E-100, IS-4, E5 BUFFS INCOMMING?! – World of Tanks

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  1. No one mentions moaning in the video or is it just me? Seems like someone having fun… 😀

  2. Emánuel Barkóczi

    Todays everything’s aimed, new tanks somehow “improved” without any reason. Better aim-> less miss ->faster battles.

  3. I don’t like the hull traverse nerfs on the E75. And they are still not fixing the cupola issue on the E5. It will still not be competitive against it’s Tier X counterparts. They should have left the E5 alone before its big nerf a couple of years ago. Overall, these tanks did need something done. It’s a step in the right direction for some, and pretty good for others.

  4. Scorpiany The GOAT

    Circon, this is what they mean by buffing the E5’s roller wheels: https://i.imgur.com/qFH5vBN.png / https://i.imgur.com/gRO5j01.png – Basically the little wheels behind the main drive wheel were very weak and could be penned by even Tier 8 light tanks. This means the E5 will now be able to side-scrape without just getting yolo-penned through there (also means fewer ammo racks, because that’s also exactly where the ammo rack sits in the side armor).

    As for the VK 36.01H, what’s really bizarre is that they’re using the post sand-box HP buff values for it… Even though that hasn’t been formally released for a public test server yet; only Sandbox server.

  5. Just nerf premium rounds an that will solve most of the game play issues. You don’t need over 300 pen, the game is playable with 270 pen premium round. But I’m not shocked that half are troglodyte that need there 420 pen.

  6. I don’t know about that E100 12,8 changes tho, 2650 base dpm? Maus was nerfed for a reason..

    • Scorpiany The GOAT

      2,650 DPM isn’t very good at Tier 10, it’s only “average”. Plus they’re still nerfing its accuracy / aim time, which means nobody would bother with it either way. The Maus was nerfed because it had the gun performance, on top of even far better armor and more HP. The E-100 still has weaker armor and still has less HP.

      Not to mention that the 750 alpha damage on the 15cm is still the far more competitive option than the 530 alpha on the 128mm, especially with the aim time nerf on the 128mm and aim time buff on the 15cm.

  7. Russian tank have turret ring weak spot? Just remove the turret ring! LOL okay den.

  8. Time to let my Tiger I die then… that nerf in reload for only 40 dmg+ is gonna lower the dmg output big time special vs rapidfire tanks not gonna be worth playing that iconic tank anymore…. R.I.P. another tank nerf killing off older tanks..

  9. #remove_tumor_like_in_wot_blitz

  10. all in all looks good but why does the e5 and some others have to have a gigantic pimple on top of the turret?It looks stupid to say the least!!

  11. I honestly think the Tiger I is among the worst of the Tier VII heavies just because the armor. Its huge, its obvious and its armor is not good enough. Even tier V’s can go through the front with AP and the stock grind is miserable. Maybe its just a console thing because on console, everyone tends to have a way more aggressive brawling playstyle so up close the Tiger is nearly useless. I think the VK 45.02 A needs to be the tier VII and the Tiger I a tier VI and keep the long 8,8 because the ARL gets a 90mm with basically better pen. (Post comment: Also the 105mm on the T32 for console got buffed while back with 218 pen now so yea)

  12. This adds up to a significant nerf to the Tiger 1. RoF is the best attribute of this tank currently, it can shoot same tier opponents (IS) twice and pull back before they can reload. Not anymore. So a previous 2 -1 trade (480 total alpha) is now reduced to 280. Armor buff is meaningless, if you are playing the Tiger 1 because of its armor you’re playing it wrong.

  13. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    You didnt mention the IS4 accuracy nerf

  14. Magnus Likes Tanks

    Finally the T32 can stop looking like a failure compared the beast that is the T29

  15. I’ll take my Tier X 263 back pls. Gimme my snipey boi back!

  16. good video thx

  17. The T32 changes are welcome but the gun needs more pen, 208mm is not enough for a techtree tier 8 heavy and I agree with Circon in that it SHOULD be 218mm. The M103 changes sound promising especially the “Turret armor” buff which sounds like WG is FINALLY fixing/buffing it’s MASSIVE turret roof to no longer be an overmatch zone.
    As for the E5 somewhat underwhelming but at least the armor behind the front track sprockets is getting un-nerfed so the E5 can somewhat sidescrape again though speaking frankly the turret cupola needs to be removed as the E5 is already squishy thanks to the nerfed lower plate and pisspoor side/rear armor.

  18. R2D2 on my KV-5 is still in the repair shop from getting smacked by every tier V gun in the game…

  19. is4 now has the best turret in the game

  20. IS-4 without a turret ring. Does this mean the turret will no longer traverse? Or will it just make a loud grinding noise on the upper hull?

  21. WG Strat – release OP premium. Wait. Buff tech tree tanks to make OP Prems more average. Release more OP premiums. Rinse and repeat.

  22. T110E5: Can you buff my machine gun cupola?
    WG: Here’s your drive wheel armor buff!!! You’re welcome!!!!

  23. tiger dpm is same

  24. Agree per the Tiger 1. Virtually the whole reason it went from being a piece of crap years ago to a fun playable tank was the RoF. So, of course, when WG ‘buffs’ it, they nerf the RoF. I am not thrilled with nerfing the E75 mobility either. Germans: 1 buff/9 nerfs. Russia: 9 buffs/1 nerf. Same old story.

  25. Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans

    Sounds pretty good. I still already enjoyed these old tanks

  26. Why are these buffs needed? Answer: Because of power creep. Why is there power creep? Answer: Because wargaming


  28. 110 no buff? So it has a bad soft Stat 100mm and useless 122mm…..WPWG

  29. This is their BS plan to force “roles” for the rest of the changes. Nerfing E75 turn makes it “more brawler”. The developers still want to dictate how the players actually play the game. Standard autocratic top-down thinking.

  30. In other words we looked at the stats and found little to no one playing these tanks

  31. Far too little far too late. It’s funny how you can see russian bias even in buffs.

  32. E 100 buffed? Corona-chan works in mysterious ways

  33. they need to buff e5 cupola…

  34. kv1 s is going back to tier 6, vk10.01h is going back to being a medium tank

  35. I don’t like the E75 mobility nerf. Making it more like the Mauschen. If I wanted to play the Mauschen, I’d play the Mauschen.

    Edit: so now I’m confused. The “after” hull traverse stats in this list are actually the current values in the game. So did they get it backward and they’re actually *buffing* the traverse, or are they in fact nerfing it and they just got the numbers wrong?

  36. E5 is still meh with that big hatch target even when you are using your superior gun depression. Like what the other 2 are getting, expect them to nerf the E100 panel above gun again after changes like they did the E5s hatch. Seems they cant find middle ground for some of these things.

  37. useless buff on the T110E5…all it needed was chemotherapy treatments to fix that freaking tumor on top. Russian bias still working.

  38. Meanwhile the 110 still sucks ass

  39. Its a hard thing to balance really since most heavy tanks needs their armour to work to have a good time but they can get balanced with the 2 key but if you buff their armour you mess up +2

  40. Not sure I would’ve nerfed the IS4 accuracy. We’ll see how it pans out. Only have E75 atm, can’t really speak to E100 changes but they seem okay. T32 changes just need to be copied and pasted from console; they’ve had a playable T32 for literally a year or more now. Don’t see what in the world the issue is. M103 turret buff could be promising if it is meaningful. They did everything in the world to the E5 except what was needed – fix the stupid tumor. How they can say the E5 was too good back in the day and then bring in the S.Conq is beyond me.

  41. E100 without weak spots other than lower plate? You mean like every Russian heavy?! And mediums too?

  42. they did buff the HEAT round from 301mm to 334mm… its the IS7, with its 303mm pen HEAT, which is lacking, when the Obj277 with the same gun pens for 340mm. I think the T-103 at tier 8 has the same pen as IS7, so basically IS7 is lacking

  43. who don’t like Sprinkles?

  44. I refuse to be excited about this.
    Tanks like the Tiger 2, M103, IS-4 etc aren’t badly designed.
    In fact they are amazing in a way, because they have actual weakspots.
    They are simply powercreeped into irrelevance.
    But the last thing I want in this game is braindead 0 weakspot tanks like the 430U.

    Buff gun handling, YES PLEASE, but **** off with forcing players to shoot even more premium ammo.

  45. Jasper Leto-Niemetz

    Remove the cupola or it’s not for me tbh

  46. That’s a buff on E100?? LOOOOOL. WG please just delete whole German tech tree………

  47. i love how they are completely ignoring the biggest problem with the E5 thinking that we will just shut up when they change the tank from a heavy heavy to a medium heavy when it was a really good heavy heavy before they nerfed the comanders hatch armor

  48. Hull traverse on the E75 going down so much is just pure bs.

  49. I don’t understand. This makes sense, and that doesn’t make sense!

  50. I was hoping for some pen on the German heavies, because 246 sometimes feels awkward.

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