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Source: QuickyBaby

A double barrel tree leading is coming to World of Tanks. Here’s all you need to know about IS-II, IS-3 II ST-II!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. With that “boost” shouldn’t there be a chance of tipping over if you fire it at 90 degrees?

  2. The 3 second “charge up” is for the crew to bail out of the tank before both guns fire. The 7 second delay is for them to recover from the blast and climb back in!

  3. So were getting wheeled and double barell vehicles in 2019, but the buff of German heavys and 30B and nerf of 430 ans 430U got forgot even tho they promised it to us

  4. 8 degrees of goddamn depression. I smell its a hulldown god damn tank

  5. ST Roman Numeral One, ST Roman Numeral Two. There, fixed.

  6. Pffffff……. 🙁

  7. why WG focus on them more than the real tank that have 2 gun like M3Lee(75mm+37mm) and M6(76mm+37mm)

  8. 10:27

    The good old 680mm Pen HE rounds. Almost forgot those

  9. Question, if one gun is hit, do they both go down for repair? How does it work with accuracy after that?

  10. Cục Cứt Biết Đi

    Now the accuracy of Russkie tenk is more… I don’t know ????

  11. Imagine whirblewind in WOT

  12. Retropaintball clips

    I just think WOT lost amount of players! What a joke of tech

  13. 243 pen, Not so good. Have you looked up German pen? Unless using Gold this is way better

  14. So I have to buy the KV-3 again? Oh great there goes my credits.

  15. Of course they are Russian

  16. Seriously a fucking premium?!?! Got WG just can’t release something cool

  17. Wait, you guys are just now getting recoil assisted take off for your tanks? We’ve been using that for years to rush caps in War Thunder )))

  18. This actually seems kind of balanced, except the gun depression

  19. Stupid WG nonsense….

  20. So will this be replacing is-4 ? Or a new line that splits from the kv-3

  21. Won’t be for me. Looks kinda cool, I admit. Can they be more annoying than armoured cars? I doubt it.

  22. The gundepression is bullshit, why not remove all nations and make all russian?

  23. Prepare for kamehameha amoracking memes with the double shot

  24. So, WG, while youre at it anyway; give the 268 version 4 the number of guns it deserves. Just for the balancing and accurate naming purposes.

  25. Ohh Wg, so I cant upgrade my ST-I to ST-II and you leave the IS-4 line as shit as was. YOU f…..

  26. WoT gets more and more screwed up. I’m glad I stopped playing half a year ago…

  27. Where is that Steel Hunters video? I’ve been waiting on it for ages now…

  28. A new Russian line that never existed in real life? Oh…
    I was half-expecting a balance update to nerf OP tanks and buffing weak tanks…

  29. The more time WG spends on bs like this, the worse the game becomes. Id rather see them spend time on making the game playable/enjoyable again by removing the users of bots, balancing the teams by skills and nerving the damage output of arti.

  30. Cristian Calin Dreghiciu

    Balance factor to implement: Impossible to use duble shot with turret at 90° due tu recul.

  31. Next tank is submarine ??

  32. But wasn’t the IS-2 developed as a Chinese Heavy tier 8 tank, so is the IS -2 V-II double barrel tank going to be a Soviet line tank or a Chinese line tank?

  33. Christian Veldkamp

    Once the premium double barrel becomes available could make a video were you compare it to the IS-3A and the Object 252-U (not the defender as it’s skin works as camouflage) to see if it’s gonna be the new OP Russian premium heavy?

  34. Or is it “ST one one”

  35. This is going to be a hull down monster… First Russian tank for ridge line.

  36. 10:30
    “680 mm of penetration”
    all HE loadout confirmed!
    —absolutely no russian bias..move along

  37. So what about the AT 7 and 8 with the two mantlets on either side? They should definitely be double gun tanks as well

  38. Its the st i but the i last longer

  39. Command and Conquer: Red Alert. Soviet Heavy Tank reporting!… wonder if the T10 is infact a Mammoth Mk1 Tank mimic

  40. we need double barreled kv2 to tier 6

  41. i like how they look

  42. Love your vids since years QB, But want to give some feedback regarding your sounds during the talking in the wot-videos. It does not help, just make it harder to hear what they say. Pls, if showing their videos, be quitet until they are finishen or you make a break. Thanks! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  43. Wargaming is killing world of tanks, there are many problems about that game most important problem is matchmaking system, very bad, when u lost score 2-15,when u win score 15-2 not balanced teams, we dont need New idiot tanks lije french wheeled or this idiotic tank with 2 Guns, you must solve mm problem, for example i have is6 but i never play with 6 tiers always play with 8 or 9 tiers i cant use smm??????????????

  44. you see Ivan

  45. Wargaming balancing idea: British light tanks with 390 Alpha: 20 rounds
    Russian Heavy with 390 Alpha: 74 rounds

  46. I think I will remain in Fallout 76 universe for good this time.

  47. Forbes Forbes Forbes

    Cha Ching.  Wa Wa Waa (smirk). btw do not think the next tank game is the answer, they are 1. same category as wg and thus via affinity “their mates”.  You see, wg and the next tank shoot smear, are under the delusion that more is always right.  Yes, they have had cultural endorsement, but I definitely say that that Cultural Endorsement has been overused, and infact, the culture itself will effectively retract the “It’s ok” on SOME FEATURES of this game.  This is not all online games, this is one product, and some of you are due refund for 1. Unmerchantable Quality (for eg this bucket has holes init “I wannanother one”) and 2. Lies that result in a dollar figure (for instance Premium Crews can be transferred without penalty > it cost $6 one way !!!).  Play to a losing game >>>> cheez, u do have to run back to base, forget anything other than MAX CAMO, MAX VIEW in a tank that goes 55kmph MINIMUM > and please help Uncle WotDr by playing for 0 pence total cost 0 pence.

  48. Also Quickybaby is becoming like Jingles? 10:27 HE rounds with 680mm of penetration? I’m gonna get me this tank xD

  49. now they could add the vt1-2

  50. Its a ST-11 😀

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