also the chance of non damaging criticals.

  5. the cellulon triptometer

    While I realize it is a game, I believe that RNG is a healthy bit of realism in the game.
    I was a Field Artillery Officer for 33 years. When I first learned how to calculate for accurate predicted fire I was amazed at how much data we used. From measuring each howitzer’s muzzle velocity, to wind speed and density every 20 meters going up, to the drift of the shell to the right due to the spin caused by rifling and all the way to taking into account the curvature of the Earth, we predicted everything we could. Today artillery has computers that do this. And yet… after all that…. there is still a calculatable probable error curve in range and deflection(left/right). The real world has a type of RNG, and this element of WOT has always made sense to me as a bit of realism for that reason.

    • David CWS · 88 years ago

      Not the way it is now.. You probably wont miss a fully aimed shots at a stationary target within 100m will you? They should minimize the dispersion RNG say within 400m to 0.1 when fully aimed..

      Edit: Have you ever missed 6 fully aimed shots in a row on a tank which is just 150m away?

  6. RNG SHOULD FADE OVER TIME. If I am aiming in on a stationary target, the accuracy should go to 100% if I aim long enough…

  7. I stop play wot after EBR:s come, those are shit.

  8. Who have time to learn all weakspots of even half of tanks.
    Game is not fun anymore.

  9. Hey Quickybaby, I just had an insane nail biter comeback game in the bat. chat 25t that I uploaded to the WOT replays website and it would make my heart melt if you watched it. My in game name is Tjornehoj. I put your name in the title like I know you like 🙂

  10. I loved that QB let the tank commander talk first

  11. Main Rng that pisses me off in pen rng. Im fine with damage and accuracy, by why the fuck does penetration need a 50% rng spread too?

  12. …..and……if your shooting both barrels in front while advancing?…will you slowdown?

  13. The thing is there are so many things to bear in mind when u shoot
    These make it very unpredictable

  14. The easiest way to defeat RNG, PZ1c, spray and pray!

  15. People are talking about RNG for multiple reasons, you just pick one …and that one is an easy one …

  16. TheCanadian Moose

    I love how much optimism you show in this game. your optimism is what kept me coming back to WoT even after i finally realized its a trash game that doesn’t listen to or care about its players. im glad i can get my fix by watching your amazing videos rather then playing and getting frustrated at this atrocious excuse for a “Free to Play” game.

  17. I agree with some of the information you give here, however, some of it is a load of rubbish I’ve s spoken to others in my clan and friends. it’s not the one game that is the problem we have with RNG says it’s the game after game and the RNG you have before you even start a game.
    How many times have you been in a position that you’re playing an autoloader got the back of the tank, 3 shots pen and the last shot then bounces?

    This game is not about skill for most players but luck that the RNG WG gods let you do damage, In a normal random game, how many times do you think RNG is in play?

    Let’s take a look,
    1, The map rotation, how many times have you played on the same map over and over? even when WG say you won’t play on the same map over and over unless you playing in tier 8.
    2, The matchmaker, so many miss-matches of tank class between the sides? one side has 3 heavy tanks and the other 2 or one side gets 279e the other gets medium tank. Or you get a side with 2 EBR’s while the other side gets T49 or RU 251
    3, The platoon matchmaker, like the normal matchmaker again puts platoon members against platoon members so both sides have the same 3 member platoon vs 3 member platoon. However, the tank class is not the same so you could have 3 member platoon in T45/FV4201/ 279e heavy tanks vs 3 members in medium tanks. Or even worse you get a 3 member platoon at T10 while the other team gets 3 member platoon at T8.
    4, The reticle, even after waiting to fully aim in on that tank RNG will say where the shot will go within the circle it could be right on the outside so you miss your shot.
    5, Penetration, -25%/+25% to see if your shot can even pen your shot after taking into account step 4.
    6, Damage, again we are back to the -25%/+25% to see what damage you may or may not do, after steps 4 & 5 are taken into account you find that your last shot to kill that tank thanks to RNG leaves the other player with 2 hitpoints instead of killing them as all your shots are close to or less than the average damage of your shell.

    So in a normal random game, RNG is in play at least 6 times in the course of 1 game, sorry QB but you are wrong here a lot of the time you have no say in the RNG or chance to overcome it, a unicum has a better chance to win and overcome some of these but for the average player, they have very little chance to overcome RNG.

    These are just some of the reasons we are seeing players leave the game, this does not take into account the bad changes WG are making to the game that most players don’t want. For example to HE shells, arty rework, crew change 2.0 or overpowered reward tanks.

  18. Awesome video and so timely as I am struggling with my VK 30.01 H

  19. RNG doesn’t matter. its all pay to win. he who plays prem tanks and loads prem rounds will win more often than not. its not free to play. its free to lose.

  20. lol QB suggesting loading gold isnt a solution. As he loads gold as a solution to being owned by the opposition.

  21. I quit playing, because of RNG. When a battle starts, the RNG decide which team will deal damage from every shot and the other team will not. Also shells flying through enemies without dealing any damage. Thats why a battle ends 15:3, etc. WOT is not about player’s skills, but about RNG. It is fraud upon the player’s.

  22. RNG is a fukin joke in this game.

  23. With all my fully aimed shots missing in a single round, I cannot stay calm and continue playing this shit.
    If I waste time in a game, the least I ask is not to end up with a worst mood.
    For which WoT is an absolute champion.

    The last 6 months I reinstalled the game several times. EVERY SINGLE TIME I end up uninstalling the game 1-2 days after, because I always have a horrible session.

    Total 52.67%
    Past 24 Hours 38.18%
    Past 7 days 38.18%
    Past 30 days 38.18%
    Past 60 days 44.13%
    1000 Battles 48.4%

    The game just hates me. Fine

  24. Quickybaby, I am free to play so I rarely fire gold. Te problem is, when I fire the gold I have WORSE RNG than AP which makes me rage, any solutions?

  25. The game is bad enough now with crap mm, OP Soviets, EBR’s, the arty mis management …..without the RNG of some sort in the game would be flat out boring, I rarely play it now.

  26. MaukasMuussi ✅

    can we get more games that we dont usually see videos?

  27. 5:11 after so many years you are still not seeing the engine behind the game?
    – there is the RNG for dispersion (it was rigged by WG when too many shots went exactly near around where it was aimed)
    – if somehow the shot hits the target,is it a part of the hit model? (yeah, there are things that seem to be part of the tank but no – strv back)
    – if it hits a hit model part there is a complex checking (what type of ammunition hits what type of armour at what angle)
    This part is ridiculous – this is where the majority of bounces are “created” (absorbing tank sized bullet by wheel / track, ricochet from a paper light)
    – if you were lucky or did a perfect angle, then it checks for the penetration (+/- 25%) so a JPZ E100 gold 420 pen can be 315 if it is unlucky.
    – if it penetrates then comes the damage with again a +/- 25% RNG so the mighty 1050 average damage for Jagdpanzer e100 can be ~790
    – and then it checks if there were any module and if it was destroyed or not (ammorack)

    So this game is a kind of advanced Yahtzee, with a good theme. Player skills are mainly can be used for map awareness, teamwork, mechanism knowledge (bush, module, weakpoints) and when to switch to Gold ammo 😉

    There should be a fix for tanks with lower dispersion so they should have better scatter around the middle of the aim circle so it would be possible to shoot weakpoints.
    RNG should be decreased to a maximum of 15% (it is 30% range still)
    Armour models should be reworked and give weakpoints and nerf all ammo pens.

    and yeah MM needs a rework aswell, but that is a well know story.

  28. Legit if you miss any shot in wot it’s because of RNG 9/10 times , for example my shots only seem to go where i aim them when im playing KV2 and i just shoot without aiming

  29. I had the worst game recently in ISU152k. Enemies were playing badly and staying still in open spaces lots, yet my ISU that game fired 12, hit only 4 and penned only 2. I stopped playing after that one for the day.

  30. win? lol…10/8 lost..

  31. Jordi Toda Calderon

    Your argumentation is very complete, as usual, thank you for that :). However, the fact that this game has RNG + dispersion makes it nonesense. You can implement dispersion values OR RNG values, but no both together. You can deal with the dispersion values in the way you exposed: knowledge of the game, weakspots, your tank capacities, etc… but the fact that RNG works throwing away your shells or the low or high damage rolls brings more frustation than happiness to the game in my opinion. As an arcade game you expect the mechanics working the way the game tutorials taugh you but the reality is the fact that you have this “rolling dice” moments that you mentioned so many times, and this should not be, or at least it should be but several times less. In summary, I agree with you that you have to deal with RNG in a cool headed way, but the solutions should not be the “get chill, man” message but to fix it from the game itself. Thanks for you time if you have read it this far.

  32. Subhadeep Khanra

    Most useless video this person has ever made…licking WG’s ass is fine…but justifying RNG with stats is straightaway misdirecting…I guess after 16k games I understand how accuracy, penetration, spaced armour works….

  33. Hashimoto Vapor

    Finaly said emough

  34. RNG spread needs nerfing big time!!

  35. RNG has little to do with accuracy. I lost count how many times I fired at a target, point blank, their vehicle filling my aiming circle, and RNG said I missed! Not bounced, not just critical damage, MISSED! And many times over. Whereas I’m hit constantly by enemy tanks 3/4 of the map away, or more. And I won’t go into how tanks, even as large as the O-I or O-Ni simply disappear right in front of me, moving, in an open field, well within my view range. Even in battles, you can see which team has been ‘blessed’ by RNG, and which one was cursed. IMO, the #1 thing WG/WoT needs to address and fix, is RNG.

  36. To quit this game is the only chance to escape greedy russian RNG,… I loved the game so much, but now: FU WG !!!!

  37. All players has exactly the same RNG at start of a game. It’s simply an evolutive positive or negative bonus which applies on every single player fonction of his work, combined to the team work and finally, it’s mixed with the temporary RNG of your ennemy at specific time who also has a personnal RNG due to his work and his team work. The result of this mix gives the final RNG wich will apply on every action on every specific ennemy. I think personnal RNG is a mix, 70% due to personnal actions and 30% for mates actions, + or – 5/10%, really difficult to feel that without exact informations from Wargaming who never talk about that.
    RNG evolves at each action of each player of the game, it’s different for every single payer fonction of every single ennemy.
    Do you want RNG ? Don’t make mystakes, apply your shots, make a good spot and don’t be spotted, don’t let arty touch you and prey for the same comportement of your mates, also don’t forget the control map.
    RNG is not a lotery or the hand of god, it’s just too simple to think that. It’s an evolutive result of tens, hundreds, thousands things.

    I can talk about RNG for few hours but I invite you to make attention and finally see yourself how it works, it’s under your noze all the time in WOT. Look at all action you can see, map position, score evolution and you will understand it (not 1 game, maybe after thousands game to make attention).
    Sorry for my english, I am french people.

  38. Russian Bias ? My T-150 can’t hit something at 50m and when it works I don’t pen like two days ago my 3 shoots on the lower hull of a T26E5, 15 sec later I was 80% hp ammo racked by an IS…
    Special mention to my Leo who can’t pen the sides of Amx M4 49 and Tiger II or the back of a Progetto 46

  39. RNG was alright until one time I shot a ISU-152 750 alpha shot into a Progetto 46 and rolled for 588, leaving him on 20 hit points. But yeah “balance”. (And yes it was AP because I counted credits after the game). A big wtf moment.

  40. I stopped playing completely about 2 years back and uninstalled, mostly because of the pay to win aspect of the game, but also this, the unbearable rng factor. In my case (and I’m not just complaining) rng beat me to the ground. I constantly kept missing fully aimed shots to the side of a barn and people kept hitting my cupola at 50km/h while In a full turret traverse. It was just too much, but i still enjoy the content.

  41. Roberts Manguss

    Id what you say but when i play skorpi or actually any german tank i get low rolls like 70% of time under490aplha and when i play with defender and obj 430y none of the shoots are less that their 440 alpha

  42. After reading 15-20 comments, it looks like Im about the only 1 who has absolutely nothing against rng being in the game as I think it adds an element of reality. Ofc I can get tired of having bad rng but I still think it’s fine that it’s there. My go-to when I had bad rng would be derp-tanks…but guess thats out of the question now, with the HE-changes fucking them up…

  43. There is a thing called RNG(J)esus.

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