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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks is testing double barreled tanks – here’s everything you need to know!


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. bravo wg, do it and ruin more games ruining pro gamers only one side and then those 140mph wheeled fuckers.

  2. I’d be temped to just load HE and double shot to do ridiculous crew and module damage, was well as potentially a LOT of HE damage.

  3. Instead of addressing the topic of the double-barrelled tanks I’m gonna leave this lengthy comment regarding autoreloaders.

    One thing I repeatedly see being stated by various folks on youtube is that this reverse autoreloading system on the Soviet IS3-A is supposedly better (unambiguously and undoubtedly advantageous) when compared to the autoreloading system on the Italian meds (Progetto M35 mod. 46, P.44 Pantera, Prototipo Standard B and Progetto M40 mod. 65).
    I feel like 2 things need to be said about this, before addressing the core issue:

    First, the comparison is somewhat hampered by some obvious numeric differences relating to the guns of these vehicles: the factual full clip/magazine reload times, as well as intraclip reload times and secondarily gun handling parameters (aiming time, stabilization, turret traverse, etc).
    Second, the comparison is further confused by the basic role diffences an IS3-A has (essentially, a sluggish HT brawler) vs the Italian meds (fast, maneuverable, rather paper-armored MTs)

    Now, to understand the implications of the conceptual difference between the 2 autoreloading systems (“direct/Italian” vs “reverse/Soviet”), we can imagine 2 hypothetical guns, where everything else apart from the autoreloading timing scheme is identical. Let’s assign them the exact same clip size of 3 shells, full clip reload time of 30 seconds, same intervals of increase or decrease between loading of different shells of 3 seconds, and also consider they have the same intraclip reload time (say 2 seconds, but it doesn’t really matter so much for our analysis here!)
    I hope the following explanation can serve to clarify the situation for those who haven’t really payed much attention to the logic behind those 2 different autoreloading systems, to those who simply hold their beliefs based on a poor reasoning of others and hopefully to at least some of those others, who somehow reasoned poorly themselves.

    To see how this works out, look at the numbers:
    “Hypothetical Italian system”-> full clip/magazine of 3 shells, 30 seconds total reload timing-> 1st:13sec/2nd:10sec/3rd:7sec->
    *After emptying the clip, there are 13 seconds to load the first shell, 23 seconds to load 2 shells and (of course) 30 seconds to load 3 shells (full clip).
    * When shooting with your clip full, after 1 shot there are 7 seconds to reload back to full clip, after 2 shots there are 17 seconds to reload back to full clip, after 3 shots- empty clip, 30 seconds to reload back to full clip.
    “Hypothetical Soviet system”-> full clip/magazine of 3 shells, 30 seconds total reload timing -> 1st:7sec/2nd:10sec/3rd:13sec->
    *After emptying the clip, there are 7 seconds to load the first shell, 17 seconds to load 2 shells and (of course) 30 seconds to load 3 shells (full clip).
    *When shooting with your clip full, after 1 shot there are 13 seconds to reload back to full clip, after 2 shots there are 23 seconds to reload back to full clip, after 3 shots- empty clip, 30 seconds to reload back to full clip.

    In the comparison of such 2 different autoreloading approaches with the same total clip reload time of 30 seconds and the same intraclip reload time of 2 seconds, there are needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway for the sake of absolute clarity) two things that will inevitably be identical: 1) the readiness to unload a full clip from a starting point of 0 shells in said clip, which is reflected by the 30 seconds of total clip reload time (which could be either at the very beginning of the battle or at any time later on, after emptying your clip at least once); 2) the readiness to shoot more than once sequentially, provided there is more than 1 shell already loaded in the clip, which would be reflected by the 2 seconds of intraclip reload time.

    Now, there ARE real differences when it comes to two other things, however. Those are: 1) relative READINESS to shoot ONCE or TWICE, AFTER you have EMPTIED your CLIP, and 2) relative READINESS to unload your FULL CLIP (all 3 shots) AFTER firing ONCE or TWICE.

    As can be appreciated, the “Italian” system translates into an overall lower readiness to shoot once or twice, after you emptied/unloaded your clip, and inversely, to a higher readiness to reload back to and being able to unload the full clip, after you shot once or twice. The “Soviet” system translates into the opposite: an overall lower readiness to reload back to and being able to unload the full clip, after you shot once or twice, and a higher readiness to shoot once or twice, after you emptied/unloaded your clip.

    In other words, the “Italian system” offers to the player who has been intermittently firing one or two shots, an overall higher/sooner readiness to take the opportunity of unloading the whole clip (3 shots) at his enemy at a certain moment, while the “Soviet system” offers to the player who already unloaded his clip (3 shots) at some moment, an overall higher/sooner readiness to fire one or two shots at his enemy.

    Both have advantages and drawbacks, and in my opinion, they are actually suitable for and correspond to the different roles of the tanks involved: the Italian system fits medium tanks better, while the Soviet system fits heavy tanks better.

  4. _M3 whimpering behind the fence._

  5. Have a double aiming cursor. So the player can decide what to do

  6. looks good to me they have to keep it fresh and like u Quicky baby I have done 8 years on this game and they need to keep it going with new ideas or it will die.

    just one thing I wish they would bring a whole map pack out like 12 maps in one go in stead of drip feeding one now and then like. so fedup with maps like Himmelsdorf fine for lower tiers but that’s my opinion. keep up the good work blagger NA.

  7. if it frustrating players, WG will bring to the game…

  8. i smell broken premiums

  9. they should introduce the ability to use the machine guns on the tanks, for shooting out already damaged tracks or other weak points.

  10. WG: “Nothing is sure to go into the game.”
    Wheeled vehicles: community hated them. Autoreloaders: many players realised they had nearly no downsides and were too good. Siege mode TDs: slow the game down, have way too good camo, are bad for the game. WG added them all despite test results.

  11. imagine an autoloader coming around the corner, and you can save yourself by using the double shot

  12. I think it will be named the Kirovets 2 as it’s similar to the console premium Kirovets 1 but with 2 guns

  13. good platoons are going to be a nightmare in these in my opinion

  14. Double gun may works like in World of Warships do ya know…. each shells has their own dispersion RNGs… that would be balance and interesting

  15. Take a break from new tanks. ive been content with the number of tanks for years. I wish they would just make more maps… hundred, thousands of maps!!!

  16. Lets see the fv215b 183 with this boom ??????

  17. The apocalypse has begun.

  18. Hey QuickyBaby great information as always, I thank you very much for all the great videos you have done, And I have been watching you since the beginning and thank you again for all the great content you have put out, I no it has sure helped me a lot since I first started to play, Wanted to ask you your thought on something, Since the game is 8 years old now I think and War Thunder I think is about the same or a bit older but both still great, I was just curious as to what you thought if maybe they developed a new game such as World of Thunder Millennium or World of Tanks Millennium, By that I mean having tanks planes and everything else from say toward the end of Vietnam up to now, My opinion I think it would go over well because no 1 has really done that yet and I do not think it would take away fro the fan base already in place, Just wanted to no what you thought about this, because I have put-the question to wargamming several times, And not 1 time could any 1 ever give me a response back saying no it is not going to ever happen or it is a stupid question something at least would be nice if they gave a response back saying something, And again thanks for all the great content and look forward to seeing what comes next,Bear.


    This is why i quit wot and started playing warthunder

  20. People asking for M3 lee/Churchill/B1 type tanks, double barrels are a whole lot different than a multi-turret platform. multi-turret isn’t an easy thing to balance, M3 lee would be incredibly broken if it could use both guns same with the Churchill and B1. The tank would fundamentally need to be changed. Take what you get for now

  21. my main issue is theyre adding Fake Tanks like these into the game while theres still plenty of historical tanks and tank destroyers left. like what about all the various waffentrager prototypes like the krupp/ardelt? they could make a whole fairly historical line of german TDs. Its also concerning that these tanks, like the autoreloaders, are going to further unbalance the game. it might become another “why play anything but this” tech tree

  22. please they hurt the game with the auto reloader, then tossed the wheeled VEHICLES in, and now this garbage. Glad i left the game with the cars being introduced.

  23. We already have this on wot blitz, but there is a .5 sec delay before the second shot is fired

  24. will they implement this mechanic for tanks that already have 2 guns, like the maus? be nice to fire HE out of that 75

  25. Firing two HE shots to essentially one shot paper tanks (like the Skorpion) at Tier 8 seems kind of brutal.

  26. did anyone notice 350m view range on (probably) a tier 8 heavy tank? ……

  27. The impression I got was that when you fire both shells together, they fly together. ‘Linked’ as you put it. Equal deviation applied to both shells.

  28. Tier 8 is their biggest seller, most played tier (my guess), and most ROI for WG. It’s all about the money.

  29. Give the maus and e100 the 75mm seconde canons

  30. The Apocalypse has begun!

  31. Wish they just spent time on skill based match making vs making the best players even better. Sort of like football. Premier league vs regulation. You lose, you drop down to group to plays at your skill. Me in a Brand new tank vs a 6 skill crew unicum

  32. I 100% agree with QB. I think it would be a good addition. Not just the next best “Russian” thing… I mean obviously it has to be a Russian tank…. Won’t ever see something like this brand new on anything else. Double barrel arty?? Oh Gawd I’ll have nightmares about the B-C now.? ?

  33. I didnt look the video till end, how it goes with damaged gun and repair? tnx

  34. War Gaming is getting seriously competitive with Electronic Arts in screwing up their own games and driving players away. What kinda drugs are they on where they think that a feature like double barreled tanks (Roo-Shun most likely) that will likely one shot their target is going encourage players who like traditional tanks to continue to play WoT and spend $$$$ on it?

  35. Sentinel test tank with Twin 25 pounders because Australia lacked 17 pounders to test for the Sentinel 4? Hello?… Hello??? (Sound of crickets.

  36. WOT can do some awesome and Fun mechanix BUT they wanna keep it simple and Boring … Destroy SPG”s , u got a Double Barrel Tanks and u cant reload 2 Different Shells …

    First it Sounds Fun and then …. its getting Boring , if they know how to Balance it , they can do so much more in This Boring Game

  37. It’s a double-barreled “Scourge Kirovets-1” from console. Look at it. That’s what it is..

  38. just GR8 … two guns … I bet there is a room of thinkers at WOT that get paid to sit around and think of ways to fuk this game up … nice job guys / gals you’re doing a fine job !!!

  39. hello, there is an elephant in the room:-‘Ontos, officially the Rifle, Multiple 106 mm, Self-propelled, M50, was a U.S. light armored tracked anti-tank vehicle developed in the 1950s. It mounted six 106 mm manually loaded M40 recoilless rifles as its main armament, which could be fired in rapid succession against single targets to guarantee a kill.  ( also mentioned before but I did not go down there)also room for PT76 with anti tank missile  mounted on the main gun mount.  Heaps of development for the light tanks then.

  40. As i thought….these developers are young and inexperienced to handle so much pressure from the community….and I bet, they brushed off the pay2win issue.

  41. No words about each gun having its own dispersion though. Might be interesting and more realistic if they do. Any two guns of the same caliber will always have a different trajectory unless the gunner is very lucky. I will be interested to see where this takes the game!

  42. IS3-A is a better choice

  43. See… here’s my issue with this. There is so much that is still broken in this game, from the power-creep and OP premiums, to the gold spam and the abysmal lack of map variety…. why are they tossing out yet another new mechanic into the game with how much work it needs in other areas? Personally, I would much rather have these other issues addressed… but then, maybe that’s why they’re tossing this out there, to draw our attention away from the real problems in the game.

  44. They are not going to be able to add novel things forever. Some new gimmicky thing is not going to make me want to play more, it will turn me off and feel like a cheap shot.

    How about just make the game great. Chess has been the same for centuries.

  45. interesting new concept, now they show the most in melee, but think how a TD would work …
    and is there a difference in camouflage when you shoot one or two shots?

  46. If someone is looking for something similar to compare the mechanic with, World of tanks blitz has their tier 7 premium TD called the Helsing HO that has a double barrel gun and shoots both shots one after the other at about .5 of a second. Currently that is the only double barrel gun tank that exists in the World of tanks series of games. However it is a Fantasy tank and not an actual tank that exists in blueprints so do keep that in mind.

  47. Yea what about to make multirurret syst like we can even search secondary guns etc

  48. Sounds like an April fools day prank..


  50. Add

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