Don’t Watch this Video | This Tank Make Brain Hurt | STRV-74 (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

In a more sensual way 🙂



  1. 5:56 what is this, spiderman?

  2. My theory is that most Swedish vehicles are run through a Snapchat filter before being added to the game.

  3. every tank matters

  4. it’s sweedish ofc it likes snow more than japan … <3

  5. Attempt5: if you like warthunder naval battles maybe check out ultimate admiral dreadnoughts

  6. The way that flipped over 🤣 I laughed way too loud 🤣🤣

  7. Hey I see the GeForce icon bottom right, I got that 😁

  8. German used to be scary lol, well still r for us brits lol

  9. oohh yea phly the Strv m/31 has a sabot round too even though it is a reserve vehicle

  10. looks like a mixture of a m48 and a m103 with autism in thin

  11. Swedes: Nästa mål! (Next target!)
    Phly: MISTER MOON!

  12. My brain trembles

  13. The only good thing about the turret is the depression it gives out

  14. That’s not the aspect ratio

  15. We need more Japanese tank videos

  16. Laurens Detremmerie

    please respond

  17. 私を幸せにするという希望はもうありません。

    Squishy boi

  18. Himechi mitsuoka

    STRV 74
    he not wide. he tall
    he has carboard armor

  19. I thought you edited the tank but I realise d it’s just like that and its hurting my head

  20. Martin Coufalík

    So where are all those stories about small interior space in tank, resulting in long reload? Swedish non-existing tanks are not affected?

  21. At first I was thinking: “wow weird clickbait photo”
    Then I see it and wow

  22. Girl: *Posts pic* AlL nAtUrAl

    Girl IRL:

  23. He is Funny Now nice i like it

  24. Epsilon-11 Site-16

    It looks like a tall M24 at least to me ngl

  25. Phly: wow this thing likes snow……. really lol Swedish tank likes snow 🤣🤣

  26. MY EYES!!!



  27. How to get up the c3 hill? I saw Tiger I up there once

  28. I feel like the tank is built wrong.

  29. Mohammed YASSINE

    it is pretty tall, very hard to hide

  30. Traverse should be shitty – considering the narrow hull …

  31. Monostripe Explosive Explorations

    9:23 what a nice scenic flyby of a smoking plane, very cinematesque!

  32. napalm sticks to lolis

    that gives me a headache

  33. I basically had to listen to this whole video, the tank was making me feel motion sick 😅

  34. Why is the Whirlwind Mk.I 7704 SL to repair if it’s possibly the worst plane at 3.7?

  35. Teacher: “The test won’t be that confusing”
    The test: 0:00

  36. U wernt joking it actually makes brain hurt

  37. A Livid Pile of Dirt

    This tank looks like someone trying to hide behind a streetlight pole.

  38. More german aircrafts phly. Germans have a lot of special modifications.

  39. In terms of armor, we have no armor.

  40. DaikiinoGameplay

    Very nice vidéo

  41. When this thing become light tank?????

  42. This car Looks soo scufft 😀 Great gameplay Right Here

  43. *LONG RANGE **_YEETS_*

  44. STRV-74 looks like a squished m60 Paton turret slapped on an AC4 thunderbolt on the front hull and m4-sherman with slope armor at the back engine.

  45. I absolutely love that tank. It can handle planes with the roof mounted MG, the filler round is awesome and the scouting ability helped out my team sooooo many times! APDS as first shell to make sure your first shot counts, keep in mind to aim correctly, filler round for the finnishing shot.

  46. AAAAhhhhhHHHHHH My brain hurt bad

  47. the turret kinda looks like if you went in photoshop and the imported the Chaffee turret the used the stretch tool

  48. I hate fighting that thing

  49. Why have armour when no one wants to look at you

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