DOOM TURTLE Still SUCKS? (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Gameplay T-95 w T13 Nuke Rounds, Doom Turtle!

Thanks for watching!


  1. 11:47 You’re welcome Baron :P

  2. you should do a custom battle t95 Doom turtle versus the British tortoise

  3. Baron last video I clicked on the link for the intro song and it was not
    the intro song

  4. Baron lol at the end of the first match, the guy who bombed you called you
    a noob. (Seems like a 10 year old to me)

  5. Germans don’t have a one-hit-wonder? They do… it’s called the 8.8 cm Pak
    43 baby.

  6. Mark of the Ghost

    Can you please do a plane request? Please?

  7. Well in real life the t95 was meant to take down heavily fortified bunkers
    and survive almost any standard arty and 88 fire that the fortified
    location would have. It was not meant to take down other tanks.

  8. I don’t think it suks, what really suks are the current maps, coz we don’t
    have open maps for sniper tanks and I think is coz russians are very bad at
    long distance so they always loose those only 2 open maps WT has…the rest
    are made for russians to flank and hide .l.

  9. I got this game on my ps4 and good players on there can help me navigate
    it, I want to start uploading this game too

  10. ASU-57

  11. The tank does suck you can easily kill it by shooting the hatches. Make up
    your mind baron

  12. Man this TD sucks! The new ammo type was a desperate attempt to salvage
    this POS! Damn!

  13. Germans: But- but- but- but why…?

  14. try A39 Tortoise.

  15. I’ve been somehow killed thru the windows, that you really can’t see….
    was suspect at best. Then…. mostly everyone just shoots those top
    sections on the tank and all the front armor means nothing. Otherwise it
    bounces ALOT. If someone has hax… you’re dead. In RB it really seems
    almost impossible to hit those little hatches on top but yet it happens….

  16. williamazuredragon


  17. Baron you are aggressive ( not a bad thing) that isn’t how the T95

  18. They should call this tank the doomed turtle

  19. I feel I should know this but could someone tell me the name of the song of
    his intro? thanks! =)

  20. Intro song name please

  21. T95 has a weak spot in the front

  22. Panther II mean kitty attempt number 2


  24. its Just a bit slower then the Black Prince which is basically a Churchill
    with a 77mm with sabot

  25. The doom turtle can get anal fucked and it still can drive after that . . .

  26. TETSUO!!

  27. DennisFromHell :P

    whats best .. t29 or t32

  28. Lucky for the T95 is it’s at 6.7…. Used to be higher I believe..

  29. Sarodore The Dragon


  30. team work in WT? naaaaaaaaaah i am so angry today and salty as a salt stick
    because i had four games where my team were useless and one bloke decided
    would be funny just to MG me in an ASU-57….. killed my commander. -_-
    tried to tow a stuck guy out my team did not stay to aid… i had to double
    back to aid him and then i got hit in the side because they let the enemy
    flank us… AHHG *rant* sorry just ranting needed.

  31. name of the intro song?

  32. 6:00 like a fat man trying to get out of his car XD

  33. Why USSA why? We germans have not such fancy rounds as you have.

  34. 75mm M3 GMC because why not

  35. how do you farm these golden eagles?

  36. from 6:53 to 6:58 poopoo lol

  37. Hey baron 2 things: (1) do you play world of tanks blitz and (2) you should
    do the lvt vs pt-76 battle

  38. Bombers = same error of WG with SPGs, just 100 times worse

  39. What about putting the Sheridan’s gun (ATGMs or not) into the Doom
    Turtle…? Head up-Beast confirmed?

  40. This is a sniping tank. You just need a good camping spot.

  41. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    they give the t95/28 a APHE but they added ATGMs to balance the t95

  42. When i doubt, hide in your shell.

  43. Worst tank ever holy shit!

  44. I love the T95 in wot because they increased the Traverse rate and give it
    a 155mm cannon

  45. Joshua Erhardt (ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳરιקקξરҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ)

    this Thing is for me one of the easyest tanks to kill the Triangel plate
    next to the extreme thick armore is like to cut paper Tier 3 tank kill this
    Thing with no big problems

  46. 2:45 – Best review evar, keeping it real and honest, lol.

  47. Yo Baron! If you set any tank to the second cruise control setting you are
    slightly faster at speeding up than if you just pushed the forward arrow

  48. It still strikes terror into the heart of many when they see one through
    the gun scope.
    Maybe if you had a team mate or two in a light tank and an SPAA hide behind
    your hull all match and engage any flanking/flying enemies it’d be

  49. IS 2 mod please

  50. Walker Bulldog next plz Baron…76.1mm of FREEDOM!!!!

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