E-100 GAMEPLAY! War Thunder Super Rare Tank

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder E-0 Nazi Wonder Tank – German Heavy Tank
War Thunder – E-100 German Tank

Win an E-100: http://warthunder.pro/en

Thanks for watching!


  1. Jake TheRattlesnake

    First! Lol

  2. how do you get thaaat?

  3. how did you get it already

  4. I’m so early

  5. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    yeah man i already saw u in battle

  6. Ladies and Gents! It’s real, and it’s here…the E-100 Super Heavy Tank, a
    Nazi Wonder Weapon.
    You’ll be able to try to earn one of these bad boys for free starting
    January 2nd! Only 700 will be able to be won, so these will be extremely
    rare and exclusive tanks.

    What other super tanks should we get in WT? Discuss on reddit:

  7. Merry Christmas baron!

  8. good video and can you do maus vs. e-100

  9. Merry Christmas everybody! Thank you so much for your support, it means the
    world to me. :)

  10. i wont winn someting

  11. Russian guys in the game chat freaking out that there is a E-100 xD

  12. what the tits! Merry Christmas Baron!

  13. wow im early

  14. Why does the 1080p look so bad?

  15. it need nazi stealth cammo :P

  16. Why do you get one before anyone else?

  17. “my first match” Fully upgraded. Tell me Baron what is it like to suck the
    cock of GIjan and get everything with out the grind?

  18. dem curves tho

  19. How does one unlock these tanks? (Tanks like the: T-V, E-100, M-24, and
    well…all the other machines)

  20. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    hey excited im dad!

  21. That tank is so sexy

  22. I can kill that thing with a KV-2 HE.

  23. so how do i get one?

  24. 12 Min!!!!

  25. WHAT!?

  26. 29th comment! like its sth!

  27. They still have bomber which sucks I would rather play tank on tank but hey
    great game but with bombers I haven’t played in a while. But is fun.

  28. I think that they shouldn’t limit it to 700 e-100s maybe around 4000 so
    more people can get the chance own it, or they should add the e-100 with
    the 150mm at a later time.

  29. Im always watching the stream and dont win anything and I have the dog tag

  30. baron ist wunderbar

  31. what is the biggest gun in this game ?


  33. Ahhtaczy “Griffin And T Gaming” Gaming

    such ashamed they promised the E-100 in an autumn event, but now it’s
    behind a paywall. Unless you want to pay silver lions to get into events
    and tournaments, get the dog tag. I will not support this money grab
    tactic, why will I pay money to these developers when they still haven’t
    fixed the 6.7 situation.

  34. We’re never gonna get these tanks…. no one will win the tournaments
    except certain russian try hards

  35. TiberiousThe Labrador

    ist sides are immune to HEATFS, the spaced armor will stop the shells, so
    its sides can take at least one hit

  36. Phly how can u have a E-100 how did u do?

  37. Baron* how did you do to hvae the E-100??? it’s impsosible…

  38. Yet another tank i will never get

  39. JackofSpades99 Gaming

    58th comment

  40. That’s not the e100 turret that i know from wot pc

  41. pls japanese super heavy tanks

  42. How did the jagdtiger’s body machine gun move around after u shot him I saw
    his body machine gun move around :P

  43. they change the gun

  44. So you pay for a dog tag, for a VERY small chance you would win one of only
    700 tanks?? Why would they limit it to only 700?? Each winner will be a
    focused target whenever they enter a match.

  45. of course the e 100 are going to be rare af…dman it gaijin u ruined my

  46. im early too

  47. this tank just should be added to the german research tree..

  48. This is so much better than WOT :)

  49. I’d love to be able to play this tank.

  50. The Fullmetal Titan

    Fucking hell, of course it’s pay-to-win, why am I not surprised?

  51. Too bad that every Tank with HEAT-FS will tear this Monster apart.

  52. cool it has the maus turret and not the mythical wot e100 turret with the

  53. Baron please start doing videos that have both arcade battles and realistic
    battles :)

  54. E-100vs 50 Pz.III Ls

  55. to get one you have to buy hundred dollar eagle pack comrade.

  56. Id join dat fight

  57. let’s wait until they add the Ratte : ]

  58. WT should’ve put in the 158mm as the second gun to research.

  59. hey baron I will be happy if you get one I willl be able to watch lol.

  60. Without the 15cm this thing is woefully mediocre

  61. so since they gave you one does that mean only 699 are left? Also gajin
    just used the same turret as maus all they did was modle in the hull wich
    was basically finished awaiting tracks and a turret and knowing for a fct
    maus turrets where built and a proposal to be mounted on e-100 and rather
    then useing paper drawings of the sloped e-100 turret that was only paper
    was what they presume would have been mounted on the first proto

  62. this tank will be mine and you will all revel in its glory! >:D

  63. So what happen to the gun barrel that used on the E-100 ? This is fake gun.

  64. How can you have it already Baron and no one else and only 700 i dont think
    so there will be engough tournaments to win this thing

  65. huh… i tought maus has 250mm of front armour…

  66. kv 4

  67. shame I’m only on Panzer 4 G with Germans….. another nice tank I won’t
    get D:


  69. WorldOfTanks Gaming

    In WoT the E100 got another turret thats not the same as the Maus and 2
    guns that it can use.. Is it the same in warthunder??

  70. Fucking give this thing the 15cm gun or it’s just another Maus.

  71. tell us how to test drive it

  72. you should play star wars battlefront with me and other people who are
    subscribed to you. we should play it

  73. hello i wanna ask i have like 1 weird line in my screen is that ground just
    coming up and is ther a option for to change that or is it my game pc

  74. Hmm, Russian idiots do not understand that not everyone speaks their soviet

  75. Not even the right turret

  76. If you shoot the lower plate of a maus you can easily destroy and disable
    its engine

  77. So weird that they actually included this thing

  78. You got a lot of onlookers with you bad boy! Great tank,merry Christmas!

  79. This is a festivus miracle, thank you Baron!!!

    And damn you gaijin for making this tank impossible to get.

  80. Love reading game chat on all of Barons videos!

  81. 2:17 your friend got rekt

  82. baron plz play the T 34

  83. E-100, aka mini maus

  84. I wonder, have Gaijin ever said whether the E100 with the 15 cm KwK 44 L/38
    will be introduced eventually? I remember reading somewhere that they were
    considering it, seeing as that gun was tested and all. I’m pretty sure the
    gun had crap penetration in real life though, so maybe not.

  85. They should add the T-34-88

  86. this is so unfair that not all can get this tank

  87. ‫رعد الحرب‬‎

    what if the is-7 add in war thunder

  88. E100 is sexy

  89. leopard is a light tank? t-10m is a medium tank? ok I am sorry but that is
    more ignorant than gaijin calling chieftain a medium tank.

  90. not worth the effort…..want an e100 for free and everyone can get it?
    play WOT

  91. why did they give it the Maus turret and the 128mm?

  92. the e100 has the 75mm of side skirting has about 120-150mm of side armor
    behind it

  93. BARON YOU MUST DO THIS! Host the worlds first battleship fight! PT-76 vs.

  94. Why the exclusivity? It’s just an E-100.

  95. all i see is shit

  96. You said you hated it (E-100)!!
    And now you’re playing it!
    I still love your videos though, you are a great youtuber!

  97. hope they add lowe now

  98. why u always playing arcade play some realistic man

  99. i just hope it will return for other tornements

  100. it still isnt historically accurste to the drawins it has a different
    turret and s different gun now i know it can use a 128 but its supposed to
    have a 150 so i wont be playing it untill they have made jt historically

  101. it still isnt historically accurste to the drawins it has a different
    turret and s different gun now i know it can use a 128 but its supposed to
    have a 150 so i wont be playing it untill they have made jt historically

  102. make more e100 gameplay , please

  103. can I still get that tank.

  104. Why can’t people get it as a Christmas present, this is bullshit

  105. Ткачук Сергей

    Как круто быть русским. Вот смотрю видео на английском и всё понимаю, и
    таких просто куча народу)

  106. how the hell did u get that?

  107. Since the E-100 will be a limited number, you can guarantee they will be
    bomber targets every game.

  108. And we remember the fallen, and the fatten in that open attack. Bloody
    beasts gotta move sometimes, and the noble russian tank that pushed you
    into battle, very courageous of him, he has faith in the E-100

  109. Joe Makes Model Kits

    E-10, E-25, E-75, E-100 are the E series. There might be more but thats the
    main 4 prototypes. I actually have a model kit version of the E-25 that I
    built and painted. The E series look really cool in my opinion. Cool if
    they existed and maybe if they fought in the ruins of Berlin.

  110. I wish the E-100 in this game had the same 150cm gun like in WOT. That
    would be boss.

  111. hopefully they will let you unlock the 150mm :D

  112. So they add the e100 but still haven’t added the American T29 heavy tank!
    Let’s so some t29 heavy tank!

  113. Happy Xmas barron love your videos all the way from Ireland and happy Xmas
    to all

  114. great… only 700 just fucking why!?! i want one sooo bad but I know ill
    never get it great…

  115. how to get this tank ??

  116. They should host a tournament for the Jagdpanzer E-100 😀 Now that would be
    an awesome tank destroyer!

  117. I think any these kind of “specials” are unfair. For the casual players
    like me… it’s not fair. I work as a bartender. I have done this 20y. I
    obviously don’t do it to get rich. I do it, coz I love my job. That brings
    me to this.. thing. Like I said. I’m a casual player. M/35/Finland. I just
    don’t have the time, to spend in games no more.

  118. Everyone, don’t be sad. Probably there will be people selling their
    accounts with an E-100 on e-bay.

  119. yo baron do a cartilage

  120. yo baron do a artillery gameplay

  121. Does anybody currently know if this tank will be released into the game as
    a normal grind-able tier 5 for the Germans at any stage in the future?

  122. Ironically, the second E-100 played by Baron, is killed by BaronSmash….

  123. Where did you get this community every time I play my team does everything
    they can to lose, they don’t even try, they drive straight to their deaths.
    It’s so bad especially when your just about to win and then they lose you
    the game.

  124. funnyproductions456

    So you just have to do well in the tourny?

  125. Can you play the t25 medium tank next please

  126. guys the E100 has 3 types of gun ,firstly the 128mm then150mm lastly the
    173mm so this 3 are the guns for it so pls stop freaking out that it’s

  127. How thick is the hull armor behind the 75mm skirts?

  128. askjdhagyouqgw askjdhagyouqgw

    NOOOO ANOTHER CLICK BAITERRR orange will be so saddddddd

    keep up the good work baron awsome tank

  129. This tank makes me depressed because I know I will never get the Maus
    without spending a huge amount of money on the game, and this was my
    closest chance of getting a big heavy slow well-armored tank… But there’s
    only 700 being released, and I have bad luck :(

  130. what happened to 60fps baron? i always like dit, cause my pc cant handle WT
    on max and 60fps ;-;

  131. Hasta la vista baby!!

  132. Why does the E 100 have a Maus turret?

  133. i already got one:D

  134. on world of tanks e100 isnt premium tank and gets the 150mm gun

  135. tiger 2 plz

  136. Do the Crusader mk11

  137. Machinegun fire in it’s butt. LOL

  138. Will we see the seamaster in war thunder

  139. Merry PanzerMas Baron! :)

  140. How do you buy a dog tag?

  141. happy christmas every one

  142. awwwww not the big turret and gun:(

  143. the players are very shocked since there had a E-100 tank kill people

  144. They can go soak their fucking heads, I’m not going to compete for that
    piece of shit… And it IS a piece of shit. You know how I know that?
    Because it’s German and Gaijin HATES German tanks.

  145. Kristian čolak-barać

    where is the muzzle brake

  146. 123 ยำยำสำยภยำก


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