Dumb ideas, great results. – T62A

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Tier 10 memes, best memes

  2. Well the HE bounce on Russian tank sometime is just bull shit

    Often i derp 430 tanks in the face with 152mm derp on T49 and did jack shit, not even critical

    • It’s not a bounce. In this video for example HE hits gun barrel. Now you probably ask why barrel didn’t get damaged if it took a hit. Well, because only tracks of all modules have 100% chance of getting damaged from a hit. Any other module have reasonably good chance not to get damaged at all.

  3. WELL I PREFER THE 140 TO THE 62 A .
    but now the 907….

  4. That poor E50.. such a ammorack on the hill xD

  5. When i try this i lose 99% of my hitpoints and get like 500 dmg. Circon does it and gets 6k dmg with rng not even on his side

  6. Sums up wot pretty much

  7. Yo Circ, love the memes. Have you got any bond equipment on your tanks? I’d imagine you are in the top percentile of bond earners w/o clan or ranked stuff, and I’m just curious if you’ve gotten more than the 4.1k shown in this vid. For a scrub like me, it seems just about impossible to earn enough bonds for even 1 piece of equipment. GG anyway, love your stuff man.

  8. Great video Circon, I much enjoyed it. 🙂

  9. Usually start collecting boxes are themselves a set.. i.e. they release “eldar start collecting” “dark eldar start collecting” “space wolves start collecting” all at the same time… then they modify the box set constituent parts if they don’t sell… they also release codexes and USUALLY ensure there is a start collecting in place to coincide… if there isn’t (EG: Adeptus Custodes) don’t hold ur breath for one

  10. We living in 2018, and this man living in 3018 with his next level tactics.

  11. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    Circon that spot was so good, I’m going to do that in every single one of my games 😀

    • yeah we all think that until every time we try it we get yolo’d by every person in that area because we’re a bit out of position. only circon can do this shit and not get punished for it

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet

      Also what’s even more weird is that Circon has way more chances to get yolo’d as a streamer and/or xvm focus 😡

  12. I saw “no views” and got really excited, then I clicked on the video……..

  13. are the numbers under the cross-hair an accurate assessment of the enemy armor thickness? that seems op

  14. The warhammer talk at the start ? dark angels all the way

  15. nice strat! Must try it sometime… 🙂

  16. But but circon doesn’t play tier 10 XD

  17. Circon getting is money stealed both by wargaming and Games Workshop

  18. The start collection and those kind of boxes are quite new to the GW aresenal of things so hard to say,

  19. Does anyone know how he gets those numbers under his reticles? It would be greatly appreciated if anyone knew.

  20. 25,000 bits? What does that mean???

  21. 140 or 62A? Which should I get?

    I enjoy french lights, but now I’m slowly starting to enjoy armored tanks.

  22. “Jesus christ on a stick” no circon bad circon lol

  23. I like seeing these Tier X medium games

  24. This video be too old HD just came out

  25. I could try this 100 times and it would just be a fucking disaster 100 times…

  26. Stormtrooper GH-1180


  27. What was that bounce?

  28. Old Mountain Hermit

    0:44 My feeling when I’m playing a light tank in the city. #fml

  29. Dude, you are so funny, properly entertaining, keep up the great work Circ ?

  30. Am I not high enough for this? #420 #original comment. <3 Senpai noticed me.

  31. beautiful premium HE bounce memes.

  32. Is that armour pen mod legal?

  33. Only circon

  34. Ok, who is that hand 🙂

  35. OBJ 140 or T62A?

    • Since the Obj. 140 turret got buffed it sort of negates the only good thing about the T-62A. So 140 all the way.

    • Yep, much better hull that can bounce something, almost as good turret, slightly faster and 20% more gun depression.

  36. Start Collecting boxes normally come out like 6 months or more after. Sucks.

  37. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    Am I the only one that thinks its hilarious and cute that Circon’s wife pets Circon’s forehead?

  38. what is the mod you are using for the armor pen rating ?

  39. I remembered a type 5 heavy shot my badger in the face with premium HE and did 7 damage.lol

  40. 19 bonds! WG’s generosity is limitless

  41. The 140 is better, but like I said in twitch chat it would not have bounced that shot. Keep up the memes!

  42. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Tier10 stetpeder lol

  43. If it works….it’s no longer stupid 😛

  44. What’s the mark % mod?

  45. “HE always does damage” 😀

  46. Always good to watch when I have time … after work and shopping and everything else …

  47. Circon I forgot to ask this last time but what’s your favorite class in dreadnought. Mine is destroyer

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