E-100 review! Is it WORTH the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. I find gold rounds to be more of a pest than arty in my E100. I’ll angle my
    turret and they’ll just spam some hold through wherever they want.

  2. This tank is very annoying to play because of the premium ammo. Everyone
    spam premium rounds everytime so its armor is most of the times useless.

  3. On my E100 i use: VStab, rammer, spall liner.
    The spall liner helps a lot against arties. They will shoot you anyway but
    will make much less damage.

  4. Eh. E100’s are a dime a dozen. Maus for style points, T110E5 for getting
    shit done, IS-4 for style points as well, IS-7 if you want to be a total

  5. still alive foch? we wanna see more vids

  6. Christian Henke

    how do you people have so many credits

  7. ..and btw, was that IS-7 shooting HE vs m103? ..at about 15:07 lel IS-7
    need buff :3

  8. Dude! Fuckin’ ANGLE your turret! 300+ Armor will stand again every tank
    you’ll meet! Only gold and TDs are you’re Nemsis.

  9. Why is this Video longer than 15seconds?

  10. I wouldn’t recommend this thing over an IS-4. The armor buff the IS-4 got
    make it way better and the mobility together with the gun make the E 100 a
    worse tank (that’s just an opinion, though). I’ll probably stop at the E
    75, if I’m honest.

  11. arty…
    also gold rounds…

  12. there you go, WG. one of the best players in Europe telling you that arty
    is broken and completely wrecks the game.

    Now can you fucking do something about it?

  13. This tank really shows two big problems with WOT right now. How armor is
    not worth that much and arty blocks a good game flow instead of preventing

    When people started playing arty again i sold it and bought the T57 heavy.
    It can be very fun but arty fucks you up and without a prem account its too
    damn expensive for my taste (and i did not shoot a lot of HEAT).

  14. Enjoy yer vacation/days-off the Tonks ,SirFochYou :P

  15. nuclearsharkattack

    Foch — arty in WoT is getting a major rebalance in a few patches.
    Basically WG saw how Obsidian did it in Armored Warfare, and since pretty
    much everyone praised them for it, WG took note of that and said a similar
    change for arty will be coming to WoT. That is going to be a big change for
    the game. Should have been done a long time ago.

  16. I don’t enjoy playing any slow tanks because of arty, so yeah… not going
    to grind this one.

  17. well even in mediums arty fuck you over when playing agressively. I almost
    take 1k arty damage every game because I don’t like hiding in a corner and
    actually try to get shit done. …..stop camping I guess

  18. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    Lel I have more mark of excellence on my E100 than foch, noob ;)

    Also Foch those “ears” on the E100 like of the T29 are a pen no damage
    thing so they don’t matter. The key in the E100 is to just sidescrape at
    hard angles while hiding your LFP, when you face hug an enemy shoot him,
    then turn your turret away like the Maus and make sure not to let the enemy
    fall back to hit your LFP. I do this all the time and always win 1 v 1
    fights against IS-7s and E5s ( with HEAT obviously) and make sure to move
    forwards and backwards when reloading at a corner if you see an enemy
    aiming for the bar on the top of your turret.

    Here’s a game in my E100 against 6 enemy tanks alone against me. Like I
    said extreme angling will keep you alive, but arty kills me in the end.

    • +MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank but do you use PREMIUM AMMO or NO ?..
      foch do not USE i same DO NOT USE…and all those with slightly better
      stats then me (im 2580WN8) most of them spam premium ammo (i tried few
      times with premium ammo and is just retarded (i awg with 500-1000WN8 more
      then usually but thats a fake busted stats) so when i see someone like
      Fothc who do not spams premium rounds like retard and he have better
      overall stats then me ..well thats what i appreciate and respect .. example
      theres another youtuber QB hes avg 3100 wn8 but hes just Premium ammo
      spammer he cant hold a candle to Foch nor me for example so fake 3100 wn8
      with premium without it if he can break 2000 i will be rly surprised and
      hes not the only one ..so your marks depend on that are they received by
      skill or pay to get them system

    • MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

      +Srbadija It was a light joke hence why I said noob you clown.

    • Who give a fuck?

  19. Jakob Marquardt

    Whenever i have someone spamming heat in front of me, i just give them my
    completly flat side and angle my turret as hard as i can. Unless they
    change back to normal ammo they can’t pen me, and it’s always funny to see
    people spamming heat into spaced armor.

  20. I really really did not like the E-100. I just couldn’t make it work. The
    E-75 is just sooo good. The gun is pretty damn amazing. I rarely ever pen
    the front of the E-75s turret but the E-100 can be penned by alot of tanks.
    The E-75 in my opinion is just a better tank then the E-100. Hell even the
    lower plate of the E-75 is better.

    • MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

      +Crudscar You need to angle the E100s turret to bounce shots trust me.

    • Then why do a lot of people think the E-75 is a better tank? It is to me.
      Maybe because i play the 360 version and it still has its 1200hp engine and
      great armor. The E-75s turret can bounce shots at the front of its turret.
      The E-100 really can’t. They both have weak spots but the E-100 has weaker
      weak spots.

    • MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

      It’s not the E100 it’s the player.

  21. even IS7 can penetrate E100 turret…

    • MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

      +RollerCoaster47​ They must suck then became I always win 1 v 1 in My E100
      against the average joe IS-7

    • RollerCoaster47

      +MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank IS7 firing APCR can pen the E100
      turret no matter how it’s angled if it hits the right spot. I love face
      hugging E100s in my IS7, they think angling the turret will save them so I
      just shoot the small piece of angled armor on the corners of the turret

    • +Lukáš Vaněk With apcr right??

    • MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

      Not if angled.

  22. ace tanker………………
    RIP (Duuuhhhh)


  24. It is sad that you are just better if you fire HEAT in this tank (or,
    rather, will perform better) and that arty is so dominant: *especially*
    against slow tanks being played by super unicums. Got to love the XVM
    clickers the most…

  25. Foch can you see yourself playing Armoured Warfare more than Wot when
    you’re able to? (based on what you’ve seen of it of course)
    Because from playing AW for two days, i think im going to be ditching Wot
    for it. Wot’s just makes me rage too much ><

  26. i have played all the russian and german heavies up to tier 10 and i have
    to agree arty just makes these tanks pointless it makes these types of
    tanks big giant shoot me signs.
    hell i got hit by a cgc in my maus the other day for 3/4 of my hp and then
    i was finished off 3 seconds later by an m53/m55 then 2 more arty shots
    landed seconds after that. this was with the super heavy spall liner. that
    happened before i could even get to an area of the map where i could do
    something. i was spotted by a 140 i fired 1 shot then dead. its so

    • Jakob Marquardt

      +DEANOGTO noooo, what have they done? Whenever will this plague finally und?

    • +Jakob Marquardt
      according to status report they were actually looking to collect data on
      the high tier artys specifically during the 9.9 test but due to the russian
      team killing trolls parking t92s behind wt e100s and fv 183s and firing.
      they had to cancel data collection because of the enormous amount of team
      killing. that made the data irrelevant so they are to blame for delaying
      the arty rebalance for at least an extra patch or 2.

    • +Jakob Marquardt It is one of the two major problems with this game…

    • Jakob Marquardt

      +DEANOGTO I don’t think the penetrationnerfs are the Problem, the meds
      might even get better due to the increased accuracy, but it won’t help the
      well armored tanks much as long as long as there is artillery

    • +Jakob Marquardt
      i think the meds could afford to lose 6% of their pen and tds could afford
      to lose like 8% to even the playing field a bit. for tds it would be like
      take the 268s pen which i think is 303 divide it by 100 and you get 3.03
      then multiply that by 8 and you get 24.24. 303 – 24 = 279. still a good
      amount but not as insane as it was.

  27. I remember this battle from twitch, i was watching you live.

  28. yea i agree, arty makes this tank sooo bad. Even tho the tank is a lot of

  29. Agree, wg created very nice maps for us to battle, and then created arty to
    stop us from using those part of the map. GG

  30. What I find funny is how you made 4 million credits by the end of this

  31. I ve been waiting for this all my life <3

  32. how can it not be ..if ur a gold spaming wanker that goes for a 750 dmg
    gunn under pretext that gold spaming is so fking justified because it
    lacks penn

    • 1.st u might want to learn to say spaming 😉

    • +George State Im sapmming Gold on it, let the hate flow thorugh you young
      padavan and gimme your best shot at flaming.

    • +George State i even make credits firing lots of Heat in E100.. i dont play
      tier X to make credits in the first place and i want to do good damage and
      have fun in my games by dominating the battlefield and ofc win.. prem ammo
      on E100 helps with that but i guess only trash players and arty guys are
      allowed to have fun in this game anymore.. lel kek uberlol

  33. wow, just as I refresh ur youtube page, this video is up!

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