Double Threat – Bourrasque – World of Tanks

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  1. Muchas gracias!

  2. « Somehow we still have people dying on our end. I donlt know how that works ? » NICE So I m not the only one wondering how you can achieve that while sniping from the other side of the map and quadruple bushed

  3. so good <3

  4. lovely <3

  5. No one ever expect the Spanish kv2.

  6. Enfant Terrible! (in good hands I guess)

  7. M10 probably shot the gas tanks on molecule level with that caliber.

    • SupremeMaster except he didn’t because the gas tanks were damaged until halfway through the “burn” time. So he managed to hit something else without damaging the fuel tanks or engine.

  8. That surprise KV-2 gave me quite a laugh

  9. “really new program…” LOL

  10. Where does the “hanging from a roof” quote for subscribing comes from?

  11. that second game is why run fire extinguisher

    • I put the fire extinguisher back on my Manticore because i was set on fire twice in 4 games. In the next 4 games I was hit by arty in one game and an EBR in the next, both crew dead both times. Whatever you do, sometimes the game just poops on you 😉

  12. Oh man, anyways nice skill play from you !

  13. It is always amazing to me how much you can get done with so little health left over….. 😉

  14. Crouching tiger, hidden KV2.

  15. Reckon WG will let me swap my AMX CDC for this tank? Both French premium mediums, right? Equal trade, da?

  16. Why nobody pust the 3d style on
    The tank its nice

  17. STOP MOVING when you’re set on fire. Moving prolongs the fire duration SIGNIFICANTLY.

  18. That awkward moment when you get neutered for 2/3 of your health by a single shot from a Panther/M10 of all things. Think that’s pretty much the textbook definition of “Not a faceroll tank.”

    • I run Dead Eye on Panther M10 for this very reason. Faster reload means more chances to score a critical, fire etc

    • @Mihailo Pisanjuk That’s valid, dead eye is a great perk to have in general, it’s just that the Panther/M10 isn’t something you normally expect to do something like that, esp first shot, tho it is certainly capable

  19. I actually have no clue of what prototype or existing tank this tank is inspired from.

  20. nobody expects the kv2 inquisition!

  21. Just know that only you can prevent wildfires…

  22. ‘Prepare for trouble, and make it double’

  23. what do you think of the bourrasque ? Do you think its good

  24. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I’d pay for a Cricon commander just for the fire soundbite.


  26. Thanks for the vid ! BUFF BERT !!!!!

  27. Stealth kv2 is like .. suprise its me 😀

  28. The gun handling on this tank is awful.

  29. I literally spat my tea across the room when you started blowing the flames out hahaha

  30. I like when you have to try a little bit 😉

  31. when i see people like this renegade player, i wanna grap them, pull their ears to my mouth and shout “WHEN DA FUCK WILL YOU START TO WIN THE GAME?!?!?!?!?”

  32. KV-2 camo is gud komrade

  33. this spanish kv-2 was like “aiii!!! y tu, y tu!?!?!? Hehehehehe, ai ai….!”

    But the question actually is: where are the paella pans?

  34. KV-2 is here to balance your OP premium comrades, your OP license have been revoked

  35. Circon almost carry the game

    KV-2: I’m about to end this whole man carrier

  36. I had to watch this cause Jingles had to play something really fucking scary.

  37. Yeah, “see if it is worf it”

  38. Best games are with aimbot 😎

  39. Just alone for that “terrible” on the Tank… i lliked the Video.

  40. If you sit still you burn for less time.

  41. Burned baguette still very dangerous.


  43. Well given you got killed by KV-2 it’s possible he still would have killed you even if you hadn’t had the fire.
    I understand you may have played a little differently had it not happened though, making that situation not happen at all.

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