Double Barrel Tech Tree Review in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. 1.7.1 brings a new tech tree of Soviet double barrel heavies including the IS-2-II, -II and ST-II! Here’s all you to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. this game got so autistic… i stopped playing this game almost 2 years ago and i don’t regret my decision

  2. Красная Армия - Вперёд!

    WoT is slowly becoming Tanki Online.

    Wtf is happening to WG.

  3. Personally I think they are going to ruin the game. If they want double barrel action they should have made TDS with double barrels.

  4. 2030: An auto-loading KV-2

  5. Has this line already come into the game?

  6. Christopher Browne

    Is World of Tanks still dying?

  7. Why are Wargaming ruining this game….. what a stupid tank,,,2 barrels….

  8. Anyone knows how I can play in Test server without fully downloading the game?

    I mean, surely, I could just use the current game data and just download a couple of things from the actual test server…

  9. What about a T7 premium IS-2 II with the double 85mm? That is available 24/7 and not a lootbox exclusive?

  10. Poop I have to unlock the 100mm on kv-3, that was the one weapon I purposely didn’t unlock when going playing kv3 to get kv4

  11. Quickybaby, with the IS-2-II you can bassicly double shot non stop, the reload for both guns is just 15 seconds, and the lockout time doesnt matter, the gun already reloads.

  12. Community: we want buff to German Alp dmg and fix to match making.
    WG: did you say you want another soviet Heavy tank. because we have the big surprise for you.

  13. I just think this is jumping the shark again. It’s a silly gimmick and once again d much rather they stopped with the tanks and gave us new maps. Lots of maps and maybe a new mode

  14. I played this game ro like 8 to 9 years… Im not playing for half a year and it looks like i wont be ever playing again… A shame…

  15. Like you said QB it’s time to put in T57 heavy 155mm because there’s a double barrel tech tree in wot now

  16. Well, they’ve given them double barrels, so they must balance them somehow…
    If they give them armor and alpha as well, they will be OP

  17. if this is a joke on behalf of u ill sue u

  18. Only has 2 shots? can only roll 800 with the 2? only 8 digress of gun depression?
    *kranvagn laughs*

  19. And you dont know the stats at all as all written down stats are bullshit

  20. And again free 2 play tanks are shit compared to pay to win premium tanks nice job again wargayming and fuck you im so glad i uninstalled this piece of shit rigged pay to win game.

  21. Lars-Michael Müller

    I do say that the IS-4 is a very good Tank, because it is my first tier 10 and I like it a lot!!!

  22. Try war thunder again

  23. anybody want to bet this ends up being another game breaking change?

  24. Double barrel tanks are one of their most retarded ideas so far.

  25. Come onnn, QB, just because a tank isn’t OP doesn’t mean it’s gonna suck. You really wish the ST-II would have 490, taking into account that it’s double barrelled shot is gonna be 980? Nope, just nope.

  26. my question is… how the fuck do you get 14m free xp???

  27. So the tier 10’s weakness is bad lower plate. Omfg what a broken tank you can’t possibly play with such a disadvantage -half of the Soviet heavies have no lower plate weakness

    Oh wait it’s only that Russian heavies are all fucking broken

  28. I think the stats of the tanks are good, they are not OP and the introduce a new type of game play

  29. Not going to bother at all.
    I just wonder what’s next? Hovertanks?

  30. 303 sqadron tributte

    not really with DPM if You compare with IS4…. gun rammer so in my is more than 2500…. acctually the only what they should do with IS4 is 7 deg. add 150 HP and 6 shells more couse 30 is a joke, if 430 have space for more shells is wired that is4 does not

  31. ST-II looks set to be another IS-4 in the making. Honestly, none of these tanks begs me to grind them. Quite happy to stay with my IS-7 and Obj 277 Rusky heavies.

  32. Przemysław Stalmach

    QB – look how much armor those vehicles have at roof 🙂 Yeah, makes sense, right?

  33. M Akkarapat Thanagurasami

    If double barrel çome inro the game. What about MTGS-14 (Premium American tank tier 2 or 3)(didnt play wot for so long)

  34. The question is, will the new double barrel tech tree tank have the same OP hidden dispersion stats like the 703 II premium tank? ?
    The fact that the 703 II have dispersion values of a tier X medium tank, makes it so good to play.
    If the tech tree tanks don’t have the advantage, it will be hard to load the dubble shot while moving.

  35. thay will be op as fc as you as evey one camp so you can easy reload 2 shots and wait for bait to do masive dmg but if i had choice i would defo nerf ebr cuz they do fc 500k dmg with he bulets some heavy dont to that much dmg what ebr can do and its just stupid

  36. At 9:57 you can see the utter disgust on quicky baby’s face, when he sees the IS-3-II.

  37. So this 7 deg of gun depression, where exactly does the breech block recoil to? if you look at the side profile it would seem it there just isn’t the room for the breechblock, Russian manipulation?

  38. ST 2 is the best, and look best. IS 3-2 looks like a long, green crocodile

  39. Cant wait untill they release fv4005 double barrel

  40. The barrels on IS-2-II aren’t parallel. Can you hit anything other than a Japanese heavy’s side under 30m when shooting them at once?

  41. 1:13 when your a light tank and you go behind a T95.

  42. Martin william Morrison

    Coming next jet packs and cloaking ability

  43. thay are great tanks but RNG its greater ….and the stats are useles in this game ….

  44. This tank line is a mistake. I truly believe that. I’m not looking at that tank in the here and now I’m looking at it in the future in the consequences it will carry with it. I truly believe a tank that is double barrel like this that has the alpha like that Russian 122 has will absolutely destroy the game. There is nothing fair or balanced about a tank like these one’s. There is no justification to put in a tank like this. Wargaming is starting to tip that line where the like Gaijin entertainment and they’re so f****** Russian biased it’s insane and they don’t even hide that fact.

  45. These tanks don’t need a buff at all QB, theyre already powerful enough.

  46. waiting for IS-1-||-γ

  47. It seems like Quickybaby never got the 703 II on his EU account…

  48. How is that a weakpoint if you can’t pen the coupola on the ST-II with standard? or even with 310mm premium pen reliably???? This is why wg is bad!

  49. Most boring Tanks

  50. wargaming in 2020: double barreled tanks
    wargaming in 2025: M50 Ontos

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