DPM Monster Review – T95E6, From USA | World of Tanks: T95E6 Tank Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T95E6 Gameplay and Review, Tier 10 American Reward Medium Tank. World of Tanks Best Medium Tanks. World of Tanks Clan Wars Reward Tank Review. World of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

Today I will continue my mini-series reviewing tier 10 reward vehicles. It is time to see what America has to offer with its T95E6.
It wasn't special back then, but after receiving some buffs, it was turned into a DPM monster, have one of the best DPMs in the World of Tanks.

Let's take a look at it.



  1. This tank looks better then M60 I really like the low profile it has.

  2. So basically an american panther 8.8(worthless except good dpm) ?

  3. I need that camo cuz looks very sexy…
    IGN: Csabatian_kollega

  4. wow dez can also speak german 😀
    Name: Oarf

  5. *yeah that t57 turret is so buggy, i tried it on training maps*

  6. CW takes a lot of time away from you.. I have just had a little quarell with my girlfriend because i was playing while she was sitting next to me on valentines day.. Shit guys.. love is way better than this game.. Make sure u spend enough time with your loved ones because that is what counts and after go gaming..

  7. Username: balazszalab
    Sorry i forgot to write it out

  8. xHeatSeakerx [AV0ID] “Rashaa” XD

  9. Name: skrebius

    Honestly this tank withuot that commander hatch and 50+mm armor it would be a beast

  10. DezGamez – Good Morning DEZ , I figure you are eating breakfast at this time, ( sniff ), with a great second cup of coffee. Hey, you are awesome in the T95E6, loved seeing you on the battlefield you Gucci Sexy Beast, ( mmm coffee smells so very good ) ; b

  11. Lol I thought it had a lot of armor!
    Nick: LANA103

  12. Ing: jerozolima1999
    I wasn’t able to get last few rewards from the event so let’s try my luck in your giveaway.

  13. IGN: p_n_s
    server: EU
    This tank reminds me the Renegade quite a bit.

  14. Love you Dez !
    SpectraRo EU server!

  15. Please man give me the cammo i really need it i was so sad that i didnt achieved the best reward on dez gamez team my world of tanks profile

  16. Just got my 1st tier 10 as a free 2 player, an AMX13-105. All T10 battles can be frustrating with 3 arty a side and usually 3 EBR105’s per team too.

  17. Hummeltje1 i would like a style.. looks good..

  18. Tha camo looks awsome but, sadly, I will never the T9E6 or any other reward tank ;(

  19. I would gladly play this, despite the humongous cupola. The DPM is too darn sweet.
    Username: mrcmies

  20. I got m60 for 25k bonds. I think its okay

    Ign winterforlife

  21. MarkyMark_666 please!

  22. I knew it, im one off the coolguys 🙂
    Username: Count_Gorgonzola

  23. Ey Dez! Unfortunately i picked for the only campaign i received a tank the T95E6… even if the Obj907 would have been the better choice. Anyway, i like the Dez-assault-camo on this Thing 😀 Nickname: AltaitAmazing stuff you are doing. Keep on going with it 🙂

  24. Dez, what is the musics in the background?

  25. that is some paper tank
    user “_voodoo_magic_”

  26. I’ve seen a few replays of tanks going up like that while driving over a turret. Always funny.

  27. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    This tank does me think of the amx 30 b pretty much every thing is the same even armor model only that they will remove the 30 b
    Username Fortniteitsme

  28. For even more beastly DPM you should use the Orderly Ammo Rack directive

    Nickname: Dr_Ataxon

  29. Tom van Stekelenburg

    I am a cool guy; Red_White_Blue

  30. That’s one giant copula. Reminds you of the great M3 Lee.

    IGN: Amir4848

  31. name: DB9V122000

    imma put this camo on VK 72.01 K after i get it when this campaign is over wink wink

  32. In my opinion the gun handling is op. It got balanced with its armor. Well I really like this vehicle and would love to have one in my garage!
    Ign: lukas3586
    server: EU

  33. Hey Dez, your commander is in my Italian line 🙂

  34. Username: galehedreon
    Love the camo, and tried to do my bit in the team clash event 🙂 love your content Dez, keep it up!

  35. Good medium tonk

  36. Biggest weakspot ever? Try wt e100 turret

  37. Loala
    I think m60 its better tank

  38. Username: kingspartan905

    it’s fun to watch the dome and shoot him

  39. Username: razaraci_16

    This tank has not got the best armor but gun is great and its mobile

  40. 1st time i have been a cool guy lol i was in team Dez. so i would love the camo deanwooddeano

  41. I think you camo will look great on arty.
    IGN: thestg44

  42. Would be a very nice tank in my opinion but that weakspot on top…

    KelticKiai90 – EU Server

  43. It is sad, how wg balances tanks. On one side you have this tank, on the other cheftain. Good job wg!

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