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Source: PhlyDaily

But the Nazis had one last battle in a completely different place, and it these undeservedly ignored pages of history that have been devoted to the new Enlisted campaign. Buckle up your spacesuit and get ready for overload, our destination is 385,000 kilometers from Earth.

Download and more info – https://enlisted.net/en/news/show/291-new-campaign-unknown-war-en/#!/


  1. Dammit I deleted this game to make space for warrhunders update😩
    I need better storage.

  2. Hans?! Where did gravity go?!

  3. Two evil factions fighting on the moon. Getting third partied by a modern evil faction. Mr.Musky

  4. DEFINITELY need more enlisted videos

  5. I had so much fun with the sniper. If you line it up you can peg people from across the map

  6. imagine they keep this

  7. PhlyDaily was full games journalist in this one.

  8. Please more like this one hella cool

  9. “the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree”

  10. Gives me Battlefield Heroes vibes

  11. Kill Nazis anywhere in the solar system. No mercy.

  12. Whait wtf is that

  13. Just your ordinary egg

    Space kraut

  14. Eyyyyy Phyl is Playing Enlisted


  16. i totally forgot this game existed.

  17. so cool

  18. Bro finally you play enlisted again can’t wait for the next one!

  19. Iron sky was hilarious, 9/10 would watch again

  20. For some reason on the first day I played this there were American weapons and American style uniforms at first and then it updated to Soviets

  21. I wish to one day have a SCIFI crazy Wolfenstein type game like this and I just loved this mode. Even if it is only for April fools

  22. The cherishers of Ukrainian non-Nazism are seriously arguing that the Jewish president cannot in any way be an accomplice of Ukrainian Nazism. Like, if the president of the Ukrainian state is a Jew, and Jews cannot be Nazis, then the state is not Nazi. In addition to the fact that this is a stupid syllogism with a savagely false premise, and it is embarrassing to dispute it, it is fatally broken by history itself.

    The number of Jewish collaborators who collaborated with the Nazis, and even their former bosses, is large. Among them were ideological ones. And there were outright butchers.

  23. Fire in space, seems legit xD

  24. you stream anymore @Phly

  25. cant wait for enlisted to go modern or make a modern ver

  26. I love enlisted

  27. The SAAB 105G has CCIP for all ordinance

  28. Tungsten Hexafluoride

    Yo Phly, you may have done this before, but could you take out the BMP-3 but ONLY use HE rounds for the 100mm? I feel like it would be a good showcase of just how beefy those mf rounds are if you hit in the right places

  29. Do a vid with hawk lll

  30. World of tanks blitz(mobile version) has had this same concept for a long time. It’s a monthly event called Gravity Games. It’s going on right now actually

  31. well phly is you count the moon as an ads for asteroids heading twards earth i think that might be qn accurate ammount of craters

  32. used your link to get me some eagles but didnt get any emblem 🙁 great vid as always tho

  33. Attempt #2

    Challlange: Try to Capture a Point with a Harrier/Yak-38 in vert-mode in RB Tank Battles.

  34. Imaginary Parsnip

    this game looks suspiciously like Heroes And Generals… which turned into a P2W nightmare

  35. The attackers can be RUssians or Americans. The object 279 is only for when the attackers are Russians and seems like you just end up in matches where it was American attackers.

  36. Phly me to the moon.

  37. bruh starship on the moon with the booster 😆 Someone didnt know how that thing works

  38. Bro look like wotb gravity mode

  39. The Event is way way better then the original game

  40. I kind of want war thunder to run out of vehicle to add
    Than they will add new game mode and sick futuristic tank

  41. So how does fire burn in space?

  42. Play an 8.3ish line up. Any nation except germany……then tell us all what you think of the new puma

  43. Is this fucking war tinder? How the fuck did this tank game do Space Legs better than Elite: Dangerous?

  44. Nazi moon base really

  45. That game copied warthunder so much like when he hit the tank it looked exactly like wt and the tank xray at the bottom looks the same

  46. this is halo in the way Gajin would have created it xD

  47. this makes sense, the E-100 and maus were meant for the Moon’s lower gravity

  48. Take out Japanese H6K😎🇯🇵

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