DOUBLE the BARRELS, DOUBLE the FUN in World of Tanks!

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Tanks – Object 703 II (122). Today if showcasing my best game in the new double barrel tank and asking if it's double the FUN!


World of Tanks is a 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. there is a delay when you click if you use that same key for rapid and salvo, so if you try to hold for a charge, it will take about 3.5 rather than 3 or it’s even delayed you for 0.5 sec before you fire a rapid one. the best thing is to go to setting and set them to use a different key.

  2. Next Christmas WG will have a wheeled double barreled autoreloading artillery

  3. As if it was not miserable enough being in a T7 like a Tiger vs. all the auto loaders and herp-a-derp tank guns in game now there is a new double barreled op Russian heavy to worry about on top.

  4. Could you show a WoT Blitz replay at some point?

  5. I love being hit by like 800dmg heat, it’s fun in my other tier 8 heavy

  6. Muhammad Kharismawan

    Setsuna F Seiei I am gundam
    QB, 2 weeks from new year: I am Tank

  7. i wonder how much Wargaming are paying these CC’s nowadays?

  8. Can’t wait for the double barreled wheeled armored cars… LOL

  9. I don’t mind new tanks and mechanics. They just need to have some weaknesses. I bet you if this was say German, it would have obvious weaknesses. But as it turns out it’s a Cyka-mobil, so it doesn’t have any. And it’s a joke now, right? Everyone knows the Soviet tanks are pretty always from solid to OP. It’s hard to be angry anymore, you just laugh and say; “I wonder what they come up with this time”

    • @Riksi80 It has bad accuracy in game also. It has good gun handling, that’s a different thing. It can snapshot yes, but because of the bad accuracy it can’t snipe.

      It’s a brawler heavy. Sadly most of the maps are made for these type of vehicles so most of the time you don’t notice it’s weaknesses.

    • It’s a HEAVY tank, it is not suppose to snipe. And yes most of the maps are made for Soviet hulldown tanks, such as this.

    • You are dumb, or you are a troll and I am not doing this internet dance with you.

      Obviously, when I said heavy tanks are not suppose to snipe, I wasn’t walking about every goddamn heavy in the game, because with that logic we can start talking why every heavy doesn’t have a double barrel or an auto loader.

      You got me there, sir. I threw a easy to use sentence in the conversation (which is 100% called for when talking about this specific tank) and I apologize.

    • @Riksi80 Well, I told you about the tank’s weaknesses (not being a sniper) and you said that heavies aren’t supposed to snipe. I pointed out that some heavies can snipe. This tank isn’t a sniper because of the bad accuracy not because it’s a heavy. It’s a small difference which I wanted to point out in your logic.

  10. This tank is only for players noop

  11. double the barrels, double the BALANCE

  12. WG balancing department only balances the money they make.

  13. The Tier 10 of the double-barrel line will be the ST-II, so it almost certainly will have the same 440 alpha as the ST-I. Which means 880 for a double shot.

  14. Too much alpha for t8. This tank sees t6, think about that, it can 1 shot many t6 tanks and ruins people’s game.

  15. Not taking anything from anyone’s fun with this tank… but it feels very unfair that they nerfed the KV2’s ALPHA yet now they give this ALPHA monster up for use. One thing however that I do like about this tank; it validates me winning the IS3A last year, along with the SkorpG, Defendr & the Cockroach which I also won. I’ll be taking my IS3A out a lot more now, which I normally kept in the garage, along with the Defendr as I felt they were both OP… but I think it might be healthy to take on this double barrel with 3 in the chamber.

  16. More people will quit this game

  17. Inb4 WG implements the Baneblade Superheavy Tank. 11 barrels of hell!

  18. Devastating now nerfed later _this_ is WG
    ” 3 barreled ” if its on an obscure blueprint somewhere or a university thesis WG will profit from it . Does it have to even be on a blueprint ?

  19. WG needs to add the ability to change barrel veiws while in sniper cam

  20. Yes three barrel tanks

  21. bring back the waffle or die

  22. and how much did you pay for this tank?…is it worth it for the common player?

  23. Make more double barrel gameplay

  24. Calling it now, the Ontos is going to come into the game as a premium.

  25. quicky i want you to review my replay its a 1 vs 8 pls show it on the channel, and respond…..

  26. OP enough for me (where is WOT of a couple years ago?) – never played arti before – just started to play arti only – first game I saw a 703 I killed it

  27. For the few games are played with this tank so far it feels like a defender with a more versatile gun mechanic.

  28. If u don’t know how to destroy a good game just ask Wargaming

  29. If you charge up a double shot and decide not to fire it (target moves, etc) are you committed to shoot it? Holding mouse button and when you release it fires two?

  30. 1k subscribers with no uploads challenge

    Qb: i gotta admit I was a bit tired.

    Qb: bit of a misplay right there, my mistake (NOT) tired.

  31. Hey QB! So it was the first time ever for me to spend money on WoT and i bought 11boxes and well, i now have a 703 II

  32. E-100 double barrel guns or tiger 2 the Royal twin 88 or KV-2 152 double barrels double barrel Doom turtle it would be so cool to see so many crazy tanks with double barrels on German Russian or Americans it would be so cool to see a Sherman jumbo double barrel 105 or easy 8 with twin 76 I can’t forget about the other tank trees

  33. One more reason not to bother playing wot

  34. where’s a sugar daddy when you want the current premiums available >.>

  35. Challenge for you QB; Ace the tank using only double shots of HE!

  36. I like wargamings content, the only thing that i hate is that they ruined arty…. no damage they are useless…. they have stun mechanics, back in the old days arty was so much good, some guys say that are owerpovered but honestly c mon they have huge reload time, they are slow and aiming time is awful i dont see nothing wrong in big damage….

  37. QB, the loading circle of the double shot is parted into two halves. The circle is a solid line if you have a shot at your target, if you don’t have a shot with any of the two barrels, the associated half (or the whole) of the circle gets “dotted”.

  38. This game is getting silly.

  39. I guess I’ll have to buy boxes. Looks broken.

  40. I think you are a hypocrite though quickybaby. If you were really against these boxes you wouldn’t buy them and you wouldn’t suppprt the tanks that come from them. Try being honest and just admit you love the loot boxes.

  41. Hello Quickybaby! If I may do a request, could you do a small review of the brand new AM 39 Gendron-SOMUA, like you did with the TKS 20? I know it’s just tier 2, but I’d like to hear your opinion about it.

  42. It’s like facing a double-headed shark

    Here I am in my T-43 frightened in hell while facing this tank, an E75 TS, and a renegade

  43. I’m not quite sure that incredibly lucky is the word for it; I would call that some incredible BS but, not luck. I feel as if this is like a scripted “reality show”, where QB goes oh no look at me I’m at 1 HP but killing every other tank in the game. I’m sure there is nothing sketchy going on but Jesus Christ it sure seems like it. I guess we should chalk it up to whatever server you play on everyone is a bunch of, how do you say it, potatoes.

  44. Meanwhile to those who own IS-4 tank,
    “How you doin??”

  45. SO MUCH content lol. 2 premiums. This was empty Christmas after a canceled Halloween. I got both premiums but imagine being someone who didnt get loot boxes got nothing new. Shame on you wargaming for not releasing the tech tree or payed content only on Christmas.

  46. does the double shot weaken your camo more than single shot

    • Its a heavy, does not have camo anyway 😀 so i guess in theory it might be a thing… In practice it is not, even if There is a mechanic like this.

  47. 2 barrels, 2 videos

  48. I met this thing with my brand new TP 50 prot., I had premium loaded and I this OP mf was still completely red from the front, bouncing my shot and putting two new ventilation holes into my tank. Not cool.

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