DON’T MESS WITH HETZ | Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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DON'T MESS WITH HETZ | Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer (War Thunder Gameplay)

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  1. Play the German TD Jumbo: The Brummbar

  2. KV2 to stronk cromrade

  3. Phly try this if you dare use the is1 one and the t34 dt5 as backup. now your thinking what’s wrong with that well for me I constantly go up against tiger 2 I’ve even been killed by cheatfin stabilized from ru251s

  4. #HetzerMasterrace

  5. Challenge: noscope as many people as possible in a battle

  6. Hetzer gonna hetz~

  7. Im sed 🙁 Hetz not good use to be anymore

  8. Phly u should try World of Tanks….

  9. How do they go so fast??!
    B’cus – Russian

  10. i loove playing the ferdi. looking forward to that video

  11. Sturer Emil with the new BR of 5.7 with the best plane Hs.129B-3 (you can also us tigers). Use you 128mm K.40 Keg Cannon to destroy jumbos from the front and as well IS-2 and T-34-85. Show the power of German engineers at BR 5.7. That Bias at its finest.

  12. Stug iii g next phly! Attempt #1

  13. yes pls the Ferdinand!!

  14. As my business professor said, High risk equals high reward, and phly you do that very well

  15. wtf happend with the m4a2 that made 0 sense, u still got him though

  16. Well Phly after watching your vids for a few years, I finally started playing War Thunder. I’m disappointed, in my self for not starting earlier because I’m really enjoying it.

  17. 7:11 *French Mode Engaged*

  18. With the Stug 3 G you can get up to like 90 mm of frontal armor with the add on armor

  19. F82E plez attempt #3

  20. Wow, I just unlocked this Jadpanzer and have been playing it all day and now a viddy on it from Phly! what a coincidence!

  21. Play Ferdi 4sure, but also play the Stug III G! With the 75mm Stuk 40 L/48. You have played the 105mm version before, but this one not yet.

  22. Play the Extra THICC Gun phly Ze Sturmpanzer II

  23. Hetzers gonna hetz is the meme. At least back in WoT it was.

  24. Do a aa artillary challenge very hard and that would be the best thing in your channel

  25. Hetzers gonna hetz

  26. Loving the unloved T26 shitty pershing

  27. Phly Russian tanks are fast because the crew get super speed from vodka

  28. Please play the Marder III Asuf H!

  29. The Mighty Trenthan

    Churchill 3inch gun carrier loving the unloved

  30. SturmHaubitze or Hannomag Henschel 4-5 for next video of loving the unloved

  31. Dude Kv 2 can’t kill you from front with HE, and 75 APCR can go through Jumbo turret cause it’s cast armor, the same reason IS 6 pens Maus front

  32. Hey anyone know about the graphics glitch while flying. My screen goes half black and purple. Pls help if you know how to fix.

  33. ArE YoU DiSsInG tHe Stug?!?!?! PLAY IT PLZ

  34. A fun video to see would be the katyushas vs bi-planes. 😀

  35. Logan McCorquodale

    M8 50 cal only… have fun

  36. ZdrytchX -{Reference

    Can you do the next of the Jagd video series in sim battles when possible? I’d like to see you actually try using the sight since a lot of people have trouble with it. I’ve perosnally gotten used to it but the fact that the jetzer and the jagdpanzer have teir sights mounted around 30-50cm higher than they should be on the in-game model puts a lot of people off.

  37. “Oh thank gosh it’s on our team!” Phly… have something with that salt, I don’t care what it is, just get something.

  38. Your title is wrong…it should be : Hetzer gonna Hetz

  39. Phly please play the Dicker Max
    So OP with is one shot gun

  40. Best of Rocket League

    Play the is3

  41. Best of Rocket League

    Is 3 and il28

  42. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    Phly, play the Land Battleships Of War Thunder!

    Attempt #23 (?)

  43. With the addition of the T-64A, we are 2 years, at least, overdue for a harrier.

  44. I have a Model Kit version, but it’s static… I really want something like this, it can be piloted :v

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