E-100 IS A MONSTER | E-100 German Super Tank (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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E-100 MONSTER | E-100 German Super Tank (War Gameplay)


  1. *IF this video gets over 6k Likes well play some more before she goes away!*

  2. At 8k when i viewed XDDDD

  3. Silly phly. Maus transmission so big because most of it isn’t a transmission. The engine drives a generator which feeds electric motors which provide propulsion. E-100 used traditional drive train which is easier to mass produce, takes up less space, but more vulnerable to breaking under the vehicles own weight. #easyonthethrottleHanz

  4. Already 8k

  5. wow they just shot each other at the same time and those 2 bullets hit each other

  6. The reason the maus has a huge transmission is because it works like a locomotive. What you’re seeing is a massive internal combustion engine running a DC electric generator that feeds directly into 2 massive electric motors. Electric motors need no gearbox or transmission and make all of their torque at 0 mph, which is essential when you need to move 188 tons of steel forward. Trains can move thousands of tons of rolling stock from rest with just a few electric motors and no gearbox. Their power is immense.

  7. E100 no match to panther G. Killed E100 earlier with one

  8. Go raEp the allied team with a full squadron of E-100
    You can do it, phly

  9. a link for dis’ music? =P

  10. I have played with m18 gmc for Murcia that killed e 100

  11. That intro was intense!

  12. smh it’s not a bunker,

  13. to lazy to even code a new gun
    this is why war thunder is shit and you shouldnt play it

  14. Play STB-1 PLS

  15. That’s what happened in pacific war between Japs & US when US kept losing the fight against Jap, so they bombed the shit out of them.

  16. RIP Russian bias

  17. now it’s time for German bias

  18. E 100 is fuckin op in both games:WoT and WarThunder

  19. Yes play more of the mini maus before it goes away. Awesome video phly.

  20. OMG I’m crying of laughter just seeing you impending doom on its way and the music makes it so much more better

  21. watching tha tmassive bomb close in like that was terrifying.

  22. hi phily could you play the just nerfed MBT70? I got so much frustration playing that today


  24. that intro

  25. Hello PhlyDaily, you can call me Louis. Could you play Panzer.IV-H and Panzer.IV-J. I am poor at playing that 2 tank recently, so I want to know PhlyDaily how to play that tank. Thank you, I really like to see your video.

  26. Phly they are ruining the Ho 229 v3 in every way in terms of armament. make a video about this. I think they will fix this shit

  27. A Руссий, grammar commu-nazi

    e100 and the ducksty goosemaker?

  28. 16:03 Rip bt-5

  29. Combo: Pe-8 and Is-1 (Still Bias) (Attemp #1)

  30. more plez! 😀

  31. “F use to respect”

  32. “smaller hull has smaller engin technology”, GTF out my face!!! Haha, talking out your ass Phly

  33. Phly, that thumbnail is freaking hilarious ???

  34. That intro legit gave me chills.

  35. The Maus’s “transmission” is actually a generator and electric motor assembly which is why it’s so big

  36. I believe the reason the ‘transmission’ on the maus is so big is because the motor wasn’t the main wheel turner, it was attached to an electric generator the powered 2 electric motors that turned the drive sprockets. MFW the Maus is a Prius…

  37. 10:39 got shot by a 128mm in side, walk away like nothing happen

  38. play more planes please

  39. Play Armored Aces :
    Hell yeah, a Tiger II turret! (E-100 is a Tiger-Maus)

    Play War Thunder :
    Hmmm…armor good but not cool (E-100 is a Maus)

    Play World of Tanks :
    Ergh, what an ugly turret! (E-100 is an Adler-turreted shit)

  40. phly is an idiot xD

    “how much ammo do i have to explode!”

    Only one. when you actually hit the ammo.

  41. That transmission must be using CARBON NANOTUBESSSSSSSSSSSSS

  42. Maus: Massive dick transmission.
    E-100: Wimpy.

    Sound about right.

  43. The Mouse used Ferdinand Porsche’s electric motor / diesel generator system similar to modern trains, the generator is mid hull and the electric motors are at the rear.

  44. Haha that really nice bomb aaaaw great booooom
    Was funny

  45. I feel like at 13:37 the gunnaer would have screamed SHIIIIIIIIIIIIßEE!!!

  46. “GO AWAY”

    i’m fucking crying lmao

  47. 11:24. Famous last words

  48. TU 130
    use TU-4 to shoot armored cars

  49. ニュージャージー アイオワ級戦艦 二番艦


  50. IS6 is OP

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