E-100, IS-4 and T110E5 Buffing is Coming! | World of Tanks Heavy Tank Buffs

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks -4, E-100, T110E5 Rebalance, Buffing. World of Tanks Heavy Rebalancing, Update 2.0+ Patch News.

Today I made a I didn’t think I am able to make in the near future. Let’s talk about World of Tanks buffing legendary heavy tanks, such as E-100, -4 and T110E5.

Tell me, what do you think about all this?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. Oh boy… It has been a long trip for those 3 tanks, but it is time for a change. 😉
    Please, let me know what do you think?

    • I was really hoping they might shrink that turret on the E5 dag nammit! 🙁 lol

    • Well, I don’t have e100 so I will skip that tank 🙂
      Is4 – good list of buffs but that gun accuracy is little bit odd…if they wanna make him a brawler, buff engine, manuverbility(maybe).
      E5- don’t have it yet, Im on M103 currently but make that tumor on his head not-so-easy to shot at. Maybe some armor buff and smaller size or something like.

    • Just take out that fuking gold ammo with 80 degree , and dont have to change anything,that’s what I think .

    • E5 needs more buff.

    • After watching this video I had hope for the devs but it seems they are just screwing the E5 even more. It has a massive tumor on its turret that is so easily penned by ANY tank, even tier 3s and 4s can pen it. If they literally got rid of that it would handle so much better. Should take after the AE Phase 1. Yet all they did was give it a little more buffing onthe side. NOBODY SHOOTS ITS SIDES. They all aim for the giant red target on the turret.

  2. Kv-4 needs a better stock engin better gun stats like aim time and fire rate
    St-1 needs better aim time and a faster reload speed
    T32 needs a little bit better reload time and a more accurat gun
    And better shells with more pen gold and standard rounds
    Jagdtiger needs a bit bigger engin an a bit more trevers speed
    Isu 152 needs the bl 10 back
    Rhm panzerwagen research cost needs to be lowerd from 298k to 200k/210k
    T-54 needs to be buffed back to its old state
    Grille 15 needs to be buffed to its old state
    Wheeld vehicles should be nerft
    Ferdinand needs a overall buff
    T95/fv needs a bigggggggg nerf!
    Arty needs a big nerf and stun should be removed
    Amx 13 105 needs a view range increase from 380 to 400
    Is-4 needs more shells in the tank from 30 to 40/42 more accurat gun
    Obj 260 needs a frontal armour buff
    Team damage should get activated again and all chat too
    E50 needs a turret armour buff and a penetraton buff
    Never sell the e25 again
    Like dez video
    Remove minsk and add secrat valley and mittengard
    Limit de amount of gold you can take into one battle
    Add xvm to the bannd mods!
    Nerf 60tp armour a bit
    Buff sherman firflys gun handling and top speed and engin power
    I am a member since 2015 and i have seen many up and downs in the game but now i dont wanna play any more becouse of the unbalance, gold spam, toxic player base, overpowerd tanks and the matchmaking i hope wargaming will read this.
    Greetings CPTAustriaGamed. 19500 battles and over 20 tier 10 tanks

  3. Ah, as expected, Nazi Fascist tank gets minor buff, but still cannot stand against mighty stronk Russian armor!
    And really, the concept of keeping your turret angled to get more effective armor was hilarious to start with.

  4. Just what medium player needed… tap the 2 key… Wargaming are bunch of assholes, greedy assholes!!!

  5. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    The E5 with its massive cupola basically becomes a huge exp pinhata por any other hull down tank, aka T95 Chieftain, S.Conqueror, 260 and 279. In Blitz the E5 doesn’t have cupola and it’s an incredible tank. Respect to the T32, the main problem is the horrific penetration values, it’s a tremendous downside, not to mention the lack of dpm. In the Tiger 2 the list of problems is huge but if I were working for WG, the first thing I would do is to give it the same hull armor as the E50, then I would massively improve the dpm and make it similar to the Caernarvon and make the gun handling legendary, that would solve quite a few problems that tank has. Give it a bit better mobility and the tank will be decent for a tier 8 tank. It’s extremely sad how that german tier 8 heavy sucks so much respect to the Lowe considering the importance it had in WW2.

  6. Wonderful news all round. These help to null out the power creep over the years that have made these tanks useless. Now to do the same to the Tiger 2 and Tiger 1

  7. Holyshyt? My E75 also get 530 alpha? BOOMSTICK!

  8. Alexandru Dorries

    I reserve judgement until the ammo changes go live- also, PLEASE NERF THE 430U’s CAMO

  9. The Indian panzer needs buff

  10. Hi! I was wondering when this update will come to Xboxone and PS4 tankers?

  11. IS-4 2:35
    E-100 8:18
    T110E5 No

  12. “Type 5 has left the chat”

  13. All I want is different turret options for the E100 including the Henschel design and Maus design

  14. too late, i sold Type 5 and IS4 to get Obj277, and Obj430u. Even if they buff the IS4, it won’t be better than obj277. but the IS4 has 160mm side armor…think about that… that is more than most Heavies front plate, and this on the side. It is the King of reverse side scraping.

  15. Expecting 320 on the front of the E100 Turret…Dez Dez Dez….we CAN’T have tanks in the game COMPETITIVE with the newest stupidly OP, no weak spot Russian bias tanks. LOL… Let’s be REAL here! Russian tanks historically THE BEST EVER….RIGHT? That game isn’t worth my time or MONEY anymore. They can keep their Russian wet dream tanks and shove them up their asses….sans any lubrication preferably. That’s constructive ….right?

  16. Finnaly my Is4 is on the road againe! Yes yes yes made this
    Is very very good this buff

  17. That’s all the E5 gets? some gun improvements and a bit of side armor? HOW ABOUT THAT CUPOLA THAT GETS PENNED BY EVERYTHING? MAKE IT BETTER OR REMOVE IT.. It’s not like someone from WG is going to see this and gonna do something about it..

  18. I wonder how ur gonna pen is 4 and e100 if he’s angling correctly cuz no weakspots

  19. E5 hatch needs fixing badly. Shrink it or buff the armor.

  20. TheBlackHandElite

    What about IS-4 ammo capacity? 30x 122mm shells? Especially when they’re going to nerf the accuracy, and 30 shells was already a very low amount..

  21. glad with the E-100 but I would like the 155mm to get a pen buff to its normal rounds… far to many E-100 players just fire gold rounds

  22. Im really excited for these tanks as I own them all and havent driven them in years.

  23. finally some love to is4

  24. Even before all this the IS4 being my first t10 heavy I was easily pulling off 7k-12 blocked lol

  25. wargaming fix the broken flying ebr or go fvck urself

  26. I see super heavy bias in this video… Notice how E5 and E-100 received minimal buffs in areas where it might not even matter, meanwhile the IS-4 is getting buffs everywhere, despite it being an already barely pennable tank. E5 is just inferior to all other heavies at this point. E-100 turret buff is nice in the front, but for god sakes, don’t forget the side of the turret. The heat spamming unicums won’t even aim at the front of the angled turret, they’ll look for shots on the weaker side of it.

  27. The Gaming Johnson

    They could nerf the obj 430 and other op reward tanks ….. fairer games?

  28. T110E5 is missing one improvement. The commanders coupla needs a buff. Either double the armor or reduce it’s size. Hell maybe even both. That thing is rediculous.

  29. i agree with comments below the E5 needs a smaller copula or one like the E3 tank destroyer

  30. IS-4 gets two tiny weakspots removed and gets increased hull armor aswell as better gun handling stats.
    T110E5 with literally the biggest weakspot on top of its turret: This is fine
    E100 pre-buff: Flat front begging for Premium ammunition.
    E100 post-buff: Flat front begging for Premium ammunition
    They either decide to make some heavies armor valuable again or remove premium ammunition and buff tanks with less penetration.

  31. The 128 changes on the e-100 are going to kill the e-75 buff the dpm and leave gun handling alone

  32. No good upping armour of E5 without increasing armour values for the easily penned weak spot on the roof – commander’s hatch or whatever it’s called.

  33. Well Russian Tank gets best buff no suprise there
    What about the black prince tanks

  34. Getting away from historical armpir values with the e100. This turret was (on paper) supposed to have 250mm of frontal armour and that is what it originally had in this game but now we are moving away from history and instead moulding the game to suit gold ammo.

  35. i dont mind the buff on the E 100 line, but if you buff that, you are going to make the Pz Kfpw VII line absolutely unnecessary! MY VK 4502 B and my E 75 have exactly similar gun stats and theyre pretty balanced, so why will you make the E 75 better than the VK? Is it necessary?

    The T110E5 line received buffs but those buffs are weak. Look at the Is-4 buffs, it went from being a pile of crap to a really strong tank. None of the other tanks have gotten as much love as the IS-4. Shows the russian bias in this game.

  36. i dont think they should increase the tank and turret traverse for the is4, i think itd be too good, everything else is fine

  37. This is little off topic but sense you said the developers might read the comments i figured i throw this out, since my voice is never heard or those who maybe feel as i do,
    think they should put back the tier 10 waffle they took out, only tank i had worked everyday to get and soon as i got it they removed it then gave me a worthless grill 15, didn’t get none of the exp back for grinding that line to get that tank with no armor and a okay gun, that i do not really care about at all, all they had to do was give it 3 rounds like the foch 155, yet they have a lot more Op tanks now anyway but still cant put it back in???, then they took out arty platoons, yet you still get 3 artys a game anyway so i do not see the problem, and me and my bros loved arty party’s being the last alive and trying to win the game or fighting off scout tanks together , but you cant do that anymore i used to get such a rush from those games now i do not even get those feelings anymore, Also they Nerfed the EXP artys get literally makes doing the arty missions impossible being the top player earned EXP i did 8600 damage and stunned damage over 6k and still didn’t get it even get close. Then you took AP shells away, which really ruined the Russian arty and bat-chat arty greatly their HE damage is such a joke. i sold my favorite obj 261 arty because of this fact was not useful in anyway. ( i think the normal arty that hit hard, missed a lot and long reloads were less annoying then what they are now. then stun stuff is what people are annoyed with. i have been playing this game sense beta and i love the game, but i am very upset about not being able to arty platoon, because sometimes you and your friend just wanna relax together, and click on people or go into tds mode and take it to the people who rush you without thinking about the consequences, but you cant do that anymore because no AP and HE is a JOKE arty do not even do close to their damage that they are supposed to do ( lets take that bat-chat arty 750 damage or so does only 150 to 300 at max if direct hit and if your lucky maybe little more, I also sold type 5 heavy sense they change the shells, its terrible least the damage was 500, now i hit like 200s and 340s its a is a bad joke for a super heavy and that is on medium tanks, on heavys tanks you cant even do anything because everyone runs heavy spall-liners. I feel like they are only taking Words of the people who cry about everything now a days, Because they rush to the tier 8s by buying prem tanks and then free exp tier 10s and cry because they do not have the skills to play their tanks they get or experience how to avoid arty shells and how to find cover, have no idea how to support a team or work together.( Last thing i wanted say about arty platoons is some people only have 1 hand or they do not have fast enough reflexes to play a normal tank effectively so arty was the only way they could do stuff together like arty platoons, got some people in my clan that have some of these issues legit can only play artys because that is all they can manage. Also you play a tank and someone plays a spg and you die then you wait for like 15 mins waiting for that match to end its sucks.) i feel that they can put a 2 limit at least in platoons, ( Wheeled scouts kill artys within the first couple mins anyway because they go 100km/h on these tiny maps anyway and can turn on a dime heavy tanks do not have the turret rotation to keep them in their sights, if they should remove something it should be wheeled scouts. the gold spam is on real now a days also, when gold ammo costed gold it was only used in clan wars now its spammed in every public match and the game no longer is about armor i feel like, all about speed and spam of gold. they need to make gold ammo either gold again or raise the price to were you can only use 5-10 shells on a tank.( game was about skill and armor angling and bouncing shells and using your head to get the drop on someone with your brain and being able to pen them instead of sitting in front of them and hitting the 2 key to load gold… This is just my opinion what i think, just wanted to share how i felt for once and wanted my voice is heard for once. ( i know my spelling and grammar is not the best but that is not the topic i wanted to discuss, thank you for reading my comment have a great day. )

    • With the addition of double gun systems I see no reason not bring back the waffle. Especially for those who may have spent gold/free exp to get the waffle just to have it replaced with a tank (Grille) that plays completely different.

    • I agree with bring artys partys back, and the waffle should be put back in theirs alot of tanks that are just as OP as that. Just give it a smaller clip with just the e100 15 cm gun, 3 shots like the foch 155, it had no armor so it was easy to kill didnt see the problem, and the premium ammo they need to up the price or make it gold again, game is about speed and premium ammo no skill.

  38. Why didnt you show the T110e5 in video?

  39. Buffs are nice but to be honest what is the meaning of this. More and more players on tier X are abusing HEATS and APCRS. With that in play that extra protection is in the end paper when challenging the ultra penetration values of the ammunition. Will it ding more shots? Yep. Will it make significant difference against “premium” ammunition? Not so much.

  40. Elijah Montgomery

    No experience with E5, but the dpm will more competitive with the super conquerer. I think the IS4 changes are good overall, but maybe instead of .38 to .42, maybe .40 instead. It is a tier ten after all. Love the change to E100’s 128mm, makes it more unique and a competitive option. Also the change to turret ring and bar are nice, but I think the turret cheeks should be more like 320-325mm thick. Because fuck Russian heat rounds and Russian bias, that’s why.
    Luv you Dez 😁

  41. Why is no one talking about is4 Not heaving enough ammo???????

  42. I dont have e100 and let me tell you it’s not much of a super heavy, I love fighting them because they are a joke, turret armor needs to be 325-330, same with the monster jagzill is a joke armor wise. Premium ammo punches through everything. Only tanks in the game that even stand a chance against premium ammo is russian tanks… all their turret armor is above 300 even the new ( IS 2 II turret is 300 and it’s a tier 8) and it’s got a better turret then the e100 what like serious? Same with e5 turret terrible

  43. Solution is simple, remove premium ammo… 300+ pen is way to much

  44. I think the E100 frontal turret armor could be more improve because 311 mm effective armor is not enough all tier X vehicles have minimum 330 mm heat some of them reach 340-350mm it is just too much. The current version of the buff of frontal armor is not enough i think. And other vehicles which have APCR as special ammo i think to leopard 1 for example has just 323 mm if i remember correctly, this kind of vehicle dont have to trade frontally this kind of vehicles, their job is too flank the heavies not to engage a frontal combat with them.
    That’s why i think it could be really nice to improve this frontal part.
    For the IS4 i wait to see because its risky all this buffs, i hope the vehicle dont become an unstoppable monster ( like the old buff from the hd model of the t110e5 in the last years )

  45. Lol they buff is4 so much thats is going too be op, the e100 and e5 only minor buffs

  46. FANTASTIC…instead of solving the goldammo-problem, they start to make more tanks frontally weakspot-less…^^
    Its just so fcking Wargaming….they couldnt even deny it…
    Fortunately i still wont be interested in that high tier onlygoldspamming BS until the goldammo is reduced…

  47. Someone tell WG that E5 cupola needs to be buffed, that’s it… not this shit

  48. I feel that the E-100 will surpass the Maus as a clan wars superheavy. This armor buff will allow it to bounce shots when angled and get big hits in more effectively. It’s also more mobile and the only downside over the Maus would be the 300 less hp.

  49. WG: *ReMoVeD tUrReT rInG oN tHe Is-4*

  50. The only thing I’m waiting for is a Tiger 2 buff

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