DON’T SELL THE IS-3-II in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

In World of Tanks many Tier 9 vehicles just feel better than their Tier 10 counter parts and the IS-3-II is no exception – here's why!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. There’s a huge difference in the entire double barrel tech tree, IS-2-2 is slow-ish and weakly armored, IS-3-2 is a mobile well armored tank and then the huge and slow and somewhat weakly armored ST-II.

  2. oh dear, irm does not help your gun dispersion values it only makes you turn faster and so on.

  3. Jon Cedric Bermudez

    I don’t even give a f anymore on ST II when I got this tank back in the day when it was still new.

  4. i loved the is-3 2 so much i had the ST-II in 1 week

  5. why did you just upload this video like hour after 1 did buy the IS-3-II???

  6. To me the 703 II is the best tier for tier. Its basically the IS-3 II but at tier 8 with all the benefits of being a premium. I still enjoy the Tier X as well.

  7. I also got IS-3-II and the turret ring is a weak spot

  8. don’t sell, buy obj 703, because it has better armour

  9. That last match only has tier V vs Tier VIII lol

  10. Carl Khentan Allen U. Altovar

    currently saving credits fo this beast

  11. why would anyone sell a tier 9? they are ALL better than their tier 10 tank except two or three exceptions (tier for tier)

  12. I’m pretty sure the double barrel tanks have improved stabilisation

  13. 10:30 “this tank really loves a good crew” oh really, a tank gets better when you put a better crew in it? wow thanks for this revalation

  14. Is-3-II should be the tier 10 tank

  15. Can you please do a video on the state of WOT console. It’s a disgrace.

  16. Looking good swaggy baby

  17. Sold my ST-ll over the weekend…couldn’t believe how soft it was and how awful the gun handles

  18. 12:40 That was a nutcracker shot though not at the Maus king.

  19. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    I haven’t watched Quickybaby in a while, I’ve got a question. How does he has gold an premium tanks on f2p account?

  20. Mate, clear out your custom exterior elements, yeah?

  21. Who else loves live gameplay

  22. Not 10 times experience points, it is only 9 times…Wargaming has funny math (I have noted this to them several times before). You can have a daily multiplier (say 2x) and a bonus, tank specific, multiplier (say 5x) and think you should get a total experience earned of base times 7, but in reality you don’t, you get base + (1 times base) + (4 times base) and that equals only 6 times base. One is subtracted from each multiplier independently and the base value is only added once.

  23. Why in the blazes would you load gold for an is7 when you are below him? I dont understand this heavy=gold mentality there is very few tanks that you need more than 240 pen for their weakpoints.

  24. I heared “old sport” and instantly thought about great gatsby

  25. I’d like to see a video where you showcase when the tier 9 is best than tier 10 tanks. For example I found the Tortoise a lot more easy and fun to play than the badger.

  26. How can you sit and say that players with over 50% win is a good player ??? When I play, atleast 75% of my games are in the real looser team, with players who have 0 ( ZERO ) damage…and mostly are they 4-6 players…you cant win by your self all the time, against 15 others…so, pls, dont say that…I cant do anything at my winrate, than to do my best in my games…and this, that for me Im mostly in the match with real idiots, I cant do any thing…and WG wont fix better MM either……regards David Svensson from Sweden.

  27. The drab slash alarmingly multiply because pocket jelly park along a greedy flavor. gabby, political unit

  28. Roll for 900? I barely get to see 700 with my double shot.

  29. I also like the IS-3 II better than the ST-II (purchased both for NA’s On Track event (your Top The ST-II has a weak point on top of the turret which the IS-3 II lacks. You didn’t mention the larger cupola on the ST-II than on the IS-3 II (as far as I can see, the top of the turret of the IS-3 II is very stronk (unless shooting down, arty, etc.)).
    Best wishes for a festive and joyous holiday season to all!
    bjscherer on the NA server

  30. I just got the is 2 ll :DD

  31. QuickyBaby after tree years: Hi everyone, dont sell this double gun artilery.

  32. Well I would absolutely adore your live YouTube videos cuz ur commentary is real not a voice over and I just want to say I learned so much from this video thank you

  33. IS-3-II?
    Get ready for:
    Jg.Pz. E-100-II

  34. SAY THE N WORD in world of tanks!!

  35. Here I am able use the ST-II to great effect, even better than the IS-3-II, and I’m wondering what in the world QB is talking about saying the ST-II is bad. makes me think someone never played the ST-I.

  36. The best tier ix heavy

  37. The highest possible roll with the salvo shot is 975

  38. I dont like ST-2 as compare to IS-3-2. You feel you are weak all the time. Armour is really poor compare to other heavies more like AMX-50-B. Standard ammo pen is decent but gold rounds are again very poor compare to other Tier X and I am free to play player so that way I occassionaly use gold so its fine. I feel I wasted my lot of time, credit and experience grinding the ST-2. Disappointed. 🙁

  39. Can someone help me? How can you switch between barrels??

  40. how 703 ii ?

  41. also don’t sell your e 100, nono,don’t sell it twice QB fans will mostly know XD

  42. @L and @MaxC: oh no, but he does these “live twitch videos” on YT almost never!! Oh nooo!!! (you know who you are)

  43. Hi QB,
    i love ur videos, can you make one about crew and how to evolve them fast and how do you use them in your tanks? thanks browww

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