Double Leopards, Double Fun || War Thunder Gameplay

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•Thank you all for watching!


  1. 2:59 i just had to rewatch that shot a couple dozen times, SO SATISFYING

  2. Slick ASMR,we want it,give it to us!

  3. I remember seeing your sexy ass leo 2A5 in a match, you almost killed me but luckily I had teammates around

  4. Is dev server open?

  5. Rest in pepperoni Bro.

  6. Uhm, how the hell can you have 2?

  7. Slick in a Leo?
    I’m a simple man I like

  8. That cammo is mmmm sexy

  9. Gaijin straight up nerfed the normal g91 it should have a2a missiles and nords even on preseries

  10. How did u get a second leopard?

    • He participated in a tournament and his team won. When you win you can choose which mbt you want with a custom skin from gaijin that everyone can see in game

  11. Leopard 2A5, Leclerc and Type 16 all get FLIR in the binoculars because they all have CITV’s (Commanders Independent Thermal Viewers), those lil periscope looking things on the roof 🙂

    • Shouldn’t the Chally 2 have it as well ?? Hopefully we get the M1A2 with citv soon but yes..having it with my 2A5 makes it so easy to spot people .its very hard to hide unless you shut off your engine now.

  12. 4 nords for more whores.

  13. Is there a way to get skins on ps4 for war thunder oh and I’m a new sub just subed

  14. yes you can

  15. Awesome video Man, love it!

  16. The Slovenly Tactician

    G.91 is great. The salt from helo pilots after you put the 30mm to work satisfies me.

  17. yes the commander has his own thermal independent from the gunner

  18. How can you spot on the minimap without pressing “M”??? that looks very useful i didn’t know it was possible!

  19. Could you pls make an Lynx and Challenger 2 vid?

  20. Probably a stupid question, but what’s that second 2A5? Any way to get it?

  21. flamingos are dumb

    Slick you are a hamster

  22. Lars van Valkenburg

    sad leopard 2a4 noises 🙁

  23. How the fuck you get 2 leos

  24. Top tier cannons sound like bowling pins getting knocked over 🙂

  25. I’m just here for the Leopard. Gets me going.

  26. I love that G91. but omg 99%of its air rb matches are 10.0 and there is nothing you can do against any jet in that range.. sure I can dodge them all day but I cant get guns on them or anything because by the time I do they’re 2km away lol. it needs to be moved away from seeing mach 2 jets..

  27. Willie van den Berg

    I like the 1 and Done format, please redo soon

  28. mate xXD you are now the reason why i want to play hightier again c: thanks mate. And your leopard2a5 is now the new FlaK against helicopters xD

  29. Wow playing an OP tank……gets kills……yawn….boring….

  30. Stop I can only get so erect.

  31. Where is that 2nd leo from? O.o Did i miss some event?

  32. LEO: Check
    Clips rocks: Check
    Mention of being Italian: Check
    CAS segment: Check

    Yep this is defiantly a slickbee video

  33. OH DAMN! Slick, you dowloaded my G.91 skin! Papa bless
    Also unfortunately not on the market at the moment, but you can download here:

    and yes, more *one and done*!

  34. What a great game to get a one and done on.

  35. Slick leopard 2A6 shouldnt be added also slick when leopard 2A6 gets added spams out 5 videos of it

  36. steakinbacon love the bacon

    I was so close to unlocking this tier and then the update happened

  37. Hi my name is Anže. I’ve been playing War Thunder for a while. And have a problem. I constantly run out of SL. i even had premium acc for a year but I found out that i get really small amount of SL. Must say that i’m not a good player maybe avrage. But for someone that loves this game and would like to play it I reallly get frostrated with this problem. And spending houndreds of dollars its a little to much. I saw your video on this problem and I do have premium plane but I don’t really like air RB. Do you think Gajin will ever make this game more free player friendly?

  38. So many guided weapons… why the HELL can’t they implement the most basic bomb aimng system? It’s not like real pilots just GUESS where to release bombs. All planes should have them in first person view… and the most moden planes should have a HUD with bomb aim like they have for gun fire prediction.

  39. Ouch. 3 Leo 2A5 repair costs…

  40. lmao wtf u have the same userskin as me glad to know ur reppin the g91r/3 it should get downtierd to 8.7 fast war thunder needs ta do that

  41. lmfao did they grab that skin from AW?

  42. how to get 2 leos

  43. that missile form the sidam could’ve easily have locked on to you come to think of it

  44. How did you get a second leopard 2A5

  45. how many cost this skin ???

  46. slick i love your videos i hope you read this and mybe you can help me grinding that line up hhaahah love your vediooooos

  47. I wish they’d add the Dassault Super Etendard for the French as a ground attack aircraft, it’s so cool in real life and I think it would be awesome to see it in game

  48. Hey, slick, do you still bully kids?

  49. What’s with the second leopard?

  50. huh did i miss something? how can you have two leo´s???

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