Drama Queen of the Desert, Matilda Heavy Tank – War Thunder 1.55

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder 1.55 British Tanks – II Tank
War Thunder Tanks 1.55 – Matilda, Queen of the Desert

War Thunder 1.55 Patch Info:
New Desert Maps El Alamein and Tunisia.
Japanese Planes: Ki-61-I Tei, A7m2, -II Hei, Ki-44-II Otsu
Germany: Ju-88A-1, Kpfw. Churchill
Russia: , T-44-122 Premium
Great Britain: Stirling B Mk.I & III, Crusader Mk.2, A13 mk.I, Tetrarch Mk.I, T17E2 Armored Car

Thanks for watching!


  1. What tank should we take out next in this second episode of the Tank
    Request series in 1.55?

  2. A43 is horribly undertiered ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Notice me Baron-senpai.

  4. hello baron

  5. Baron yu need to do sekrit mizion or gulag for yu!

  6. also i guess i guess im early since the video is only at 360p…

  7. the crusader for the queen!

  8. why such low quality?

  9. Please play Archer tank !! It’s fun and weird =))

  10. 75mm valentine

  11. Pt-76
    Cus it can float

  12. 360p only? :(

  13. for me i have to buy 2 prems to move on to tier 2 ?? why?

  14. Matilda aka the fat bitch i love it on world of tanks best tier 4….i love
    it on here

  15. Play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  16. concror mk1

  17. Tier 4 british aa

  18. German churchil

  19. I can only play the first 4 brittish tanks! :(

  20. Baron play the tetrach

  21. Yep 360 res at the moment, I shall come back when Youtube decides I can
    have HD.

  22. Tortoise Vs T-28/T-95 Lets See Who The Real Doom Turtle

  23. The Mighty GamerFTW

    hmm why not the chuchill 7 with the 6prd gun and not the 17

  24. Baron do you love me?

  25. Firefly!


  27. The Archer

  28. great video baron!

  29. hey baron did u have a problem getting farther in the grind cause i cant
    get past the two tanks i can research

  30. Tortioise try that!

  31. Churchil Mk.III, for the Queen, for pride for my insanity !!!

  32. pls play the valinetine

  33. MasterUpdateCZ Let's Plays

    british tankz r out?

  34. play the centrion

  35. i love killing matilda’s with m8a1

  36. The T17s don’t have any shells to explode, you really need to kill all th e
    crew to kill them and 2 pdr was all about pen, not internal damage.

  37. i hate the brits only get them solid shot rounds

  38. Baron that was me at the end with the t17 hahah

  39. Mohammad Musfiqur Rahman

    why can’t Apple make cars?

    because they need Windows to build cars.

  40. kul video

  41. Tortoise

  42. I WANT THE COMETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Comet!!!!! for the love of Tea

  44. crusader mk.ll

  45. or comet

  46. Benedikt Björn Sveinbjörnsson

    Archer Pls

  47. 10:24, guys like pheww, OH SHIT

  48. tier5 centurion !

  49. Comet plzzzzzzz!!!!!

  50. can you do the valentine spg


  52. Xuân Hiếu Hoàng Nguyễn

    T-44 -122

  53. Sherman vc firefly?

  54. Liam the dark angel.

    its funny how baron always used to take the piss out of us brits and now…
    he’s in love with our tanks, plains and other vehicles.

  55. tortoise

  56. 3 inch Gun Carrier plz

  57. Hello good sir: plz play the archer God save the queen


  59. How does Phly have the tortoise if you dont?

  60. american m7 medium tank

  61. Heartbreaker.

  62. pt 76 vs swordfish with torps costom Battle


    German Churchill ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  64. T 44 with 122mm for MOTHA RUSSIA!!!!

  65. Speeding through the desert… Jawas?

  66. valentine brittish derpstroyer also cousin to the marder

  67. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Star Wars?Han Solo dies in the End…Thank me later <3

  68. Pz II next!

  69. T26 derp Action!!! #tankrequest

  70. baron play the crusader mkII

  71. Cormwell V !!!

  72. Are these tanks still only available on test server?

  73. Your ignorance makes me cringe

    The mig17. Yes, it’s a tank. It’s a sky tank

  74. Baron there’s nothing wrong with the British rounds, you just shoot in
    exactly the same place every time even though it didn’t work last time. Pay
    attention to the camera in the top right and you can see that there are
    crew right at the front. No round would kill them if you shot it in the
    same place as you were.

  75. Centurion!!! For the Israeli armored defense force!!

  76. i just want to see a churchill so ill vote for the germy churchill

  77. Baron take the backwards shooter, the archer!

  78. Baron, you wer shooting that T17E2 with HE.’What is wrong with the British

  79. T34-122 with the 30 second reload

  80. What I learn from baron…..fishtits

  81. play the 3 inch gun carrier

  82. Ze German Churchill!!

  83. do the T 34

  84. Churchie 3-inch gun derp-machine

  85. I have an idea for a custom battle two tiger ones v.s 20 Matilda’s

  86. the obvious American

    the brit tanks suck

  87. Matilda vs kv-1 :-P

  88. Churchill VII plez moving bunker of doom or Archer teh derpy td

  89. tortoise xD

  90. Valentine Xl, its the 75mm mounted one before the 6pdr mounted one.

  91. play the A34 Comet!

  92. so the matilda gonna make my matches hell, like in wot

  93. Must we buy a tank to continue to research?

  94. I think that we need to see some backwards gameplay… rehcrA eht tuo yrt
    dluohs uoy kniht I oS

    (So I think you should try out the Archer!)

  95. T17e2

  96. Most beautiful “selfie” tank in da game!!! ‘Tilda HYPE
    I went to school with a girl named Matilda, she also had a sexy butt :)

  97. For Britannia!

  98. Comet!!!

  99. Why are so many people complaining about british armour.. our tanks in ww2
    were not really made to bash it out.

  100. a13 with 40mm aa plz if that is right!

  101. José Silva (Joolux)

    Play the one with the cannon pointed to the back (dont recall the name
    sorry Baron) i think its going to be fun ^^

  102. “Maximum is what 250lbs?”
    Oh my sweet sweet Baron, Hellcats carry two 1000lb bombs plus rockets.

  103. Centurion mk3 and mk10 for smashing other nation´s tea pottery

  104. ARCHER! The reverse tank

  105. Crusader! Take that cute little tank out and kick panzers in the ass!

  106. Maximum payload of the F6F-3 is 2 1000 pounders and 6 rockets

  107. Cromwell V! or gulag!

  108. you think a tank with 2 yes 2 engines be quick but no……no

  109. I’ve been off the game for about a month and I’ve now come back for the
    British tanks .. What’s the deal with every man and his dog spawn camping?
    Did i miss the memo?

  110. archer! the tank that’s so backwards it should be classed as Australian!

  111. T44-122…King of medium tanks

  112. Comet Comet Coooooooomet!

  113. BaronVonGamez, do please the Archer and Show me in the intro, bitte

  114. play the cromwell

  115. Josef brink westergaard

    centurion mk 3! :D

  116. +BaronVonGamez 5 inch cannon!!

  117. Can you do the Churchill 3in gun carrier plz

  118. 3-inch gun carrier. It looks ugly as hell.

  119. The glorious comet!

  120. Please Try kill Pt-76 in water with plane with TORPEDO :)

  121. Why has the matilda have HE shells?? It couldnt fire them in real life.

  122. matilda with the 1.8 second reload time for the win baron

  123. PT-76 vs Swordfish

  124. baron play the comet

  125. ‘little tittyfish’ – baron, 2015

  126. How are you in that? Ps4 is still on the reserves.

  127. Baron the F6F doesn’t even carry 250overs. Those were 1000lb micro nukes

  128. Pretty sure those bombs actually landed on top of you.

  129. the Jumbo with the 76

  130. Baron-Matilda :))) i think sounds good

  131. archer

  132. Maus!!!!!

  133. Cromwell or Crusader; more tea please Mr Baron sir

  134. Stupid question maybe, but why can he access his planes sometimes and
    sometimes when he’s in his tank battles?

  135. FV221 Caernarvon

  136. Pls play the t44-122

  137. Hi Baron!

  138. Too slow for the way this game plays out, sadly. The Cromwell series not
    only comes with more fire-power, but the mobility is… exceptional. I just
    don’t see a place for the Matilda in this game, especially at the present

  139. It is usually horribly over tiered. Facing 1944 tanks? FUCKING really?

  140. Baron play the AC MK.ll AA

  141. Alright alright

  142. Sherman Firefly

  143. Comet

  144. I’m Chinese lol

  145. The archer be Robin Hood

  146. Poooooooooaosososoosososoos

  147. Can u do a face reveal

  148. Once you get the doom turtle play

  149. Karolis Lukosevicius

    Can u play centauro mr2 aa gun

  150. Karolis Lukosevicius

    Can u play centauro mr2 aa gun

  151. Baron, you have to do this
    do a custom battle on kursk
    make a bridge across the river with pt-76s
    then let an armored car drive over said bridge

  152. Of course the Conqueror can be penned frontally by a T-44! It’s not a
    Russian tank, therefore, historically, is crap! /sarcasm

  153. do the Cromwell next :D

  154. Baron when do you stream again?

  155. TETRARCH HYPE !!!!!

  156. juul joosten [24 pz]

    Cromwell mkV

  157. “We’re just hammering this little guy!” Shoots same spot over and over

  158. Irgend so ein Type den niemand kennt:)

    play the t44 122

  159. tortoise pls?

  160. Sherman Firefly

  161. t-44 122

  162. German churchill

  163. Confederateno1 Gaming

    why ppl hav givin u and others greif (seen it in previous vids) about press
    accounts, u guys deserve to hav all the vehicles, upgrades and millions of
    ge s, to show us stuff, now wen ppl request a tank u cant do it! great vid
    idc wot account u use :)

  164. T44-122!!

  165. it isn’t brittish but i would like to see more of the Tiger II

  166. baron I just wanted to say u are a GREAT youtuber

  167. Any British tank is good boyo
    *British Patriotism increasing*

  168. forgivingrain11 gamer


  169. Do the crusader… Either the first one or the better version… Please do
    it Baron!!

  170. also, by the 40mm, do you mean the 2-prd QF Cannon?
    and 75mm as the 6-prd QF Cannon?


  171. yo baron I’ve got a completely AWSOME and derpy idea for a custom battle:
    amphibious tanks only on water on a map with lots of water and every tank
    must be in da water

  172. Crusader aa mk 1

  173. Hey baron , as I unlock the British tanks without buying packages ? :/ :(

  174. Can we get some of that floaty pt-76

  175. valentine next

  176. Play Cromwell because why not! :-)

  177. so many cool tanks, but you show us the Matilda. Seriously?

  178. Kv 4

  179. 3-Inch Gun Carriage Baby Tortoise

  180. Forget the matilda for now it will bankrupt your silver lions totally as
    its fighting the panzers F1 and F2 and the t34 E and stz and the 105
    sherman and also a 17 pdr tank so all these will 1 shot the matilda in br 4
    battles its armour is paper at br 4 and its gun feeble.Wait for gaijin to
    fix it.Bump up your sl with a max br of 2.7 then when ur ready go always
    for the 6 pdr guns not the 75mm which is crappy.

  181. hey, what happened to having true 720p HD on your vids baron

  182. 3-Inch Gun Carriage – THE BOX OF DOOM!!!

  183. Marco antonio Torres

    Cromwell mk1

  184. Marco antonio Torres

    valentine mk 1 or mk 2

  185. Baron how are you still SO bad at this game… like it amazes me

  186. Churchill Gun Carrier, the ugliest tank in the game!

  187. Baron!!!!!!
    Please play the Archer Please!!!
    Thx Baron

  188. How can you even unlock tanks from tier 2 or higher?

  189. baron, come play mechwarrior with FFI ! :D

  190. should use HE for light weight vehicles, and aim at the flimsy turret :)

  191. Can you play the crusader mkIII with the 57mm

  192. Cromwell plz : for the British division

  193. Could you do the Archer, sir?


  195. tortoise

  196. Churchill GC pls

  197. and when you get a tortoise get your one of you boy and do tortiose verus
    tortiose and than turtle versus tortoise can you do the new t44 premium

  198. jesus christ the matilda in World Of Tanks game is much wow, killing one is
    hard enough

  199. What if gaijin added the Skink spaa from canada? It’s an m4a1 with a
    modified turret armed with 4 20mm cannon? What if it had HVAPs!!!!

  200. Archer… Do it.

  201. Cronwell 5

  202. since i saw that you had it i would like to request the cromwell

  203. centurion mk 3 or 10 nxt

  204. aaannnd they got the Matildas armor wrong

  205. in tank realistic ever since British tanks Germany America and russia all
    on same team then Britain on other seam

  206. Tiger

  207. Heaviest bombs on the F6F are 1,000lb’s. XD

  208. hey baron you asked in one video if you could get to the top of the fort on
    El alamein . next time go to B 8,9,10 and C 9 i did get on top there

  209. The bottom sloped front plate being 20mm is a mistake. It’s supposed to be
    more like 45mm or so. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

  210. Humphrey Matthew Angeles

    hey baron the Matilda can be pen at the side of matilda wheels which are
    those rectangle shape looking side and the front of the driver view can be
    pen too

  211. Challenger 2.

  212. The archer next.

  213. couldntthinkofone100

    Baron you should do the Archer!!! Only tank in WT, backwards case made tank
    destroyer with the gun facing out its ass!!

  214. playing the maus on that map you would have to lock the gas pedal and go
    read a book

  215. Firefly

  216. Can you start playing RB please its weird when you play arcade

  217. hey matilda in WOT is medium tank bruh >_>

  218. Maybe a PT-76 in the ocean sniping enemys?

  219. playerg jagdtiger

  220. Syed Ataullah Hossain

    Baron if you wouldn’t mind answering this question but how do u get non
    premium vehicles so quickly

  221. Baron, the Archer must be done!

  222. These maps are to big for these slow heavy tanks. :/

  223. Crusader Mk.2

  224. VON German Churchill – Hitlers Bunker Junker <3

  225. next maps should be, kassarien pass and I would really like bastogne, like
    that would be cool, there was a mission user made on wtlive and you fought
    on the bastogne map for planes, and it was so coooool…

  226. Centurion please…

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