E 100, T110E5 and IS-4 HUGE BUFFS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is planning some HUGE to HUGE TANKS including the E 100, and IS-4 – here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Oh, gods forbid that the German 128mm will be as good as the Russian 122mm!!! Who cares if the “upper bar” of the E100 gets hits? It’s just a co-incidence (prob spelled wrong) range finder. Rip it off the top and no one in that turret will care (Ex armour officer here).

  2. I’m so happy that they are buffing the IS4 I’m over a hundred games in it and I’m at a 56% win rate on it which is one of my best so I’ll be able to do even better now. So happy YAY

  3. Was excited for my E5 until I found out the “buffs” were…..meh….
    It’s been collecting dust for years.

  4. I guess AMX M4 54 players can just continue to suck it.

  5. I’m a German heavy player and ima be honest the maus is my baby like nothing else compares to that chonky boi.

  6. So glad IS-4 gets buffed 🙂

    And I guess I will try to grind the E100 as well 😀

  7. T110E5 : LOL 😀

  8. Until they fix the enormous tumor on the top of the T110E5 it will not be truly ‘competitive’ at tier 11. They need to up armor or better slope the commanders hatch to have a chance. And they didn’t do it. So yeah. E5 is still screwed.

  9. Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schönhausen

    the D25T gun buff is when certain streamers get trolled by their wifes

  10. Jacob lalrinawma Chhangte

    E5 cupola why wg why😤😤😤
    We have s.conquerer with stalinium turret why E5 needs to be weak

  11. E100: great changes although it will only force more people to spam gold.

    E5: will continue to gather up dust in the garage because of its tumor of a weak spot on top of the turret.

    Everything else is nice. I enjoy playing the Tiger 1 over anything else in that tech tree line though.

  12. meanwhile maus turret is cheese for heat..

  13. Crying in my type 5, literally unplayable now

  14. Love how they only got one of the priorities for last year done. Gold ammo needs something done, we were promised in 2018 that they were going to prioritise it in 2019 and notta.

  15. Raul Colenbrander

    The American heavy line was already my main Bcs I thought it is one of the best lines. And now it will be even more fun

  16. I would like to see dmg buff on Lowe from 320 to 360 he need it to.

  17. Yeah now vk 45 02 a is the worst heavy of tier 8

  18. Amazed to see the effort WG took to make player come back for this DEAD GAME

  19. How about the Rheinmetall panzerwagen?

  20. yes thats nice but until there are those op tanks 907, chieft95, t95e6, defender, is 5 …etc etc. that you can have either by spending money or having to be in a clan, all those standard buffs are pointless

  21. Buff this buff that…. Nobody is talking about arty…. Not competitive at all… Should make some changes for them… Precision or dmg or reload or shell velocity or ap shells cmooon

  22. if they dont fix the weak point on the E5 it wont matter what else they buff it because it will still be a POS

  23. I’m so happy about this the kv-4 is my favorite tank in the game and the is-4 is my favorite tier 10

  24. Ferdinand shoulder armor buff when!

  25. Stronk Word skills

  26. In conclusion: all Russki tanks will be buffed. For all other nations: all tanks which are not already underpowered, they will be nerfed.

  27. I like the changes, but I would love to see that WoT implements some of the features Armored Warfare or WoWS has. Sure, have weak points on tanks. However, if that is the view port on top of the turret, well its gone after a shot or 2. Either reduce the damage like an over penetration or for those external parts work with something like damage saturation. There is no need for light or mediums tank to be able to defeat a heavy from the front, that is their strength and if a heavy is played well they should win.

  28. What do you think of the Badger?

  29. Give the tiger 1 better armour like it had in real life!

  30. Will they make these buffs on console aswell?

  31. So e5 doesn’t have any ARMOR BUFF ON THE TURRET huh? THEN BUFF THE M103’s TURRET ANGLED ROOF WG!

  32. And how about them giving amnesty to All banned accounts?

  33. They should really rather ner OP tier 10 tanks than buff weak ones. Always think about the tier 8 tanks in 3 5 7 MM when bad tier 10’s get Buffed tier 8 struggle eben more


  35. Your microphone is dusty.

  36. *Gold would be “Balanced” if it were Economically Fair and equally so for all players.* The fact that it is a cheating Pay-If-To-Win mechanic due to how “Economy” fees work in the game being the issue first final foremost with it, that only CardKids can use it and “win,” while real people try and use it OR try to make bank, but never both.

    Make it harder to use gold at a base gain so ppl can mostly break even if good if the game were player determinist, lol, and with drawbacks, and it’d be fair.

  37. Most important, T32 is finally going to have more pen (4mm I believe) than the mutant! I never undestood how they could have the same gun at the same tier with the premium tank having better pen, but that’s just Wargaming I guess. As for the T29, it’s still the king and I think it does fine with 198mm.

  38. E5 was a beast at one time yes. Good mobility with gun depression and that great cupola gave it the potential to hurry in a front position quicker then other HTs and dominate frontal positions. Its totaly uncompetitive now due to game development of other tanks which are more meta and due to lack of buffs which were needed to keep the tank in competitive state. These bufs are going to make the tank more competitive for sure but it isnt enough and the e5 is a tank to avoid now and in the future.

  39. YEA E100 !!! 😀

  40. no IS-3 buffs? shame

  41. 1 question: When they buffing the armor so they increase the weight of the tank accordingly and the tank becomes sluggish, or just magic?

  42. Qb pulling out dual calculators be like guns in a duel

  43. Imagine I PLAYED MY IS4 FOR SO LONG USING THE STOCK GUN BECAUSE I SOLD ST I AND IM BROKE AF AND NEEDED EXPI….. but damn i felt happy firing ang penning t10 with 175mm


  45. They don’t need to buff, they needed to nerf the power creep and pen values of some of the guns and armour introduced to put value back into things like angling and terrain. Too many matches still decided by one tanks being significantly more impenetrable than the other team through mechanics and lack of skill rounds than actual play.

  46. Lmao historical accuracy

  47. What is going on with quick baby’s hair?

  48. Buff this, buff that, buff the tanks that almost no one plays now, but ignore Maus, yeah gg wg.. Maus in the current state of the game is unplayable. Try go out in Ranked Battles mode in Maus… game over, in a minute, you virtually cant bounce anything. The only time you do something with it is when you meet tier 8 and 9, not to mention that you have to shoot premium shells to make it work since it has horrible penetration. Yeah, ignore it wg, well done

  49. Unless they buff the weakspot of T110E5, either by removing it, buffing it’s armor substantialy or making it much smaller so it’s difficult to hit it, it won’t really matter. The E5’s lower plate is weakspot of its own, not mentioning how huge it is.

  50. They shouldnt change the e 75. The tank is already balanced fine and the tank traverse is the best part of it

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