E-100 review! Is it WORTH the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. It is working as intended haha

  2. +4exgold
    They are doing something about it…

  3. Top tier arty is way to slow to reposition so arty will counter each other
    in the first 5 minutes in the match.

  4. +nuclearsharkattack They had no competition until now, so why would they
    change anything?

  5. +Chemtech2010 Story of all good players lives… arty is completely
    balanced and shit

  6. +MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank but do you use PREMIUM AMMO or NO ?..
    foch do not USE i same DO NOT USE…and all those with slightly better
    stats then me (im 2580WN8) most of them spam premium ammo (i tried few
    times with premium ammo and is just retarded (i awg with 500-1000WN8 more
    then usually but thats a fake busted stats) so when i see someone like
    Fothc who do not spams premium rounds like retard and he have better
    overall stats then me ..well thats what i appreciate and respect .. example
    theres another youtuber QB hes avg 3100 wn8 but hes just Premium ammo
    spammer he cant hold a candle to Foch nor me for example so fake 3100 wn8
    with premium without it if he can break 2000 i will be rly surprised and
    hes not the only one ..so your marks depend on that are they received by
    skill or pay to get them system

  7. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    +Srbadija It was a light joke hence why I said noob you clown.

  8. Who give a fuck?

  9. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    +Crudscar You need to angle the E100s turret to bounce shots trust me.

  10. Then why do a lot of people think the E-75 is a better tank? It is to me.
    Maybe because i play the 360 version and it still has its 1200hp engine and
    great armor. The E-75s turret can bounce shots at the front of its turret.
    The E-100 really can’t. They both have weak spots but the E-100 has weaker
    weak spots.

  11. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    It’s not the E100 it’s the player.

  12. RollerCoaster47

    +MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank IS7 firing APCR can pen the E100
    turret no matter how it’s angled if it hits the right spot. I love face
    hugging E100s in my IS7, they think angling the turret will save them so I
    just shoot the small piece of angled armor on the corners of the turret

  13. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    Not if angled.

  14. Jakob Marquardt

    +DEANOGTO noooo, what have they done? Whenever will this plague finally und?

  15. +Jakob Marquardt
    according to status report they were actually looking to collect data on
    the high tier artys specifically during the 9.9 test but due to the russian
    team killing trolls parking t92s behind wt e100s and fv 183s and firing.
    they had to cancel data collection because of the enormous amount of team
    killing. that made the data irrelevant so they are to blame for delaying
    the arty rebalance for at least an extra patch or 2.

  16. +Jakob Marquardt It is one of the two major problems with this game…

  17. Jakob Marquardt

    +DEANOGTO I don’t think the penetrationnerfs are the Problem, the meds
    might even get better due to the increased accuracy, but it won’t help the
    well armored tanks much as long as long as there is artillery

  18. +Jakob Marquardt
    i think the meds could afford to lose 6% of their pen and tds could afford
    to lose like 8% to even the playing field a bit. for tds it would be like
    take the 268s pen which i think is 303 divide it by 100 and you get 3.03
    then multiply that by 8 and you get 24.24. 303 – 24 = 279. still a good
    amount but not as insane as it was.

  19. +ZQ Tan Welcome to Wargaming Logic.. have a seat and enjoy getting raped by
    red players in arty…

  20. 1.st u might want to learn to say spaming 😉

  21. +George State Im sapmming Gold on it, let the hate flow thorugh you young
    padavan and gimme your best shot at flaming.

  22. +George State i even make credits firing lots of Heat in E100.. i dont play
    tier X to make credits in the first place and i want to do good damage and
    have fun in my games by dominating the battlefield and ofc win.. prem ammo
    on E100 helps with that but i guess only trash players and arty guys are
    allowed to have fun in this game anymore.. lel kek uberlol

  23. +Haibo Jiang I got the early email of upload where your comment was 1
    minute old xD 80th~ish view

  24. +Haibo Jiang same here..

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