Don’t Worry, I’m doing a Blitzkrieg – War Thunder ad

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Source: Nano

How many landing gear bits do you need land anyway? answer might surprise you.

Checkout War thunder here –



  1. “Historically accurate vehicles”
    lol good one, gayjibbles

  2. 🤣 commentary fuckin cracks me up man.

    Nano is the new game based Mystery Science Theater 3000…

  3. do yourself a favor and don’t play this game

  4. Goddamn, I wish I could get a fuck ton of vehicles for free.

  5. Oh dear god…

  6. I love this channel xd

  7. Army: Does many mental exercises so they can get good
    What really happens: (kamikaze,planes shooting without calculating,soldiers not taking cover)

  8. UnknownTarget Tank500meter!

    I Won’t be Going to use the blitzkrieg. I Will Going to Use Breakthrough.

  9. Roblox and gacha life mobile task force

    If tank no work use more tank

  10. affiliate link pog tim to download

  11. Maybe this will solve my school problems

  12. “Yeah I shot the pilot” proceeds to forget that its a war crime.

  13. The funniest thing about Nano is that when Nano makes jokes, everything in his gameplay is perfectly timed 😂🤣

  14. When he said ehh “14:00″…
    I felt that

  15. 6:07
    You are trying to escape Brazil.

  16. Uhm, that’s not a rainbow, is the Romanian Flag, :)))

  17. This guy is the living version of the meme, “this is fine”. I love it

  18. Don’t climb with people on you unless there gonna over shoot you

  19. Don’t invest the time on this game. It is filled with Pay to win schemes. I have unlocked jets at 10.0 for usa and france. This has been the most regrettable decision I’ve taken on this lockdown. It might seem fun at first when you are owning bots on 1.0 air arcades, but as you climb up (If you haven’t realized what is going on yet
    ) you will start to notice how the fun turns into grinding and the grinding into communism. You start losing silver lions with every game, and at this point you have already sunk 300hrs into the game to get to Rank IV props or tanks. the only way to get jets is to pay for premium or it will take you at least another 50hrs to grind that shitty 7.0 jet that can barely take off the runway, and gets annihilated by air to air missiles because the jets matchmaking is dog. Stay away from this game unless you are rich, and don’t mind greedy devs trying to take your money.

  20. I got a War thunder ad on this ad.

  21. Nobody:
    Absolutely no one:

  22. Nano you should play he’ll let loose since you can play Minecraft in it

  23. Me with 4 uears of playtime on hear dont have nearly as of stuff as he has, but then him ober here with jets but no skill

  24. What’s the Voice what do you use?

  25. The harrier jump jet.
    A aircraft so unique, some Americans to this day claim it’s a American jet.

    It’s not, it was designed and developed in Britain and is one of my favourite planes because it changed the way we created aircraft.
    We used to use runways to take off and land, now we can go in with ease in VTOL.

  26. At 1:33 on of them shouted “cats” in German

  27. 14:57 ха я уже не первый год в игру катаю лол.(RU)

  28. 6 boys with fishing ship🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

  29. is some one of them Indian ??? cuz i feel that accent omg and his idiot questions omg lol that make me laugh like hell

  30. @Nano Nano I know your probably not gonna see this but could you guys try to like it so he will but I’ll get on with it: I have recently got and still have the worser strand of COVID 19 including shortness of breath, intense body pains, and much, much more, also laughing is extremely pain full, so I’ve now subbed to your channel, watched more videos then are probably healthy, and been in lots of laughing pain, I just wanted to say love the channel, mainly squad content, but you could play pet rescue and make me laugh to the point of crying (weather that is from pain or from how funny it was) Anyway I know I’ve dragged this on longer than it should have been, but keep up the good content nano

  31. premium players be like “how do I retract my gear”
    this game is fucked and the grind isnt even worth it

  32. First Time playing?

  33. War thunder is a bad game ngl you get hit once and you can move you barrel

  34. My eyes are burning

  35. “Use more gun” *proceeds to slap about 500 dollars worth of cosmetic guns on 60 dollar premium*

  36. thumbnail is an tf2 refference

  37. The fact you’re like the only youtube channel that gets sponsored by Gayjiggle and plays realistic instead of arcade earns you my respect… for the most part that is

  38. Nano: _War thunder has over 1500 historically accurate vehicles…_

    _Zeroes turning perfectly pulling 12Gs and late war aluminum Russian prop planes breaking at 600kmh like their wooden predecessors_ pop-up window has appeared. Would you like to ignore it?

  39. Nano: Plays WT the first time in arcade with the most broken premium plane of the game

    The community: _Pathetic._

  40. funy guy

  41. ” If gun dont work, use more gun. ” Weird, I know he isn’t Russian but he sounded Russian.

  42. Poor Nano is baited by greedy Gaijin to play it´s game, you are fortunate they gave you everything and you don´t have to grind it, good though, I wouldn´t like you to lose your sanity to this shit.

  43. Auf Wiedersehen

  44. Nano do you ever stream?

  45. This video makes me cry

  46. Me: having to grind for months to get top tier

    Nano: spends 5 mins sending a email gets top tier

    War thunder is depressing

  47. When he said “I killed something”

    I felt that…

  48. Mixed_Emotions_69-96

    My kd is bad know. There was one game where i had like 30 kills

  49. Dewangga Casanova Al Caesar

    Yeah war thunder is fun!

  50. 6:40 why does the gunner look like he needs to go and take a big one? I mean, his stature and everything is really wierd.

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