Dont let this design into the live server. Obj 257.

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A plea to .


  1. As said in the video, im not running ads on the video or seek to get personal gain.
    I truely think that this tank and specially it’s inherit design has no place in this game, so i am trying to bring this to WG’s attention.
    Because its on the test server and we still have the t-10 i think we can still stop it.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Soon even beta males will be ashamed to play OP to HELL, easymode Russian “magic” tanks.

  3. what about the 300 mm of rear turret armor on the stock 705?

  4. Welp I’m not playing tier 7+ mm anymore…..Actually I’ may just find a better game where the devs aren’t actually retarded glue eating morons.

  5. sutch a puberty mistakes for sutch an old game , that aint professional am sorry this is some fukd up mechanics

  6. Just put the Object 252U aka Defender as a tier 9 soviet heavy tank, instead of this Object 257. There. Problem solved.

  7. they will buff arty to fix it

  8. Meh. I’ll go under this shit with ELC even 90 like you did with the Udes.

  9. While I can agree with you on the fact it goes against the grain, I think there’s gotta be some forward movement in gameplay, otherwise it’ll just become stale (if it hasn’t already)

  10. It’s slow as shit, lower plate and cheeks when at a slight angle is absolute cheese. Tracking plus not doing damage even at a 90 degree angle is not a good design for the game though, but I don’t think it will be OP at all.

  11. If they are so concerned with history, then these V shaped hulls failed and never made it into production. Why then don’t they have any weakness in game? Just sounds like more blatant Russian bias and these WG devs are too busy deep throating their Rubles to realize their game is a sinking ship.

  12. YOu stupid behinde space armor is not body, is noting. when penetrate track in this tank behide track not body is noting body is hight

  13. I personally think the frontal armour is kinda meh, have hardly ever faced one on the test server where the pike nose isn’t angled. Even if the lower plate is hidden they always try to bait shots into the front road wheel or over angled side armour so the pike becomes really vulnerable. Of course the downside is not being able to track this piece of shit at the same time…

    • if they’re exposing the front road wheel just shoot their upper front plate and laugh as they get penned due to the awful sloping of the upper front plate

  14. Павле Аксентијевић

    Buff the German tanks! WG stopped being historically accurate a long while ago, and German tanks, once awesome are now pretty mediocre at best. (Im a player who plays mostly Germans since I like their designs the most) Please.

  15. They should just make it a t 10 as a sub branch

  16. T22 Medium. A better example. A tank that had to be nerfed so that all of it is trash except the side armer.

  17. A little more cuss words and had a face cam you could of been the next Sirfoch Rant!

  18. It’s just another tank in the game, players coming up against it will just have to change there game play to pen it. Big fuss about nothing.

  19. This and the 430u is fuckin bullshit

  20. I feel that stuff with obj.257 is an obvious joke to distract everyones attention to a overpowered tier 9 with absolute stupid design of the chassi, but i dont care about tier 9 so much. I think the new russian Tanks are vastly making the fucking Heavy- and premium-meta worse.

    The Object705A:
    ABsolutely broken. I had matches on the Testserver where i bounced Heatshells from all side and sidescrapping correctly makes
    you unprenetrable if you dont shot premium ammo in Jagtpanzer e100 or e3. Against a playe that knows how to sidescrape, all you can do is spam HE. Even the Maus has to turn its cheek into your direction to get penetrated through them – this thing dont, and it has 15 hp/t. What a joke.

    The Object 430U:
    The WZ is stupid op, this is practically the WZ that gets matchmaker against Mediums. The upper Hulls is heavy like, remember that the green stuff on the UFP is only existent in You cant pen the cupola with normal ammo, and as they are so small even with heat you will simply waste your money.

    The TD:
    Looks op and kinda is. I had ram kills with this thing you would expect from e50M vs light Tank. Heat ammo does not allow to penetrate it reliably as the hatch is tiny, even while face hugging, what you can against any tank, that is low enough to not be able to shoot down into your upper hull. Nevertheless, you can track it, it has not turning turret, so i can live with that design.

    However, the other tanks are just stupid, force you to spam heat and even then you need to pray.
    Im just a Noob, but i dont like this imbalanced shit. I really think about quitting when that stuff goes life, and i hope
    many people would do that too.

    -The shooting get more inaccurate
    -The maps stay corridor like
    – The frontarmor gets buffed
    – New premiums are impenetrable from the front for lower tiers
    – Heavy Tanks lost their “weak” spots
    – Single tanks outclass most others by a large margin
    – Now they even begin to do that with Mediums

    There is no winner with that stuff.

  21. great design, implement it, about time they done something to shake up the way the game is played, far too many play the system, no initiative, no imagination, its a bot factory, its not indestructable, just bloody well armoured, but many tanks are

  22. Hopefully they wont listen to your plea.

  23. for me Mauerbrecher is the most balanced tank ever above tier 7

  24. For me one of the annoying things is how many corridor maps there are in the game, so weaker tanks can do little more than face a tank like this head on.

  25. please dont put this on i ask hoping to help this cause

  26. This is fucking ridiculous, I may uninstall WoT if this ever goes live. I mean the 907 is bad enough, now they’re adding a tier 9 which is better than the IS-7 in every possible way. Like how is a tier fucking 7 supposed to pen this with their sub-200 pen AP shells?

    Also I don’t agree with you Circon, there’s at least a pair of 907s in nearly every tier 10 game. “Unicums” love to load full HEAT and just go ham on you.

  27. From what I’ve found is, the farther away you are when you shoot the side armor the more likely you are to pen, also don’t shoot apcr at the the “cheeks” it is more likely to bounce, this also goes for the side armor. Heat ammunition is great against this vehicle, even the side armor is vulnerable to heat ammo. Every time you encounter this tank I suggest you shoot AP at the front and lower plate. Other than that don’t attack it alone. Also I think they are changing the mm so that you see equal tries more often so I’m hoping it won’t be to bad. But it’s wg anything can happen.

  28. No russian bias here, nope, none at all

  29. I think it’s fine. Game needs something new

  30. Mobile agriculture

    Wrong wrong it will get in t10 75 % of the time and the front is week and they will not change a whole line up now and they will maby just nerf it next pach . But the gun and speed sucks to so that’s why it’s amor is so good

  31. Those 103 dislikes are from WG staff .
    Pathetic .

  32. Wow wg this is realy bullshit game more broke and broke ffs wg do +1/-1 mm this is realy destroy the game more and more

  33. LOL @ Quickybaby’s video the herd is pretending the Obj. 257 is not OP.
    I’ll get one, mount a repair kit, run food and troll the hell out of them. 😛

  34. fix the broken 907 while you’re at it. t22 that hovertank!

  35. the whole 9.22 patch is a problem though. not only this tank.

  36. Maus is an oddity

  37. How are you going to beat it? Well, that’s easy. Just get your TVP VTU and that beast shouldn’t be much of a problem. Kappa.

  38. not a new tank in game. penetrable from the front and from the side. use heat !
    so get the 907 out of game 2. play vs russians and you know the weakpoints.
    they play different. so worse rng necessary heat shooting means more money for WG cause you miss weakpoints and only strong players can do that on tier 10.
    so …. ?

  39. My IS is crying now. Fighting it head on will be a nightmare if no other decent teammate nearby.

  40. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    I know you said some of these things in the video but if anyone didn’t pay attention to it, the difference with the Object 907 and the Object 257 is that:
    a) The 907 is a tier X MT, the 257 is a tier IX HT;
    b) The 907 has flat armor behind the rear wheels, the 257 doesn’t. I.e., if you shoot the rear wheels of the 907, you’ll detrack and deal damage to it, if you do the same to the 257 you’ll only detrack it. Same for the front wheels, even though the 907 can be a bit of a troll if you shoot the half of the frontal wheels that’s closer to the front. You can still detrack and damage it though, unlike the 257;
    c) The 907 has a “belly” with the shape of a cylinder which means you’ll be able to damage it if you shoot the side from many different angles, the same won’t happen with the 257 as its side armor is literally just a V shape;
    d) The 907’s boxes that look like flat armor on the sides don’t actually count as spaced armor, they’re purely cosmetic. The 257 actually does have spaced armor on the sides.

  41. Oliver Von Tronchin

    So finally we go full circle and you will need arty back to kill it. Fast firing gun keep it in place and arty chips away on it. If only smbd would protect arty.

  42. fuck yeah, can’t wait

  43. people want more historically accurate tanks, so here you go. also, a two-tier lower tanks SHOULD have issues with dealing damage. and dont give me this crap about type 4/5 – at least mention german heavies in the same sentence as well, although i agree – no gold for type 4/5 (or arty or lights or any top tier in a match)

  44. I’d argue that the t110e4 has a similar but not as extreme situation, if you go into you can see that the fdw is about 50% absorb/riccochet and there is a lot of zones with 250-290mm effective, so even though this is undoubtedly unbalanced it is not limited to reward tanks.

  45. Its the devs official statement that they dont give a shit about their community and finally coming out the closest with russian bias..

  46. Its a new way to think and shoot at tanks. In the begining it will be op. But after a while players will learn how to shoot it.

  47. Too stronk Russian tonk

  48. Am I the only one here thinking its not op? Its just a new concept of a tank. I think its kinda cool when the tanks have different abilities like the 257 you cant track and damage it.

  49. I like this new t9 ??
    Stop crying…. dude game need new things, player leave game bcs of broing old tank..

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