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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. Now do this with the Sturmtiger

  2. Now this is proper artillery use, bring on the larger 203mm calibre soviet spgs

  3. maybe use a bkan next time, faster reload and more accurate ?

  4. the shooters def shouldve used like 2s3ms with the biggest HE shell + proxy, + literally an artillery piece

  5. The Average Gamer

    The stourmtiger would be perfect for this

  6. You can try this with sturmtiger

  7. Ivan Korobeinikov

    Bkan 1 would be grate choice for this tactic

  8. Данила Борисовский

    Try this with Avre, heard it has the best ballistics for that kind of thing

  9. Loved the vid Phly! What a comeback at the end!


    Day 24 play the panzer 4 H get an double ace while being the MVP on your team

  11. I would love to be able to use the entire visible map instead of these stupid tiny “arena” style maps. Proper player used artillery would have been a nice addition to the game. Although then you would have those crybabies screaming in the forums “artillery is OP plz remove”. Although they would be wrong because we have airplanes in WT that can destroy artillery easily.

  12. phly , please play the kfir c7. It would be really good in GRB with its 8 x 1,000 lb LDGP Mk 83 bombs included with the ballistic computer . It could definitely destroy half of the enemy team if you survive long enough. Please try it. [Day 66]

  13. thats how you play war thunder

  14. You should try it with Sturmtigers next time.

  15. Nice battles

  16. jose eduardo magadan

    More of this

  17. They need to add the Paladin for the US tech tree for this exact thing!

  18. we need pzh 2000

  19. jose eduardo magadan

    Add five zero
    Left two zero
    Fire for effect

  20. Now try this with the Sturmtiger

  21. the most entertaining video ever i love it

  22. this was pog

  23. Phly, if you hovered with the drone over them then you should get the distance to your friendlies and use that no?
    but you should do it again but with sturmtigers

  24. This is how WT need to be, something to feel that satisfaction and efficiency of strategy.

  25. Phly, take 3 BMP-3 with that 4 sec reload 😀

  26. Sturmtiger and drone matchup

  27. they needed to be using sturmtigers!

  28. Try this with the sturm tiger and maybe more people too

  29. same only with g6

  30. Pov:Ukrainian artillery crew

  31. it’s not really har to do calculator for this things but game don’t give enough information distance to allies for example would be really useful and i think the only thing that needed for perfect accuracy

  32. This needs to happen again with a bkan C1. the fire for effect would be glorious
    edit: for certain maps… that is

  33. You should do this with rocket lunchers

  34. Now try it with more modern artillery, faster reaload and less dispersion might help

  35. I wish they would add artillery That we could use, like this is awesome but way to hard

  36. do one more pls!

  37. you could use bandkannon 1c or sturmtiger

  38. Now try it with BKAN!

  39. Did you know you can one shot jagtigers aswell as ferdinands with the 2c bis

  40. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    i would LOVE to see more of this! and i KNOW i am not alone on that! get even more people involved dude! it would be SO cool to have more people at once doing the same thing!

  41. Maybe use Sturmtigers next?

  42. Riccardo Colombo

    try doing the same but with the sturmtiger

  43. Nice, different content …
    Can we see more of these but with different Artillery systems?
    Like one with SU-122, Type-75, 2S3 Akatsiya and even Sturmtiger & even something bizarre like FV4005?
    edit: and add rocket artilleries as well

  44. Day 611 of asking you to play the P.108.A Serie 2 on tanks again, asking since August 5, 2021

  45. We need it with the sturmtiger

  46. maybe use the 2c bis? xD

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