E-100 SUPER HEAVY TANK VS MODERN TANKS (War Thunder Madness Gameplay)

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E-100 SUPER TANK VS MODERN TANKS ( Thunder Madness Gameplay)


  1. War thunder is kind of unrealistic

  2. Damn its cool to see Phly get the recognition he deserves from WarThunder. Congrats on a million my man

  3. AnakAyam LOL

  4. The teamwork in this video was actually sick to watch. The simultaneous 2 tank rush after using Phly as bait, the co-op with the KPz-70, and just the whole last match in general. Nice to see experienced players on the same wavelength

  5. “Just having fun.”
    *team gets wiped*

  6. Can’t believe you do a video a day really on the grind-also cute dog

  7. anyone else notice the racist name? lmfao

  8. bought the ingame stuff right away XD

  9. Can we have baby tigor for console ?

  10. 400 orders with 10% off? challenge accepted.

  11. Phly could you play more low tier tanks please?
    I would love to see you do a video on the Sd.kfz.234/2 or the 15cm sIG 33 B Sfl in the German tech tree again please.
    Thank you that would be much appreciated! 😁

  12. Mario Antonio Lawrence Sr.

    What a piece of junk this tank was!!!

  13. make yak-38 gameplay

  14. Native spartan N81V

    Anyone else’s game crash near a 37 mm cannon or any cannon with a higher caliber?

  15. Native spartan N81V

    Mine crashed earlier when a kugelblitz shot me down and I was passing an ostwind 2 and my game crashed again

  16. Baby tigor is going to live in the barrel of my Sherman Vc firefly

  17. Excellent team work!

    I watched your Satan Tank Vid, then started up the game, killed 4 tanks in a row. 😃

  18. No Worries Jasper Is Here

    Can baby tigor seat on the barrel

  19. Imagine the e-100 with composite armor and the abrams engine with apfsds

  20. Your friend is from Indonesia

  21. I wish there was a way I didn’t have to pay for the title, I’m not about to fork over the $5, although I want to

  22. Why I can’t get the E 100 on the PS4?

  23. Petition for Gaijin to add Phly’s pack on the consoles as well. I use my Xbox account on PC (yeah no marketplace 😭) and would like to support my favorite WT content creator. Would like this pack and the regular emblem.

  24. I don’t even play wt anymore but this channel is one of my favourites. keep up the work phly. You phil the hole in my day with your perphect content.

  25. I wanna see some helicopter gameplay

  26. Heccin congratulations for 1000000 my guy

  27. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 118 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  28. isn’t that the turret of a maus? xD

  29. why did u remove the bmp 2m video?

  30. That second match reminded me of King of the Hill. Everyone tried to protect the slow, out-dated super heavy

  31. 8:20 *VoLuMeTrIc ShElSs*

  32. im sad i deleted war thunder and reinstalled it to play it again rip all my grind :C

  33. I’m happy to help by getting the in-game Tigor. Bit annoyed at the twitch feed since I was stupid enough not to have enabled gaijin twitch drops……………………for 14 hours. Saw that, enabled and finally got the PZ III J1 TD. Have to think about the Tigor plushy for a bit. Thanks all.

  34. You had me at baby tigor…….

  35. krishnendu shome 9D

    12:59 : Ich werde dir helfen, Großvater

  36. Lovely Phly!!

  37. Dem anak ayam

  38. Bruh…when does the in game Tigor thing end, or is a permanent item?

  39. NOOOO i cant find BABY TIGOR in the gajin store!!

  40. Russian Empire Gaming

    bro im going to buy this celebration pack

  41. No Babytigor on PS4 Store? I play on PC but my account was opened on ps… 🙁

  42. No video of the Yak-38(M)?

  43. Arty blowing of tracks sucks, happens way too often and is unrealistic

  44. Baby Tiger says “GO AVAY!”

  45. Will you play simulator battles for planes anytime soon again? really miss it

  46. What a nice gentle team you have!

  47. he attac
    he protecc

    but most importantly:

    arty boi breaks his tracc

  48. Gayjin: We’re doing our best to balance the game
    Also Gayjin : Maus and E100 facing helicopters and Heatfs


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