E-100 Super Heavy Tank (War Thunder) ACE Tanker!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Gameplay 1.55 – E-100 RAREST !

Thanks for watching!


  1. second

  2. Hey

  3. What tank should we play next? Anybody of any funny challenges that I
    should try?

    I’m going to PAX South this weekend. Should be a lot of fun, anybody else

  4. 5th like whoo hoo screw the first shit because ya’ll aren’t first

  5. E-100 is kinda protected from Sabot rounds hitting the sides

  6. Yeah people can get free golden eagles if they have an android product and
    not an iPhone. I’m stuck with an iPhone so I can’t get those eagles.

  7. do you play world of warships

  8. Leopard 1 plz

  9. fiftysecond

  10. Brother MAUS

  11. well the maus is still better

  12. Ze Germans are ze greatest tankers, I mean ze Nazis

  13. Baron+E 100=OP

  14. Play the Maus and Phly and Slick play the-100

  15. Franco Javier Mina

    ZSU-57-2 Troll!!!!!!

  16. leopard 1 and ho229 with the anti tank rounds

  17. And you are still bulshitting with that GE app…
    Time to unscubscribe i think.

  18. This tank is the only hope to against Soviet, but the racist game
    developers hated it and made it impossible to get one.

  19. This tank is the only hope to against Soviet, but the racist game
    developers hated it and made it impossible to get one.

  20. can i participate yhis tournament?

  21. Baron! Baron where did you get your golden eagles from?!

  22. how about some lower tier tanks as most of us will never grind are way to
    top tier stuff in this life time and im not paying for shit till they sort
    the prices out the greedy bastards

  23. Such a cool machine, its a real shame they made it so rare. Baron, you
    tease! lol

  24. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    free golden eagles! lol

  25. pt-76 has sabot ? lel baron its fin-stabilized HEAT…

  26. Why did you ended the second battle mighty Baron?

  27. BT-7 Race car tank!

    Baron Carry is a Ez game

  28. The Russians would just use air strikes, flank, or rocket the heavy tanks

  29. do the king of derp the stalin tower the kv 2

  30. GG Baron awsome Fight. :DDD

  31. you know what is the best thing about the maus and E-100 that they both
    tall and the t- 10 flat when it come to close battle with T-10 and E-100
    the e – 100 will win

  32. who the hell do you instal that free eagle thing

  33. Baron Can u plzzzzzz play more squad

  34. Baron Baron what happened to arcade battles ?

  35. M-60 Patton

  36. Άκης Γκεμίσης

    +BaronVonGamez why in the fck’s name u fire the primary and the secondary
    cannon with the same button?? damn man learn how to play tanks

  37. play the tiger prorche baron the vk 4500 p

  38. 5:25 one does not see the big ass T54 crossing on the hill (top right)

  39. play with m41 wallker

  40. is 3 baron

  41. can i get likes for no reason?

  42. Hey Baron I’m not seeing much out of the PowerHaus lately. You guys have
    almost fallen off my radar. I know Phly isn’t around anymore but it really
    seems like you aren’t posting as much as you used to. Slick has his little
    vlog, I know, but you’re not putting as much actual gaming up as you used
    to…hint hint!

  43. PussyDestruction2016

    Great video baron, can you please play the tiger 2 Porsche model. 🙂 Please

  44. Baron, Baron what do you think about new Phly’s video?

  45. The E100 is a good tank, but the fact ordinary player can’t get it really
    rusle my jimmies!


  47. you can press o to view a xray of your tank in-game, i always use it to
    view my damaged modules/crew

  48. Heavy tank is for breakthroughs and a Super Heavy tank is just a mobile
    bunker of death.

  49. nice

  50. Lol I’m the white tiger

  51. Tiger 1 on drugs

  52. For me, M8A1 is the rarest!

  53. Like it when the assclowns in your teams just hang back.. No need to move
    the FUCK up and help out.. No no..

  54. BurgerOnSteroids BOB

    it’s basically a MAUS

  55. Cmon baron, we both know that you don’t get your GE from that app. You get
    them because of your press account.

  56. this 6.7 BR is a fckin joke

  57. benyamin bakhtiyari

    you play suk

  58. Hey Baron ! Use your binoculars for RB it’s higher than optic et far better
    for scouting =)
    Love ur vids dude and please, do more French accent that’s SOOOOO funny for
    a real frenchy m8 xP

  59. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    rb is just plain boring.

  60. what’s the invite code for the Eagles?

  61. Baron, what do you think about Phly’s rant video?

  62. the German Sherman is the rarest tank ATM

  63. Play next The t-10m

  64. hmm, would KV-2 be able to kill E-100 by shooting the top of the turret,
    same way as it did to the Maus.

  65. 14:03 – 14:06 top left

  66. Golden eagles thing legit or nah

  67. I so wish you could replace dead crewmembers at cap zones just like ammo.

  68. Baron Baron, where do you get your money from.
    ´ I get it from the free golden eagle BS, its in the desciption below ‘

  69. Epic BS Gaijin is pulling again… Why can’t you just grind this tank out?

  70. 12:25 LMAO XD

  71. use the comet brithis tank

  72. I hope war thunder add IS-7 and KV-4-5 with stallinium ammo

  73. Honestly i play with grass on maybe 75% and i use the grass in the sights
    just because i think it looks better and it’s realistic, and i have never
    blamed the grass for not being able to see the enemy. I use the binoculars
    a lot. You should use it more often.

  74. I thought the e100 was supposed to be faster than the maus.

  75. Kristoffer Hustoft

    No more warships vids?:(

  76. Paul “Maximumextremis” Giffen

    Play the AC MkII AA, the car after the t17

  77. Hi

  78. Damn I only play WoT, but this thing looks and ‘feels’ so huge and looks so
    sexy here :’)

  79. Baron the British Tortoises Tank.

  80. Baron i wonder when is war thunder going to add the GW TIGER self propelled
    gun one was actually built but never saw service because Germany was on the
    brink of surrender and the allies captured it.The gun the GW TIGER had was
    the 170MM K72 GUN and also have you seen the pictures of the 170mm k72 gun
    can you imagine yourself in a leopard and you drive around a corner to see
    the GW tiger.

  81. They Need to Update the E-100 with a 200mm. Gun.

  82. as of this last patch any brit tank in the 6. range is rare now there 17k
    and 27k to repair fully upgraded and had there rating bumped to play with
    t54s lol

  83. Lol. crawl as quick as you can and hide.

  84. meanwhile Phly is pointing out the flaws of Gaijin and you sit there
    playing on the E100 given to you on a plate.

  85. How do you turn off bushes and shrubbery?

  86. rbt5 is pretty rare…

  87. Dakota Tucker (CarbonFrozen423)

    free golden eagles is a shitty app that never works, fuck that cluster fuck

  88. oh my god
    baron that gameplay man the kills and the awsome match man that was one of
    the best watching your almost one shoot everytank bro

  89. I was in this game!
    wow the one time I show up in a game with you I act like a total

  90. Would have been hilarious if he said “We shall push forward and break
    through.” Then his ammo rack got hit and exploded

  91. Play the Sherman 105 please!

  92. play the tortoise Baron… duel Torts fighting side by side is OP

  93. Baron the mouse tank

  94. >Germans pull out Maus and E-100>Tons of bombs and artillery dropped on it

  95. So i need one of those dogtags right? .__.

  96. dakota august (Koda)

    isn’t the replacement of the mouse to the e-100

  97. BARON BARON, is the golden eagle site for real?
    I don’t want to download unnecessary stuff

  98. I think they should add a panther m10 cause it was used in ww2 to trick
    Americans so it looked like a wolverine

  99. +BaronVonGamez how did u get it to rent?

  100. Baron u need to support phly with getting the word out on the BR changes
    and if necessary boycott the game

  101. Plz play t28 yours truly E100

  102. maus vs tier 1 spg swarm

  103. it looks like a smaller version of the Maus… but apparently it’s better?

  104. mmhmmm, it’ll be sold eventually in one place or another.

  105. And baron said, and i quote ,” LIKE DEEZ! DEEZ NUTZ!! DEEZ NTUZ!!”

  106. I’m a PS4 player, how do you get golden eagles?

  107. Leopard 1

  108. Did the E-100 (design) have had a full sized Maus turret?

  109. So in order to get this tank I must buy the €20 dog tag, enter the
    tournament that’s already half on its way and finish in the top 150 of the
    tournament wich is impossible for me? I really want this tank. Is the dog
    tag usable for other tournaments /events?

  110. I tried to play the 2 first tournies.

    Was only able to get into 1 of them for a few games.
    GG Gaijin

  111. Baron the PT76 uses Heat FS instead of sabot,u silly goober.

  112. the T 5

  113. i beg to differ what about the German sherman that is also a very rare tank

  114. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    how does the golden engles thing work, is it scam or not ?

  115. that free golden eagle app is bs only can get a very small amount every
    time so its bs

  116. hey baron heres a challenge reset ur acount and dont use any gold eagles
    see how hard it is to get to tier 4

  117. Awesome video Baron! +1 :)

  118. baron why u lien about the way u get golden eagles??

  119. thats a strange ending

  120. 7:55 lol the tank that is shooting you is in the river, you can see it when
    you go into the aimer

  121. challenger 2 on armoured warfare

  122. Was this recorded before or after the new BR changes?

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