DOUBLE ARMOR TIGER 200MM MONSTER | Panzerbefehlswagen VI P

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. 🤖 *Install Mech Arena for FREE here ✅ **** and get a special starter pack to help kickstart your game!* ⭐

  2. Great Bro Game

  3. The Zimmermitt coating was so durable that Panzers left in swamps or outside to rust have been found 70 years later with still intact and “like new” Zimmermitt.

  4. I want this thing so baddddddd, but i can never get it

  5. Like ya new theme Christmas dong

  6. These Tiger variants (and the Ferdinand/Elefant, which uses the same chassis) have major weak spots in those angled cheeks / jowls.

  7. I can say with confidence: Mech arena is actually pretty dope for a mobile game

  8. Guys, has the sound of your guns changed after the last update?

  9. Phly kills mulko two times and doesn’t!! Wow
    But I still love your videos Phly dad!!

  10. finally the he got some games that I usually get.

  11. Iam german😂

  12. 20:30 Clever T34-85 it’s the best way to get rid of that tank

  13. Hey guys! I’m trying to decide if i should by this tank or not.
    Any opinions?

  14. Ah yes panzegehagwleb

  15. hey its me

  16. How is this thing 5.7 and jumbo 6.3

  17. yooooou bastard you turned on my google now its playing come on Eileen, thanks now i have to listen to it before i turn it off.

  18. Can you play the Lorraine 155

  19. Tiger porche

  20. This tank is VIP – Panzerxxx VI P

  21. hey plz can someone tell me what’s the name of the documentary about soviet planes that phly told us about

  22. I kill this tank with my is-2 (1944)

  23. So eeasy

  24. The amount of times that thing has almost caught me off guard when playing with the Sherman. All I would say is that I will see your 200mm tiger and raise you one apds firing bulldog.

  25. Love this tank! Ive so often stopped the whole enemy team. Tanking shots and fight 3 tanks at once is super fun. IMO the best premium tank.

  26. i hate the word “comfortably”, i can never pronounce it right

  27. Phly, take out the M.B.175T! Bomber spawn, 2 wing mounted MG151’s and a rear 151, handles like a peach with airbrakes, all at 3.3!

  28. 5:47 comfort a bully lol

  29. Does it also breakdown every 200 meters?

  30. Curses from Jujutsu Kaizen be like: 12:16

  31. The “P” was wrong pronounced 😂

  32. The thing about German team at 5.7 is you either get a stupid strong team that kill everything it meet or a dumb team that melt always after 5mn

  33. I just love it! Watching Phly is so much Fun, such good comedy, Gameplay and Moderation. Keep being urself Phly!

  34. the idea of wanting them to shoot the hull is smart but I see that tank in about every battle

  35. Kinda looks like the tank from White Tiger

  36. duh, can remember how were you playing Tiger P like 3 years ago lol

  37. and war thunder says its not pay to win while putting the best tanks behind a pay wall

  38. Eh, Mecharena, Ay!

  39. armor in this tank is broken
    t34 can pen frontal plate

  40. that german uff so funny besides no normal german would pronunce it the way you did echt jetzt xd

  41. i love how english speaking people sound when they try to speak german words haha

  42. does anyone know if the german mig23MF gets premium bonus?

  43. 14:44 “A child” -OddBawz

  44. “Ya, newbie, come into my trap” – said the Bushman)

  45. Oh yeah the good old Porsche tiger…

  46. A grave misunderstanding

    Now I know why some tigers the explode as soon as I click them and others eat shell after shell

  47. I introduce: the “Pansabäsfhählswaggen 6 pi”

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