Down to the LAST SECOND in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today the Chimera flexes it’s muscles in a super close game that goes down to the wire!


World of is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.



    I think that the CDC knew that anything less than a kill was a loss, and tried the hopeless ram as opposed to doing nothing.

  2. Id play the chimaira if it had all the band members as crew and song and decals like the offspring lpc

  3. Doc : “You seem to have a case of the boxy medium syndrome.”

  4. Kitchen Baby

  5. Your portable set up is pretty good how it is, I didn’t really even notic

  6. Can you do a video on the pc build?

  7. Nice video QB!

  8. And justice for all ⚖

  9. Christian Kroemer

    Streaming from a kitchen? I can see it now: Cooking with Quicky!

  10. Are you staying in Minsk because I’m also from Belarus and I’m going to visit this summer. You should visit the Brest, (that’s where I’m from) ?

  11. wow Is QB a metallica fan as well? m/

  12. We come for your content QB, not your mic. We appreciate you making it better but we love ya all the same~

  13. the moment when your normal system is only 10 fps higher than qb’s mobile system at which I presume is 1920p

  14. Mfw only reward tank I have is the Stug, and only one I want is the T-55 but I just can’t be bothered

  15. I absolutely love the chrimera I enjoy it and most people bounce my turret for some reason

  16. Today in this Wallpaper from the 1970’s edition…..

  17. Every time you say To live is to die I get sad because that was the last song Cliff Burton wrote before he was killed in a bus crash RIP Cliff Burton 1962-1986 one of the best bass players ever

  18. Why the hell is he using a manual fire extinguisher. You get like a million of them from missions for free. And he clearly has done a lot

  19. Harry Tiefenthaler

    279e on console is now a premium for 16000 gold… anyone can buy a tier 10 now… that’s op

  20. Nice. A streacom d02. ??

  21. You should make a video about such underrated tanks which go unnoticed or unloved when progressing through the trees.

  22. Chimera is a fantastic tank in hull down.

  23. War gaming be like neig he’s using normal ammo!

  24. Mic is ok. But if you want better quality maybe try Samson Go Mic or any lav mic from Rode, Audio Technica. They light and have great quality

  25. Does anyone know how z is doing? I havent seen him in a video in a while

  26. “Chunky medium tank syndrome”

  27. This gun makes my 121 cry a bit :/

  28. “tol live is to die- must be a metallica man” I see youre a man of culture as well QB

  29. Baby making vids while Peppi goes to meet some Beloruss chads.

  30. I actually like your old headphone mic. sound.

  31. It’s good to see normal ammos sometimes. GG to the player.

  32. Why does the fv4005 need 0 xp to be research ed?

  33. Pure example of a game where enemy team is really bad but your team is even worse

  34. I actually believe the chimera to be quite decent. It is a real all-rounder unlike many other tier 8 mediums.
    It is quite big yes, but the tank doesn’t sacrifice any mobility for its really strong cannon and its quite bouncy armor. Let’s just remember that this tank is a better brawler than half the heavies on its tier.

  35. 0:25 Me
    Quick: ” I’ve got fapping here”
    Me again: ??? *Rewind with subtitle*
    Quick: “I’ve got family here”

  36. the corsair virtuoso has an excellent mic, you should try that

  37. This tank is a reward tank done right, it’s unique and balanced, even a little bit worse than other mediums at tier 8

  38. The Lorraine 40t is a great heavy to use to get steel wall lol. No seriously, I have one from a MT25 bouncing and penning me at range.

  39. Why was the beginning of your Belarus stream copyright struck? The audio doesn’t work for the first few minutes.

  40. Can you please do a video about type 62

  41. Nothing to be concerned about

    I think him pinging just after dying could be ok, considering only 1 was lit up at the moment of his death and he might ping from where the hit indicator showed a shot coming from

  42. Chunky medium tank syndrome.

  43. QB now we have bellaruskie bias! ?

  44. Sitting on a chair

    reminds me of that time i was playing the skoda t50 in +1 -1 mm in live oaks south spawn. went down to the east, clipped a 111 1-4 and cleared that flank, returned to base to snipe at some tanks (54e1, mutz,. returned to the east but went on the other side (left side of the rails) to kill the is7 (peeking out from the pond(?)). jumped over the railways to kill a stb1 and ran around the map (went it was a 1v2 of me versus a jagdtiger and a lorr 155 51). this trip took 5 minutes and I found the jagdtiger and lorr aiming at the east from the ridgeline, where they thought I would come out of. I clipped the lorr and got a shot into the jagdtiger. I then ran into the town, left to the south and dropped into the dip and went around the sniping hill on the north spawn. i went searching for the jagdtiger and found his bare butt in the city (he was just outside the east of the city) and i clipped him. At this point there was only 22 seconds on the clock. I ran up to him trying to flank him but he got his butt to the wall. i thought “well this is bad”, but i realised that the jagdtiger has a paper hull. on the last second of the game, i killed him. it was amazing. no replay unfortunately but i got a screenshot

  45. Assault – all you have to do is keep the friendly base secure… Unfortunately many of these games see the defending team rush of in some sort of lemming train and get picked off all too easily

  46. The CDC must be panicking at the end

  47. Vladimír Procházka

    I like the video from the kitchen. You might try the other rooms as well, QB. You know, its just like when sex gets boring in one place, try spicing it up a little by changing the location 😀

  48. The console version of this has 50mm of spaced armour all over the front of the turret. You can literally sit informs of tier 10s and bounce everything lol

  49. Dude… you are going to meet your family… not to record a movie… what’s up with bringing an un-necessarily large mic. when it’s okay with this one… It’s also nostalgic and brings back memories… ;P 😀

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