DPM Monster Review – T95E6, From USA | World of Tanks: T95E6 Tank Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T95E6 Gameplay and Review, 0 American Reward Medium Tank. World of Tanks Best Medium Tanks. Reward Tank Review. World of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

Today I will continue my mini-series reviewing 0 reward vehicles. It is time to see what America has to offer with its T95E6.
It wasn’t anything special back then, but after receiving some buffs, it was turned into a DPM monster, have one of the best DPMs in the World of Tanks.

Let’s take a look at it.



  1. 🔥 Hey there! 🔥
    This video was actually recorded many days ago, during the Team Clash event. I just had so many other episodes to release before this one.
    In the video I mentioned DezGamez’s Assault Camo giveaway – Yes, it is still active! Just wanted to inform you, if you had any questions.
    Keep it up, keep doing awesome things! ❤

    • DezGamez – Good Morning DEZ , I figure you are eating breakfast at this time, ( sniff ), with a great second cup of coffee. Hey, you are awesome in the T95E6, loved seeing you on the battlefield you Gucci Sexy Beast, ( mmm coffee smells so very good ) ; b

  2. This tank looks better then M60 I really like the low profile it has.

  3. So basically an american panther 8.8(worthless except good dpm) ?

  4. I need that camo cuz looks very sexy…
    IGN: Csabatian_kollega

  5. wow dez can also speak german 😀
    Name: Oarf

  6. *yeah that t57 turret is so buggy, i tried it on training maps*

  7. CW takes a lot of time away from you.. I have just had a little quarell with my girlfriend because i was playing while she was sitting next to me on valentines day.. Shit guys.. love is way better than this game.. Make sure u spend enough time with your loved ones because that is what counts and after go gaming..

  8. Username: balazszalab
    Sorry i forgot to write it out

  9. Hello i am new sub and i love this channel and my name IS BabaTundeThe3 ヾ(^▽^*)))

  10. xHeatSeakerx [AV0ID] “Rashaa” XD

  11. Name: skrebius

    Honestly this tank withuot that commander hatch and 50+mm armor it would be a beast

  12. Lol I thought it had a lot of armor!
    Nick: LANA103

  13. Ing: jerozolima1999
    I wasn’t able to get last few rewards from the event so let’s try my luck in your giveaway.

  14. IGN: p_n_s
    server: EU
    This tank reminds me the Renegade quite a bit.

  15. Love you Dez !
    SpectraRo EU server!

  16. Please man give me the cammo i really need it i was so sad that i didnt achieved the best reward on dez gamez team my world of tanks profile

  17. Cpt_petky

    Ty for the camo deeeZ 😀

  18. Just got my 1st tier 10 as a free 2 player, an AMX13-105. All T10 battles can be frustrating with 3 arty a side and usually 3 EBR105’s per team too.

  19. Hummeltje1 i would like a style.. looks good..

  20. Tha camo looks awsome but, sadly, I will never the T9E6 or any other reward tank ;(

  21. I would gladly play this, despite the humongous cupola. The DPM is too darn sweet.
    Username: mrcmies

  22. I got m60 for 25k bonds. I think its okay

    Ign winterforlife

  23. So im a cool guy right? 😏 I would love to get it. I had not enaugh gold so I only bought a sticker.


  24. MarkyMark_666 please!

  25. I knew it, im one off the coolguys 🙂
    Username: Count_Gorgonzola

  26. Ey Dez! Unfortunately i picked for the only campaign i received a tank the T95E6… even if the Obj907 would have been the better choice. Anyway, i like the Dez-assault-camo on this Thing 😀 Nickname: AltaitAmazing stuff you are doing. Keep on going with it 🙂

  27. Dez, what is the musics in the background?

  28. that is some paper tank
    user “_voodoo_magic_”

  29. I’ve seen a few replays of tanks going up like that while driving over a turret. Always funny.

  30. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    This tank does me think of the amx 30 b pretty much every thing is the same even armor model only that they will remove the 30 b
    Username Fortniteitsme

  31. For even more beastly DPM you should use the Orderly Ammo Rack directive

    Nickname: Dr_Ataxon

  32. Tom van Stekelenburg

    I am a cool guy; Red_White_Blue

  33. That’s one giant copula. Reminds you of the great M3 Lee.

    IGN: Amir4848

  34. name: DB9V122000

    imma put this camo on VK 72.01 K after i get it when this campaign is over wink wink

  35. In my opinion the gun handling is op. It got balanced with its armor. Well I really like this vehicle and would love to have one in my garage!
    Ign: lukas3586
    server: EU

  36. Hey Dez, your commander is in my Italian line 🙂

  37. Username: galehedreon
    Love the camo, and tried to do my bit in the team clash event 🙂 love your content Dez, keep it up!

  38. Good medium tonk

  39. Biggest weakspot ever? Try wt e100 turret

  40. Loala
    I think m60 its better tank

  41. Username: kingspartan905

    it’s fun to watch the dome and shoot him

  42. Username: razaraci_16

    This tank has not got the best armor but gun is great and its mobile

  43. Hi Dez,
    This carmo would look good on my obj.430u 😎☺️.

    Username: NorBerT1987

  44. 1st time i have been a cool guy lol i was in team Dez. so i would love the camo deanwooddeano

  45. Camo😎 perogudura

  46. Hi ! I would love yo get your team Camo yo complète the pair of youtuber/streamer that i love. Still a pleasure to watch your content, peace. (FR_Fireblaze – EU serveur)

  47. I think you camo will look great on arty.
    IGN: thestg44

  48. Would be a very nice tank in my opinion but that weakspot on top…

    KelticKiai90 – EU Server

  49. It is sad, how wg balances tanks. On one side you have this tank, on the other cheftain. Good job wg!

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