DOOM TURTLE – “Gotta Bounce Them All” (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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– “Gotta Bounce Them All” ()


  1. *Plz watch till end* Critical information on the Is-6 directly from War Thunder HQ )))


  3. I guess that since they removed that tiny weakness off the front of the IS-4 they decided to do the same with the T-95

  4. Fw190 d13, with panther 2

  5. “HEEEEELP TEEEAAAAM! jajajaajajajaja saludos desde Argentina 😀


  7. Eduardo E. Saenz Daguer

    that end tho.. jajajaja

  8. how cn i get my youtube big $uch @$ you PHIy by W@RthunER

  9. 1,500HP JDM Supra

    the t 28 is ugly!

  10. Play the British Free Kill Combo! Firefly Mk I and the Avenger Tank Destroyer!

  11. Lol gotta love that classic pokemon theme song for the doom of all turtles

  12. Phly! You haven’t made a video of the T20! Pls try it out

  13. Take out the T-34-100 one of my favorite tanks in War Thunder DO IT STALIN!


    FV 4005 combo and seafury pls T^T

  15. “you guys see those new sound effects right there” -phly daily 2k17

  16. The IS6 that killed you had some of that creatine.

  17. I have a challenge that’s either crazy or stupid. do you think you can kill a few enemy’s with only smoke shots?

  18. William Hupays De Launière

    The is6 weak spot is the turret optic but you have 50% of chance that your shell vanish
    ( ^-^)

  19. Okay, attempt #3: The British 4.7 “Solid Shot Is Useless” challenge. Take a team of BR4.7 British tanks and planes, jump into a random RB, and just try to win a match.

    You’ve got the Sherman Firefly, Churchill Mk WII, Avenger & Crusader AA Mk I on the ground, and the Firebrand TF and Brigand in the air.
    You want salty? Imagine being a normal player having to grind that bunch, while getting instagibbed by everything German, Russian & Japanese.

  20. quick t95 use APHE!
    *enemy tiger ll ammo rack blew up

    tiger ll fainted!

  21. IS6…TOTALLY BALANCED at 7.0 facing 6.0-6.7 tanks. 😉
    Ok in all seriousness, this tank is COMPLETELY broken with half of its ONLY weakspot covered by a “realistic” optic port. This video is a perfect example of the BS prototype tanks Gaijin is coming up with now just to make money.

  22. collab with bo (attempt #12)

  23. I believe you have been memed on XD

  24. That ending was hilarious!

  25. sup (sorry for bad Russian)

  26. The back of the T-94 makes me think of the dark night raises, car/tank?

  27. Now it actually behaves like realistic steel, not clay.

  28. a better gun on the t95 is the 155

  29. I swear to god that ending sounds just like the how it’s made from Rick and Morty

  30. The video title name should be Doom turtle vs JS-6.

  31. Custom battle t-95 vs t-95 Murica!

  32. su100y and pe8 please 1st attempt

  33. You and Jingles should do an episode together

  34. I do it for MEMES!


  35. Irmantas Sineokis

    Phil all those years I’m watching you channel and I haven’t seen you playing with Tiger II H in Rb…. I mean… dude like seriously take that big old cat for a walk with the company of Me 410, with that nice 50mm cannon. let this be my first attempt.

  36. Downvoted because of the 30 sec unskippable ads. Love your content and the excellent commentary, but I hate being forced to watch ads that I can’t skip.

  37. IS-6 XDD

  38. @PhlyDaily hehe I now look back in the replay and see it was you afterall in the poland map..Sorry for your T-29 buddy Phly. 🙁

  39. Phly, you need to try the Epic Thunder sound mod!

  40. How the hell do you download this sound mod?! it sounds so beautiful

  41. Pokeball, kill them!

  42. Watch out Nintendo doesn’t fuck you in the ass for using pokemon music.

  43. now it makes sense 😉

  44. that’s why I stop playing this game!

  45. beer more bias dan vodka

  46. กฤษฎา แก้วมาก

    Fuck You IS-6

  47. Play the REAL P2W Russian bias!
    KV-1E and P-47D
    Attempt #2

  48. Vladislav Shatalov

    Russian milk truck challenge Use Russian milk trucks and kill enemy capitalist scum

  49. What is that sound mod?,

  50. Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum

    Just played Pokémon Emerald on Gameboy Advanced SP minutes before this video? I was like WTF!?

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