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  1. play italian 1.0 with him lmao

  2. I don’t usually watch this type of content but this one was actually pretty unique. Thanks for the video!

  3. Zephyr Haru(Amri)

    T U T E L~

  4. Day 2 of a sky for you to get a nuke with every vehicle

  5. I put it forward to Gaijin that they float the BR like a stock market so that the rating is set by effectiveness and use, If something doesn’t get used very much then it’s BR drops slowly until it becomes an effective vehicle to use again. That way the old would become new again. I got banned from forums.

  6. Why did gaijin nerf the Sherman 76 penetration? The 6.3 jumbo can’t even pen a 5.3 panther now from the front seems like they need to increase pen back or put it at 5.7. Thoughts?

  7. poesmiouw50 gaming

    i love these multiplayer video’s with multiplayer i mean with another creator

  8. 14:57 ? why he lock on, is that just an arcade thing

  9. I love the content when you and Odd squad up!

  10. attempt #16 use the M134 turrets on the huey and role play as a gunship

  11. Whatever happened to Baronvongamez? Gotta drag him back to warthunder lol

  12. Day 6 ish of saying the best ar build is the KAC sr 15 5.56 14.5 inch barrel

  13. the Legandry Duo Back again, yesss

  14. Can you talk about the cheating problem in war thunder would be good topic

  15. Love ya vids as always dawg! And love seeing you and Odd on some duos


  17. Spreading freedom right there

  18. attempt number 9 please play battleship duilio

  19. more collabs … more collabs…. would love to see Phly OddBawZ and DollarPlays do a collab some day

  20. Muhammad Usman Rafique

    Ninth time telling Phlydaily to play on controller

  21. TUTEL!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1

  22. Yes more of this please

  23. more games with participation

  24. Krzysztof Zalewski

    I love how this is almost an equivalent to a chat with a friend while tanning on a beach. Just talking about random stuff for minutes on end bird watching xd

  25. Day 16: play ikv-91-105 and saab 105G combl

  26. Thanks guys

  27. TUTEL!

  28. love you phly, been a while since i watched, please forgive me.

  29. Rares Petru Samartean

    I love how you can’t rely on the armor of literaly the heaviest and slowest thing in the fuckin game
    Wtf are you supposed to do with it, flank?

  30. thumbnail gives me a attack on titan vibe, get a line full of doom turtles and fight them with bt7.

  31. one of the best matches I had was playing with 4 dudes in doom turtle plus a rando in the team with a turtle and just going in in a congo line making line formations and such. we won that match

  32. T-60 with oddbawz when

  33. This is something we needed. Thank you very much lads

  34. Day 5 of asking phly to play the rooikat again

  35. Day 14: I challenge you to take out fully bomb loaded A2D-1 in tank battles and get at least 5 kills without respawning. If you check your video “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”, it was me who saved you at 13:55 so I guess I deserve it xD

  36. I needed you two together so much.

  37. Next time play simulator battles.

  38. Phly please play the Ikv with the apcbc round and feel the power of a nuke shell

  39. They def need to lower the BR on that thing.. You guys should play arcade again. What a breath of fresh air

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