DON’T play like a YOUTUBER!

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Source: OddBawZ

The way I play War in most of my videos is WRONG! Today, I correct that by playing a FULL comprehensive lineup of US Tanks and Planes to show you War Thunder Properly!

No more depending on one vehicle to get the job done. Today I set out to win matches by using every tool in the box!

The WW2 vehicles I'll be using are the M18 Hellcat, M36 , M4A3 76 W Easy 8, M4A3E2 Jumbo (Cobra ), M19A1 and for planes the P-47M, AM-1 Mauler and the P-59A!

This perfect combination of vehicles to deal with pretty much any threat that's thrown at us and is the lineup I've been using to grind the Summer Quest event!


  1. please play the T80 and T28e in the USSR 2.3br, they’re great fun and you have never done a video on both tanks (62th try)

  2. Actually there should be limit to max 2 vehicles per player. Imagine if everyone take full squad and there is something like hundets of vehicles fighting on shit 1x1km map to take control over shit abandoned village at middle of desert. Every general with fully functional brain wouldn’t send there more then 20 vehicles at all.

  3. i would but im broke

  4. Thank you for this video !
    You do not realize how influential you guys are toward youngers and the community as a whole and took your playstyle as the “norm” !

  5. Charles Courtwright

    i want to know how a jagdpanther dies the the american 90mm from the front besides the mg port, or a lucky shot into the gun housing, which the 76mm can do as well, ive used the m26e5, the m26 and the m36 quite extensively along with all panthers besides the 2, i dont fear the 90mm in the panthers, unless im in the panzer 4/70 which has a bit less sloping or thickness, which allows the 90mm to pen

  6. I’m free to play so I only have the first 5 crew slots. Is it better to have one or two planes? I was wondering if it was worth bringing a dedicated fighter AND and attacker

  7. Holy shit the dogfighting in the first battle is so so clean gd

  8. “There’s a special place reserved in hell for people who are worse than useless.” Man I hope not bro or else im screwed

  9. U gets thick sherman the one god panther player ses u fires under the turet plate

  10. I disabled my aim bot while I’m playing on my Xbox and I prefer not having it

  11. How come I rarely see youtubers use the commander sight?

  12. I want the people who only take out one tank to know this. You get more exp and sl for winning the match. I know you just want to play that one tank and grind it; but if you get 6 kills and lose and start a new match vs 6 kills and win but have to spawn 1 2 or 3 other vehicles you’ll unlock that next tank and parts for that one vehicle a whole lot quicker

  13. m18 is still 4.7 in the china tech tree

  14. Just because I don’t use gold eagles I just buy I buy the free slot with silver and usually run 4 vehicles line up one of everything depending on the BR of course

  15. LOL, i do NOT recommend you take a full line up if you are NOT premium, you CANNOT afford it unless you can guarantee a WIN. The more you play the more it costs, and even at first place on a loss results in the LOSS of SL.
    HOWEVER ONLY playing one means you ONLY lose however much the ONE cost.
    Oh! and DO NOT play Ships if not premium, THAT results in the loss of -20k+ SL PER MATCH.
    And CARRY HARDER is BS copout.

  16. so it’s not a bias towards nations… i just suck XD

  17. This is very similer to the way I setup my lineups when I play ground, the best advice I can give is to always take atleast one fighter, you never know when you could clutch air superiority

  18. Sleepy Odd: “Sorry for my atrocious aim.”
    Sleepy Odd: makes 12 kills in 1st game of the day.
    You da man, Odd, you da man… 😀

    BTW, got educated and entertained at the same time. ^^

  19. 13 thousand hours…

    Man, you got me feeling like a complete noob, and I’ve got over 500 hours logged.

  20. Hi baz I decided to trust you and buy the m4a1 fl10 but I also want a good premium French plane to go with it which one should I get

  21. isnt 100 million silver lions worth 2500 dollars?

  22. P-59A is good at 7.3 aswell, really catches out the 262’s

  23. But wait, if by making a video and posting on youtube makes you a “youtuber” that means everything youve just said doesnt matter.

  24. i hate full lineups

  25. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    the M19A1 and the M42 are good SPAA tbh. i have shot down more targets with them reliably then most others i have used outside of Radar Guided ones of course.
    SPAA can, unbelievably enough turn an entire losing battle into a winning one, simply because they can, if clever, shoot down aircraft easily by using the terain against them.
    i get your point on only using SPAA as a last resort, seeing as you are a really good Pilot and all, but they are much more useful then most give them credit for. it’s all in how you use them.

  26. But ur a utuber

  27. This was brilliant, loved seeing the different vehicles being used for different situations 🙂

  28. cannot stress enough how many people only take 1 vehicle, die, and then leave which means the team is down 1 more person and we have to try to pick up the slack. Not a knock on youtubers since when they do bring 1 vehicle they do very well with it and at least bring back-ups. I am referring to the people who die once and leave while doing nothing, we all see them at every br

  29. A lonely sherman just went head to head with the big cats and was actually winning.


  30. CAS ,CAS ,baby

    Da-done (Vanilla Ice noises)

  31. I don’t understand why when you’re pinned down and your turrets out, you don’t use your artillery before you are sure your gonna die….
    Especially when you have a couple of enemies right next to each other and they’re barely moving if at all.
    I mean, I’m just an average player so maybe there’s something I don’t know, but it seems like if you don’t use it you’re just going to lose it.

  32. That was fun to watch you play full lineups for a change.

  33. See, this is why my Italians do so well. I bring a full lineup. Good, dependable tanks.

  34. Pieter Du Plessis

    War thunder arcade and realistic modes are for noobs! Go sim or go home baby

  35. i really think its a good type of content, if you make it about a certain setups with a certain nation it could be cool!

  36. still dont understand how all 262’s have to suffer against post war jets and then theres just a random fucking american jet at 5.3

  37. You can’t just call us out like that Odd.

  38. bring only one vehicle to match sucks but it’s the fastest way to grind
    cause you don’t have to waste the time again and again to drive to the frontline while emeny already have the highground and maybe get snipe from nowhere on your journey, especially at those BIG map
    so i don’t blame one car guy that harsh anymore

  39. Kinda sad they nerfed the m18s speed cuz that’s what its made for, still good but sometimes you just lack the extra bit of power and speed to get to locations you used to be able to get to.

  40. Eros Francisco Mesa Cubas

    Dont play a like a youtuber, play like a whale.

  41. jason gillett Kakel

    What happend to phly??

  42. “Germany, Italy, Japan and… Israel?”

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