E-100 ABSOLUTE MASSACRE | Part 2 (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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E-100 ABSOLUTE MASSACRE | Part 2 ( Tank Gameplay)


  1. I thought he was fake phly………… O_O FUCK


  3. ɖɛɱơŋℓσνє

    *patiently watches test drive time go down during intro*

  4. Poor panther ???

  5. I always want this turrent on E-100 in WoT. And 10:50, nice trick with 75mm gun, make he thought you’re reloading your 128mm : )).

  6. That T-44-100 was pretty cool player

  7. “Skadoosh…”

    I think that sums up an e-100 firing quite well.

  8. now drive out the maus!and see if it is any better than the E100!

  9. “Hopefully it’s human” …
    *remembers expecting velociraptor meme*

  10. Spitfire sucks.

  11. Keep up the good work Phly, you bring me hours of entertainment, Thanks ^.^

  12. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    11k likes on this vid too 🙂

  13. I love phly hes such a good war thunder gamer I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH xD

  14. Yes, please do a video about map rotation. I’m sick of Gaijin’s stupidity when it comes to deciding to remove maps from rotation.

  15. Go phlydaily

  16. I love watching commies getting killed

  17. BlitzBattleFury - Gaming

    Lol i thought this is War thu der

  18. What I hate about tier 6 is just how daft most people are. If you get the KPZ-70, you will be surprised to see that most people have no idea what they are doing with it. You will notice that no one goes to cap. You will notice that the three tanks next to you will always die instantly, and you will be left alone facing the enemy. I wonder what drives these brainless german tankers into playing the game.

  19. Gotta admit IronSkyHeart sounds like a pretty badass name

  20. i want karelia and jungle back

  21. MightyPeppers Gaming Channel

    I dont get factory enough. I get japan a fuckton now. Got factory for the first time in 3 days when me and a pal were messing with the katyusha trucks

  22. Eat your 11K likes

  23. Make pt3

  24. We like seeing russian tanks get murdered!

  25. Play the A-36

  26. So if they named the PzVIII the Maus and were going to call the P.1000 the Ratte, what would the Germans have named the E-100? The shrew? Hamster?

  27. 11 thousand likes again in 14 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Play the Potez 631

  29. That Panther just must have come from World of Tanks

  30. The fact this video isn’t called “Absolute Mausacre” disappoints me more than you could possibly comprehend.

  31. I’m still not giving up on your Wolfenstein playthrought Phly…we still are waiting for it

  32. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    Po-2 is 2-oP

  33. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    Will you play PlanetSide 2 ?

  34. “Im so screwed”
    Dude. You’re in a fucking E-100. You are literally an almost indestructible god.

  35. N33d more Phly aliens

  36. The Map rotation is utterly terrible.. I took a break for about a year.. and have been back for the past 2 months.. and it’s the same repetitive 6 to 7 maps.. in tier 3 & 4… I don’t remember the map rotation being totally terrible…

  37. I get Eastern Europe like crazy, maybe 1 out of every 5 battles at varied BR and country today alone.

  38. My most played map is almost assuredly Japan

  39. New name for E-100 “KAAPOWWW”

  40. Hey phly, how do I do bombing with bomb sight? I am trying to practice, but I dont know what to look at so I can bomb (relatively) accurate. What part of the sight should I look at?

  41. Philly daily you are awesome hope to meat you one day probably won’t ceap
    Doing what your doing☺

  42. By the way nice car?

  43. That was really thug!!

  44. One shot challenge. You can take whatever tank you want, but you’ll have to bring only one piece of ammunition in to the battle. You can rearm it at the capture points as many times as you like.

  45. I like your videos i just startet to play war thunder one of my friend was playing it and i am not that good at it so i am watching your videos to get tips and trick’s :DD

  46. The is 6 is faster then the Tiger 2 H premium

  47. WG SHOULD give you one for FREE! the cheapskates! lol

  48. Pls PhlyDaily to give me an account the one who is free but has all the fluids and the aircraft in all the states pls

  49. Hey Phly
    Play the T-64 and the Mig 17

    1st Attempt

  50. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    why can I not choose the map I want to play? It would be good for them to be able to tell which is more popular as well…. I hate that I can’t choose….

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