DOWN TO THE WIRE in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – E 75 TS. Today NuoriHosuja going to have a game in their E 75 TS that goes down to the wire!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download.


  1. I love these videos. Quickybaby’s commentary plus stellar gameplay. Love it

  2. Hey Quickybaby, where can I submit a WoT replay to you? I have an interesting game regarding a completely stock T1 heavy with only 75% crew holding down an entire flank of enemies and resulting in over 2k damage dealt and 3.5K damage blocked. Are you interested?

  3. Don’t think s/he was being a scumbag at all; I think the player was hoping the Tiger would repair the tracks and s/he could shoot them again for the mission. At that moment, there wasn’t a lot of risk to either of them, so why not. Let’s not forget, had it been played differently and the AT picked up the kill, it would’ve cost the Pool’s Medal. In today’s 15-1 simulator that is WoT, and in the context of already being down several tanks, one does what one can to maximize each game. That’s not scumbaggery, that’s just good sense.

  4. Xcited want buy again xmas box..kekeke..lets hunting new item from the box..hope we all lucky baby..

  5. poor tiger P

  6. The lucky bot ends up against a full bot team. Jesus.. I had to check him out to be sure, but I had a very hard feeling by the replay that he was just a bot. And I was right. -.-

    • Nope, the real player on this was a 3k+ player
      And I can almost guarantee that you are not even that good of a player.

  7. Namegoeshere Orhere

    HE through a fence? Are the slats actually modeled? The 252 was utterly clueless, how many times do you need to be shot from the same direction to figure out where they are?

  8. That Tiger P shooting HE, camping in a bush probably with a camo net and binocs… with 43% winrate ofcourse. Why play a heavy tank like humans when you can be totally useless. Humans learn, animals can learn, even plants react and even AFK bots get 48% winrate, but not djuricicgoran. 2nd last to die in it’s team and does 380 damage. I have no idea why WG don’t ban AFK things like this, 19k battles and doesn’t even know the basics. No wonders battles usually end 1-15 or 15-3 because of things like this. And yes, I think everyone has the right to play this game, since it is only a game, but anyone with 46% winrate is not really playing the game, they may join the battles but after that clicking of “battle” they do nothing.

    • It was a stock Tiger P.

    • @GrinFlash Give that thing fully-pimped Obj.279e and only tier 8 tanks to play against and it would still lose 55% of battles. Pen doesn’t matter if the thing is hiding and not even trying to shoot. Armor doesn’t matter if it’s hiding and not even trying to use it. A bag of shit on the keyboard gets 48% winrate, this thing is even more useless and gets 44% overall. No human or animal can do that.

  9. i hae a replay on t6 med and i wrote qb so that you see it
    pls feature it

  10. itss by sufian tank

  11. I got both but don’t play this tank much

  12. Tiger P, Best ^^

  13. Turned it off when he held back that shot for that kill. Arsehole move. Problem is there are so many people like this in WoT that it’s no wonder the game is dying.

  14. I did 8k+ spotting on Prokhorovka with my B-c 12t using strategy from your video.

  15. Would u do replay on Xbox world of tanks?

  16. Another stupid marketing vid for WGs overpriced premium nonsense

    • QB shows a replay of someone who had a really good game that happens to be in a premium. if you are acting like this over a premium tank i wonder what else you believe. that the earth is flat too?

  17. The ending was almost a miracle that he penned the cuppola on the Tiger P. I would have gone for the rear but maybe would have lost. Well played

  18. Forfeit The Game Productions

    For someone who has played WOT for a long time, I’m surprised to see your disappointment that someone who is playing well decides they might just play for themselves rather than the team. For the sake of earning XP and silver, playing for yourself is really the only way.

    • besides increased win rate playing for the team is a waste of time and most teams are full of assholes so why play for them in the first place.

  19. Yesterday, on El Halluf, I sidescraped 5k damage on this tank. Awesome

  20. nuori is a 1000 wn8 noob which has the game of his life – nothing to see here.

  21. weak spot knowledge on point

  22. his luck was the stock tiger p….if the tiger has the big gun, he would be dead

  23. How the hell did he kill cs44 with HE ammo through the fence????
    I can’t believe he shot down Tiger P so easy with HE and 252U is total bot,well done E75TS player 😉

  24. AT 15 have no balls

  25. Will come a video to holiday ops?

  26. E-75 can just be penned in the ears on the tank they have 60 armor

  27. I’ll meet you in Azeroth! 😉

  28. i ve got this tank too, the gun trolls me so much. You cant hit your targets from 2 meters when you are not fully aimed in. Do you ve got the same experience?

  29. This same replay is on lacho wot replays channel

  30. Love the E75 ts.
    Frontal armor is not that bad when i play it

  31. In wotb, the turret is not round and slow tank.. okay… 🙂 it is more fun in pc version…

  32. This was one of the greatest city brawls I’ve ever seen. What an amazing player. Excellent marksmanship and map awareness. Best video in a long time!

  33. I think that was history. A defender at the end? never happened

  34. Wtf!!! Wtf!!! Wait this is not world of tanks… This is a world of bullshit
    Medium tank can do 300 damage on hatch? On heavy tank?
    Belive me if that tiger p was me before he kill me I will exit game and Uninstall wolrd of bullshit…

  35. Aw, just 1 more shell for the Fadin’s medal!

  36. Wonder how many people know who Mystic Meg is 🙂

  37. Why in wot pc e75 ts have a rounded turet

  38. I’ve been enjoying my e75ts lately. Hardening, rammer and turbo and with gasoline and chocolate, it’s really fast.

  39. I remember being excited about snagging the Obj 703 in the loot crates after already having received the E 75 TS. I couldn’t give a shit about the 703 now after using the TS.

  40. I love these replays

  41. I thought HE detonates on fences?

  42. Nice position in the beginning!! I didnt know that. Its grate to get the enemy heavy tank thats cross near the red line.

  43. You made NuoriHosuja sound like Japanese 😀 Finnish isn’t very easy.

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