E-100 TANK ACE! SUPER RARE TANK – War Thunder E-100 Tank Gameplay

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TANK ! SUPER RARE TANK – War Thunder E-100 Tank

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  1. 1st!

  2. Close.

  3. hey phly how was your holiday

  4. about3 people have said they were first

  5. I want it :D

  6. wow, a new video 6 minutes ago, lucky me :P

  7. i want this tank so bad

  8. Just saying but I think there will be alot envy and TKs towards thosw who
    get it like A-26 Invader again.

  9. “Dem Curves” :P

  10. your math is like my grandma – She thinks 5 minutes and then she says her
    answer that everybody answered 4 minutes ago :D

  11. In today’s video “maths with phly” enjoy.

  12. fly u must play with those guys in the Mig 17 video with baron and slick
    and make the most funniest vid please this would be amazing to see

  13. bulldog

  14. The 12,8cm Tank Gun is awesome.
    12,8 cm Pak44 is the best Anti Gun of the World War and the following 20
    The 12,8 cm Flak .

    The 12.8 cm Flak was here close to me stationed They also stood on the
    High-Bunkers in Berlin and Hamburg

    In the bunker and train version it was built as a twin that has so many
    bombers brought down.

  15. WAIT the E-100 is in WT already ??? GOTTA GET IT

  16. Nathan Giambattista

    I couldn’t really tell, was that first shot right down the barrel of the

  17. Uh… Brain?

    -Phlydaily 2015

  18. The MG is on the left turret cheek

  19. nice job getting a tank only 300 hundred people will have to struggle to
    earn and never get.

  20. e100 got damn does curves

  21. Is there at Warthunder the well – Geschützwagen 17cm
    (Sf=Selbstfahrlaffete=Self – propelled – Gun)

  22. Take out the leopard for ur next vid :P

  23. the maus’s transmission is so big because it uses a electric motor with
    engine system

  24. So best PAYING players, since if you dont shell out, you, by defaut, cant
    make as many points as someone who did.

  25. Phly, did you see the Mirage 2000C for DCS?

  26. +PhlyDaily please try simulator once, it’s pretty easy, give it a try

    Fly in X-Plane 10 once please

  27. Hey Phlydaily are the British tanks still in CBT I mean any tank beyond
    tier 1

  28. hey phly great video i loved!!!

  29. Why do you fire both guns at the same time? That makes the koaxial gun
    completely useless.

  30. i want to see a video of the cats like you did a year back ago now

  31. The Maus Tank had a pneumatic-electric drive. The E-100 had a Maybach
    HL232-called turbo engine should provide about 1200 hp; fuel consumption
    would have been about ten liters per kilometer.
    A further development of the Maybach HL 230 of the Kingtiger – Jagdtiger.
    In an about 1200-liter tank the tank would thus have had a driving range of
    about 120 kilometers. Over 40 km / h on the road would, however, also with
    the turbo engine.

    The original design of Firma Adler had a 15 cm tank cannon and the tanks
    weighed 100 tons.

  32. I’m like half the age of Phly and I worked it out before him. xD 195!!!

  33. Hey phly I was the M103 you killed but how was your holiday season?

  34. Wish I could have it but I cant play 25 hours a day and I dont have half a
    Billion Dollars for Dog Tags, so…RIP me. GG Gaijin! you win!

  35. Phly you went you the gun mantle XD

  36. Imagine if war thunder Assad a 150mm gun version of the e-100. OP as f**k?

  37. I’ve never agreed with contest tanks (vehicles). If it was a cosmetic
    reward or golden eagles, something like that, fine. Locking vehicles behind
    a contest so <1% of the population can ever play with them is just dumb. I
    understand the whole special snowflake thing but come on. Why spend all the
    dev time for a vehicle that only a few are ever going to play and use.

    I've put a decent amount of money into War Thunder over the past few years
    just to clarify my position.

  38. OH, saxophone intro again :3 :-)

  39. U should make a e-100 vs the mause video

  40. That reminds me the ” Gold Type-59 ” incident in WOT… And don’t know if
    US server got it, but in China server had a Gold Type-59 just like the
    E-100, only few people got it, and it was OP as fuck.. So when the game
    started, the teammates just destroyed the Gold. Type 59 right in their
    base… And then the company run WOT had to delete it..

  41. More…..more…….MORE PLEZ!

  42. phly the reason you killed the conqueror is that there is a tiny weakspot
    around the gun where the armor is 150mm thick. Very good/lucky shot.

  43. ffs gaijin why bother putting vehicles in the game that cant be accesec by
    99% of the community ;_;

  44. Im disapointed that it’s so hard to get. They made such a big hype about
    it, and then we got the info that only the the best 100 players of War
    Thunder get it… i cri everytime ;_;

  45. God fucking damnit, The one tank I want is here and I’m vacation.

  46. how pick this tank?

  47. Just a tank bro!

  48. Melle Hensums YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE IT

    I like how you shot down its barrel even though your gun was higher caliber

  49. shout out to Devil!!

  50. so how do you get this tank? Im very confused.

  51. pretty sure the gun is supposed to be bigger than 128

  52. 1:22 Phly, how long have you been playing those races xD

  53. Hello Phly, I have made a montage from your videos. I would like to send it
    to you.I’ve gave more details on facebook message. Please reply. :)

  54. ah phly the mg is right next to the other 2 guns

  55. Its cool I watch you guys videos and you can see each of your personalities
    in the content y’all create. your videos are edited so fucking clever and
    in always find myself laughing. baron and slick each have their own way of
    creating as well. outta kind of a window into you guys as individuals.
    great stuff man. love the content. keep it coming!

  56. YES !!!!! E 100

  57. Get the dog tags guys because if people buy $50,000 worth of dog tags then
    we all (all the owners of dog tags) get two really good premium vehicles.

  58. pfffffff tank ace did you even got the fallout decal?

  59. I want!!

  60. It’s Leopard, with the D, German doesn’t have silent letters. But I
    appreciate the effort, fly! :)

  61. This is one of the worst idea gajin have had. Seriously, it’s stupid.

  62. Maus has a gas turbine engine while the E-100 looks like a diesel

  63. am I the only one who thinks that the e-100 is not that great looking

  64. pls play the t44 122 before the Russian sale in January

  65. Poly could you take out the british tier 5 heavy the conqueror and the
    hawker hunter or canberra
    For the Queen.

  66. Both Wargaming and Gaijn are similar because they both make the stupidest
    decisions with what they do to their games.

  67. E-100 would be very good against ww2 tanks that it was designed to face but
    most tier 5 and some tier 4 russia/usa have heatfs(being cold war era it
    figures) that make a piniata out of E100 just like with the Maus .The pen
    of its gun should be 296mm not 269mm, the frontal turret should be 240mm
    not 220mm and I think it should be faster than that but of course its speed
    is nerfed like with most german tanks in Gaijinland, the land of Stalins
    wet fantasies.GAIJINLAND!!

  68. so happy you changed the OG intro back again phlü, happy holidays man !

  69. Looking at this tank I’m actually convinced the Maus is better. The skirts
    on this thing can be shot off easily, the crew compartment is smaller so
    more crits per hit, the armor all around is weaker and the front has more
    vulnerable spots, the tracks are way more exposed, the tank is shorter so
    it’s harder to get into a good hull down position behind a hill and keep
    shooting, and the only advantage it has over the Maus is its speed. It’s
    trading a lot of protection for that speed and it’s not enough of a gain to
    make it worthwhile in my opinion.

  70. I wish that Gaijin would add the grey camo as the default skin when you buy
    a German tank.

  71. Hello everyone what laptop do you guys have ? I only wanna hear laptops

  72. You can see the E-100’s original turret in World of Tanks gameplay, as well
    as a different cannon.

  73. So we have the driver and the machine gunner, whait wut there is no machine
    gun xD
    But Phly Hans can shoot without a gun :’D

  74. yesssss that intro music is back. I always liked this one better then the
    other one.

  75. M10 GMC with P-51

  76. Wait for my T-10m to destroy this tin can.

  77. you didnt shoot through the conquerors barrel, the gun mantlet frontally is
    only like 200mm with no spaced armor behind it , conquerors mantlet is week

  78. Phly, I have an explanation for the engine size difference between the Maus
    and E-100. The Panzer VIII “Maus” was built by Porsche. Now Porsche wanted
    to have this really crazy engine design that made a gas engine power two
    electric motors. (I believe) This system was very complicated but had some
    benefits. Benefits that I cannot remember right now, but one of the
    downsides was that the engine couldn’t operate if water were in it. (This
    was one of the reasons that the Maus had been planned to have a snorkel
    system to ford the rivers that it couldn’t cross by bridge. The E-100
    probably had a simple engine layout similar to the Tiger II to allow for
    easier manufacturing, one thing the E series was created for.

    Phly you are great and one of the reason that I love to research WWII in my
    spare time. I hope for the best in your future!

  79. So apparently you need to pay $6 for unlimited tries, but what will the
    grind be like for the *chance* to unlock it? I work and have
    responsibilities. That coupled with all the crap Gaijin pulls, I only play
    once every other week. Maybe. Would it really be worth it?

  80. nice tank e100

  81. Maus had the same shitty engine and transmission as the Tiger I (P),
    regular engine generating electricity to power the main electric egine…
    or close to it – as it was designed by Porsche i think.
    E100 was supposed to be the successor to Tiger II and thus it was designed
    in more traditional way, regular engine hooked up to the trasmission and
    that was it.
    Thats why the setup seems small but it was just better and more effective.

  82. The Maus had a large engine because it was a hybrid

  83. I think the turret was meant to have a triangular shape at the front,
    bouncing shells upward.
    I Like this +PhlyDaily

  84. Who agrees that the p-63 black widow should be in the next update to war

  85. R.I.P. iDeVil320 2015-2015

  86. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    They’re doing this just to build an Esport?

    Doesnt Gaijin know that Esports havent been popular since, what, 2008?

  87. This thing should have been seriously given the 150mm with the gun mantlet
    that covers the entire front of the turret.

  88. maus engine/tranny look like that because of convoluted porshe electric
    drive line

  89. sounds like Gaijin logic.Like beginner jet pilots flying the stock mig-9
    with 840km/h top speed and 16m/s clime rate fighting vs CL(sabar) saber
    hunter mig15 and mig17 9.0 br 99.9% of the games.Gaijin you don’t need to
    be a smart to realize that this shit aint working.Fucking fix that stupid
    mm system balance the game so you get people actualy interested in
    investing in this so calld ww2 sim.

  90. bigger is not alwas better phy thats what my gf told me

  91. E100 only have 700

  92. e-100 is electric


  94. Please, PLEASE, TK this tank everytime younsee it until Gaijin makes it
    available foe everyone.
    If we cant play it then no one can

  95. Is it just me, or does the Maus’ transmission look like a giant penis?

  96. phly to your question of how to pronounce leopard it is Le-perd

  97. E100-Maus-Jagtiger INSANE!!!!!!

  98. Awesome video Phly! +1 :)

  99. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Honestly, it’s such a shame this is an “event only” tank.
    It should be in the normal tree. The top tier Germans are weak af.
    It’s either Maus, or Leopard. That’s all that’s useful

  100. war thunder sucks cock, its so god damn grindy and they added in a new
    trank so now i dont have access to tier II even trhough i did before, i
    hate gajin those comie fucktards

  101. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Also you didn’t shoot down his barrel, you hit his mantlet. Still
    impressive as it’s quite a small target.
    Conq’ has 120mm gun. E-100 is 128mm. So you couldn’t be able to shoot all
    the way down his barrel :p

  102. In my opinion gaijin failed few things, something I would be glad to see is
    a news paper with absolutely everything new is dispmayed on.You launch the
    gale and in your hangar you can have a news paper to get the news about the

    Forbthe dog tag i’m against it.Yes it will help the war thunder e-sport but
    how a team could try to join it?Why shitty skins? I didn’t bought it only
    for this.Not well informed, shitty skin and gaijin cock’s fellation to get
    few things.

  103. Fuck Gaijin and their stupid decisions.

  104. I know the M103 xD

  105. im going to shoot this tank everywhere i see it even if its on my

  106. Hitler must be jerking off to this in hell.

  107. Jeopardy music for the math problem earned a +1

  108. Lol whining that people who pay money get benefits. Welcome to real life.

  109. This is so fucking retarded….German High tier players have a choice
    between tinderbox on tracks or want to wank one off before they make it to
    the cap. There is no compromise! The Russian and american 7.7s are fast and
    both have a good compromise between speed and armor. This would be be
    invaluable to 7.7 german tank players due to the slight compromise of
    armor/speed. Just when I think giajin is starting to stop their assfuck
    decisions I am once again proven wrong.

  110. That shot on the Conqueror was the silliest thing i have seen in War
    Thunder! Nice video. To bad they are making this thing a Ultra Pro Player

  111. phly, the Maus had a petrol engine powering two electric motors. similar to
    the TOG

  112. its 195mm of amour

  113. Oberkommando Der Wehrmacht

    Make a video with a Me 163 Komet please or With the Me 109K

  114. Devil is da real MVP!!

  115. Old theme tune the best am i right guys

  116. For the best of players? So they’re the best and gets the best tank? Dafuq
    is wrong with this world? The pros get more pro’er

  117. i hope phly was joking when he was trying to figure out the side armor of
    the tank XD

  118. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Why isn’t Maus getting its historical 240mm turret? :(

  119. hey phly love ur vids keep up the AMAZING work:3 i would love to play a
    game with u sometime

  120. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Good job Devilman

  121. The machine gun was to the right of the 128 mm gun, it is a coax

  122. but phly you know that youre ace isnt something special beceause no one
    else is playing the e100 ?

  123. Phly at 17:38 i heard Cleveland Brown say ” Oh that’s nasty”

  124. Panzerführer Chavez

    Very very greedy of Gaijin to give this tank to a limited amount of people.

  125. Phly do you think you will het an e100 in the tournaments?

  126. Panzerführer Chavez

    I just realized the Maus transmission looks like a dick.

  127. 2:00 phlys having a nerdgasm

  128. wtf is a 122-44? is it a new prem?

  129. Warthunder is going down hill

  130. Yeah I have no hope at getting this tank

  131. Why is the E 100 tier 5?? in WoT its 10!?!?

  132. The reason the Maus’s transmission is so much larger is because it took the
    energy from the engine then converted it to electricity that powered the
    motors which drove the tracks.

  133. plz review the russia tank.

  134. turbo prop meteor

  135. Maus trany is big because not stronk hybrid pussy drive

  136. 5 horsepower a ton, just wow, that’s why it’s so slow

  137. It did not go thru that Conqueror barrel. It goes thru just a bit left of
    the barrel on the gun cheeck. Boy you lucky you

  138. Hey phly, i love your videos i actually learn stuff, lol. But also making
    these videos shows me what is like to play awesome tanks and planes. Lol
    but sadly i don’t have to time to grind to get better tank and planes, so i
    love watching your videos cuz your funny when you get surprised attacked. I
    enjoy coming home and watching your videos but im trying to get some eagle
    so i can get some tanks but times are hard. Sorry its long but i wanted to
    tell you to keep up the good work 

  139. wow you lukey :D

  140. Thanks for showing us the tank Phly, I’ll almost certainly never get the
    chance to drive it myself so this is as good as it gets.

    People have been giving Gaijin a lot of flak over this and I have to agree.
    What Gaijin doesn’t seem to understand is that throwing endless streams of
    premium content into player’s faces and hoping some of it sticks doesn’t
    work on people who turned and walked away long ago. Warthunder has plenty
    of content, but the basic *game* experience has gotten worse and worse over
    the years. First they cut the 2x bonuses and replaced it with a terrible
    lottery system. Then they made everything worth less RP in battles and on
    top of that replaced all of the high value targets with cheaper low value
    stuff. Remember when Peleliu had a fricken Battleship on it you could
    torpedo? So do I!

    What pains me the most about it is that if they had the huge selection of
    vehicles they do today, but just kept the older progression system from
    early 2014 with the 4x weekends I would still be sinking $10 into the game
    on a monthly basis. But it’s just not FUN anymore.

  141. DrTristan Plays Minecraft

    lol 195 mm no 295 mm

  142. M60 Patton next!

  143. David “madindie” Dew

    Bloody William Tell shot on the conqueror Phly awesome!

  144. fle sow good at math :)

  145. hey phly, at 14:55, why does your repair time drop from 51 seconds to 16

  146. I have a feeling that Mrs. PhlyDaily is glad he isn’t getting the E-100,
    the way he just flirts with it nonstop

  147. this is cool and all but this thing wont stand a chance against the
    russians and most Americans at tier 5

  148. hey Phly why dont you make a video on a P. 1000 Ratte

  149. German tank tree really needs the E series of tanks.

  150. Fuckin russian BIAS!!! I hate Gaijin sooo much. They ruined the game :(

  151. Cannon challenge or Auschwitz “vacation”: Jagpanzer IV and 37mm Stuka.

  152. Phly having an orgasm :P.(1:52 onwards)

  153. ok, i will never have this op monster. I thought the only way of obtaining
    it, is that we needed to do the same with the LA-174 : ordinary research

  154. Fuckin bullshit gaijin this is why many players stop playing war thunder

  155. Great to have the old intro music back :)

  156. This turret looks so weird on this thing :/
    very cool chassis however

  157. UFO Tank.

  158. You forgot the camos!!!!

  159. Got some rockets to shoot at new year phly? :)

  160. Sikes! Phly is up against the same guy who always whines about Leopard 1

  161. The Maus has such a big transmission, because it was an electrical
    transmission. In fact, the Maus was a hybrid, because it had an engine
    giving power to the transmission. The engine was in fact a generator.

  162. hey phly. do you think they will ever release the E-100 as a regular tank
    to purchase?

  163. the hull was was built in the alderwerke in Berlin.

  164. sry for my english

  165. lol fuck gaijin for this premium fun for premium homos with a bit of
    nerdism and nolifing -.-

  166. thanushan rajendram

    E100 vs pe8

  167. so there is a good german tank again
    and they make it to the rarest tank ever
    fuck you gajin

  168. Hey Phly play some Sim battles with that german Churchill and slap some
    american stars on it…
    I did it…
    … and I was not in a battle, where teammates did not kill me

  169. play Armored warfare!

  170. meh, not as nice looking as in WOT.

  171. more E-100 videos :3 while you can

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