DOUBLE-BARRELED SHOWCASE! | World of Tanks Double-Barreled Tanks

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Double-Barreled Heavy Tank Tech Tree IS-2-II (ИС-2-II), IS-3-II (ИС-3-II) and ST-II (СТ-II) Tech Tree Showcase. World of Tanks ST-II (СТ-II) Gameplay, Tier 10 Soviet Russian Heavy Tank. World of Tanks IS-3-II Gameplay, Tier 9 Soviet Russian Heavy Tank. World of Tanks IS-2-II, Tier 8 Soviet Russian Heavy Tank.

00:02 IS-2-II ACTION
07:20 IS-2-II LIVE
10:02 IS-3-II SETUP
10:20 IS-3-II BATTLE

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

It has been a long time since I did anything with double-barrels… So today I decided showcase all of them in one go in this mini tech tree showcase, featuring all of the tech tree double-barreled tanks.

Double-Barreled heavy tank tech tree:

Tier 8 – IS-2-II / ИС-2-II
Tier 9 – IS-3-II / ИС-3-II
Tier 10 – ST-II / СТ-II

What do you think?


  1. Have not uploaded 30+ minute video for months, so decided to do something different today. 😉
    Enjoy, Have Fun and do not forget… *24 HOURS STARTS NOW!* ❤❤❤

  2. its great how double barreled tanks added some variety in the game, but destroying someone with a double shot is even better

    Server: EU
    Username: Mandarine8

  3. Answer: I started to play WoT again after few years and so many changes are there, like wheeled tanks, double barreled tanks, collection tanks and so on. I have to say, that double barreled tanks are the reason, why I’m again enjoying heavy tanks because in these new maps there in kind hard to play heavy (at least for me)

    Nickname: MSSnity
    Server: EU

    P.S. thanks for your content.

  4. They have some good things without being imbalanced one way or the other.
    Waff, EU

  5. I really do enjoy the doubble barrel concept, it doesn’t seem too OP, it’s done just right and feels really good!

  6. I have never played a Double penetrator! but i have been double clapped!

  7. I was enjoying playing the tier 8 & then WG introduced the field modifications aka make the grind worse aka no fun for you. That’s when I decided to uninstall WOT

  8. Playing with a double-barrel tank is a lot of fun.
    nickname: jirka_639
    server: EU

  9. I really like this line of tanks. I grinded it a month ago and I was surprised how good those tanks are. The tier 8 and 9 surprised me a lot, never expected to be that good and also the tier 10 became one of my favourite tanks. I expected it to be very trash and only the ability to double shot someone would make up for the bad stats but actually is a pretty good tank. If you think the ST-II is bad the you should give it a try and you will have a big suprise.
    Server: EU
    Username: tancultufu

  10. I don’t have the double barreled tanks myself, but it seems like they are quite nicely balanced. Looking forward to try them out in the future.
    Server: EU
    Username: MadakSVK

  11. I don’t own a double barreled tank, but they seem fun to play.
    North America

  12. Thank you for the content, I enjoy your humor and strategy. Thanks for giving back to your community.
    When double barrel was first announced I was eager to get one. The idea of two guns side by side appeals to the child in me. I think they are a cool addition to the game.

  13. I don’t really care about double barreled thanks as I don’t like most soviet tank as I like long distance fighting more.

  14. I like them. They idea is nicely done and tanks are quite balanced. I think that it’s also important that they’re not so common so they’re still somehow unique.
    spooqy @ EU

  15. I haven’t played that much with the double barreld tanks but I really like the mechanic. Only thing I dislike about double barrels is the 703 ll that thing is a bit too good in my opinion.

  16. I like the different playstyle the doublebarrel tanks offer
    Server: EU
    Username: Rooster409

    Tyvm for the awesome content!

  17. The double barreled taks are some of my favourite taks to use on almost any map and ar always good fun
    Server: EU
    Name: IronBlueHunter

  18. I really like dptanks myself I grounded up to st2 and I really enjoy it, I like it better than 60tp wich have been my favorite heavy a long time.


  19. Sadly i dont have any double barrel tank but more realistic and acceptable than the 5-6-7 magazine autoloaders…

  20. Sorry you can keep your paid gold just keep showing vids on tanks

  21. it is fun thing imo

  22. I really enjoy double barrel tanks. Especially Is-2-2 and Is-3-2. Their gun handling is very good and at the same time this can be seen on the video. Most i enjoy Is-3-2 cause its basically balanced and it takes some skill to make it work

    Eu Server

  23. just started grinding the line.

  24. Im in love with double barrel tanks i have 2 marked ST-II going for the third one 😅

  25. Double barrelled tanks are nicely balanced (maybe even slightly underperforming), so I really like having them in game 😊
    Username: SWAT0013
    Server: EU

  26. I Love my is 3 II! I had 100% moe on it for qiuet some time now. But i did Not Like the Tier 8 Version and i have Not Played the Tier 10. Overall its Just awesome to surprise your enemies with some doubleshots.
    Server: EU
    Nick: Strassenbelag

  27. double penetrators are amazing to play

    ign: Shiawaze server: HK

  28. At first when I bought st-2 I was disappointed, but after few battles I fall in love with this tank and rn it’s one of my favorite X tiers although I have most of them. I think double barrel mechanic is one of the best thing added to the game and playing those tanks is always smith fresh.

  29. Double barrel tanks are pretty nice, they are good, but don’t completely break the game. Adding them was a nice touch, brought a bit more variety into the game. I’ve haven’t researched any of them yet, but plan on getting to it eventually.
    Username: MrTrashCanOfficial
    Server: EU

  30. I think the double-shot is an nice addision to the game and makes some nice and funny moments possible, but in a game where you have enough time to relode it can be a bit op. I personaly like it very much, greetings from Austria and keep the nice vids comming. Musroohm EU 😉

  31. Well… when it comes to historical accuracy- lets leave it as it is for WG imagination. Does I like those tanks? I’m not against them I’m not into them too. For sure they are fun to play but honestly speaking I’m myself better in other type of thanks than heavys and I’m not into heavys. But gotta admit that playing against them is funny experience if commanders doesn’t know how to operate them properly. Love the turret popups and those cheeky engine fires. Games should be fun and content fun- IMO even if I dont play them myself- if for someone out there they are fun I’m good with that. Best of luck on a battlefields fellow commanders! Democrus_EU

  32. I haven’t got a chance to try the double guns I have the tier 8 in the garage just haven’t used it.
    In game name fromundacheez
    NA server

  33. Double barrel tanks annoy me, mostly because of the russian bias on the powercreep.
    NA Server

  34. I don’t really mind the double barrelled tanks. I don’t have one myself, but when I see one in game it’s usually not that hard to take it out ( it’s no czech heavy tank heh ).
    I think they are balanced.
    Server: EU
    Username: adrixyz

  35. I love my shotgun tanks. 3-marked the tier 8 and 9, now torturing myself with the ST-II and still enjoying it.

    Username: Caradryan555
    Server: EU

  36. Marc-Antoine Perrier

    I never played double-barelled tanks but they seem nice and maybe addictive ;). However they are not as historical accurate as other tanks. But more content in WOT is never bad as long as it is not overpowered or underperforming. Thanks for your amazing content !
    username : marcantoine14
    server : EU

  37. There is no point of double barrel tanks since cz heavys came in the game.
    Server: eu

  38. I really enjoy my double barrel tanks. They are a lot of fun to play. Even though I have some difficulty with the double shot. I would like to see more of them if they are just as balanced as these.
    IGN: Folkisher
    Server: NA

  39. HT with double barrel is old news but I would love to see a double barrel SPG:)))
    Server: EU
    Name: Stely

  40. IS3-2 is a nice tank.
    IGN: AlexanderKarelin
    Server: EU

  41. I’m not big fan of the double barrel tanks ,but I like that they are in game, it makes it more interesting.
    Name: Dowdis
    Server: EU

  42. Double barrel tank is an interesting addition to the game, and i think is a god tank
    server: EU
    username: Animalsprotector

  43. For me double barrel tanks are kind of a variation of the double shot autoloader. I think is depending of your playstyle. The double barrel tanks have their pluses and minuses against the double autoloaders.
    Server: EU
    Username: Burnt_Ice

  44. i like the double barrel mechanic a lot but the alpha dmg you can put out is a bit concerning (same with czech heavies). Thank you Dez for the giveaways

    Username: Nullingeri
    Server: EU

  45. Double barrel tanks are an interesting tanks but the techtree ST-II
    is not the best tier X tank but the IS-3-II is in my opinion the best tier IX tank and the double shot is vera use full I like them.

    Username: ADRIANKOCH
    Server: EU

  46. I like IS-2-II and IS-3-II but tier 10 is meh. The double barrel mechanic is nice, I love the big boom of double shot.
    Username: ultimatercz1
    Server: EU

  47. is-3 II is best:)

    Server: eu
    Name: ccorpse

  48. Happy Birthday for next month. Have a good one.

  49. Is2 2 and is3 2 are OP, St2 2 is yust to slow, and it has no armor. Its to slow to use its armor i want to say.

  50. For me st-2 is a huge letdown
    Server: EU
    Nick: ElGabacho

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