Down with the CAPITALIST PIGS…Love T-72a (War Thunder Cheeki Breeki Gameplay)

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  1. Sold out as per usual

  2. PHree to Flay.
    Link Bellow.

  3. Press F to pay respects to fly dying to F instead of ph

  4. Why always these poor leopards…

  5. The saltiest Aussie

    Do is6 attempt 158+

  6. Crusader Of Light

    Well what the ph*** lol

  7. How i can farl faster for tiger 1h? Please help me!!!

  8. This game is so unrealistic, (FYI this game was made a a Russian developer), the T72 can NOT pen the M1A2 Abrams front not side, but when a M1A2 Abrams shoots at the T72 to the front and side, it does absolutely nothing.

    I mean seriously, the Abrams has never been taking out by an enemy tank in the real world, but it has been destroyed over 500 times by friendlies so the tank didn’t fall into enemy hands. 14 of which was destroyed by either an IED or an RPG (to the ass)

  9. Damn, phly out here doing trig

  10. Wow a T-72 video without middle east music or muslim noises? That is a dissapointment.

  11. ph in the chat for f

  12. Comrade ply love the unloved Yak 2 Kabb.

  13. Type Ph in the chat to show respect

  14. @ Phly You are using strange charachters in your video description what the phreak is that f charachter you keep using?

  15. Hi! On your video presentation picture it’s not a T72 but a T80U

  16. The t64 a is terrible, i done goofed by getting it.

  17. So why is he taking less ammo? Can I be enlightened?

  18. do a how to grind yideo

  19. Winter is the best season

    thought it was inserted ad as soon as i saw that lords mobile clips…
    turned out phly was actually sponsored by them ??!!? >:O???

  20. allenthemlgpro 034

    Hey phly plzz get sponsors from wings of duty

  21. You’ve a gr8 guy Phly much love

  22. TotallyNotMarco l MeNoLikeYou

    Y did u accept this sponsor, the game’s utter garbage.

  23. for one second there i thought i was watching life of boris

  24. Phuck the ant phly phaggots

  25. The T72 isn’t actually ejecting shells because he doesn’t fire regular brass shells like older tanks. Most modern MBT fire a sorta-caseless ammunition, where the “case” is made of thicc nitrocellulose which burns completely after firing. So all that needs to be ejected afterwards is the shell base which contains the primer pocket, that’s what you see the T72 sneezing out the back after firing.

    …just in case anybody was wondering.

  26. Heyo phly.. i have a Problem Witz Leopard 1 guns Penetration… the Shells just bounce at Everything

  27. Dude the Port of Novorossiysk is the worst god damn map in the game

  28. Your a legend,dude! “No Risk No Reward”

  29. Heavily Armored Tank: 1 shot kill at both close and long range
    One Sneaky SPAAG boi: Invincible at point blank range

  30. Hey phly! Check out the new jet on the Japanese tech tree it’s supposed to be the fastes jet in the game JAPANESE BIAS CONFIRMED?

  31. Shit phly my senior project paper alone is probably worth about 1,500 hit points

  32. Why is this 9.3?

  33. This is my phavourite video. Ever. Well done Phly, you just keep getting better!!

  34. *Remove Abram*

  35. Shilling a mobile game’s gotta be a downvote here. Sorry. Like your content otherwise.

  36. Rigatoni Supreme

    press PH to pay respects

  37. Ильшат Сарваров

    Hi PH! Pls, could you pay attention to the bad situation on Russian official stream WT, when stream leader insulted the community? It was the worst stream, I’m still shocked at this time.
    P.S. sorry for grammatic mistakes

  38. itll be good to see more of the t72a phphphphphphphphly it is very nice as i come from Kazakhstan. ah high five (borat reference) .
    PS id love to see you take out the t55a and the mig 19 and see how many abrams you can get.

  39. Vive La Phrance

  40. War Phunder

  41. im thoroughly enjoying this steaming hot mug of coffee

  42. katyushas big bro

    I think I’ve found the most the Annoying challenging you must go in to a game with no ammo with the kv-1

  43. Press PH to pay respects F PH

  44. Press ph to pay respects

  45. Ph to pay respect

  46. The intro godly

  47. Hey Phly! I challenge you to play the AMX-10RC #40

  48. nice vid Flydaily

  49. *ooph*

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