E-100 TESTING! DEM CRUVES! War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Source: PhlyDaily


War Thunder Mission – http://live.warthunder.com/post/286286/en/


    What game should we play when I get back?!

  2. December Autumn for Russia

  3. Yo you should totally fly out the B-24 its awsome

  4. t34-100 is the most op tank ever it should be removed from the game or
    moved to 7.7

  5. I love your videos phly especially the war thunder vids

  6. HERRO!

  7. the German lady on the thumbnail reminds me of a ride at Drayton Manor,
    England and when u are on the ride its tips at a 45 degree angle and at one
    point u are about 2 or 3 feet from her butt and yeah “giggity”



  10. This Name Is Excrutiatingly Long Isnt It

    Reminds me of the time a girl told me I had curves…

  11. 600+ mm of pen is good though since the 15cm is pretty much a artillery

  12. *LOL seems like I’m wrong about the release of the e-100 (facepalm) I was
    hopping that the rngesus would be like you know what phly fu its coming out
    today… ANYWAYS enjoy the video boys. Got a real tour of the USS North
    Carolina later today. WOOT!

  13. Phly fokker gI?

  14. That’s a maus turret on an e100 chassis the real e100 had a flat faced
    turret with lightly angled cheeks and panels all around. The mantelet and
    gun on the e100 are not the ones shown in the video and there was no
    coaxial antiaircraft gun on the e100, it was only on the maus

  15. phly! check out “project e-100” on Facebook, its an Australian project to
    fully build an e-100

  16. Whats Autumn in Russia?

  17. m-26e1 & f-86 with 20 mm cannons

  18. hmm the T-34-100 looks great!

  19. CRUVES!!!!!!


  21. 7:05 not any tank, try that with T10M…..

  22. If you are a tier III or tier II then the only way to kill a maus is to
    shoot it through the back of its neck

  23. Its impossible that the 34 100 can pen its frontal turret armor, this is
    going to wargaming like.

  24. BrawlingGrizzlyBearProductions

    uses Wikipedia to do his homework. (facepalm)

  25. This is not War Thunder,this is WoT with better graphics etc..Fuck E-100!!

  26. Actually there is a company in Queensland, Australia that’s started
    remaking a 100% accurate E-100 but they ran out of funding so their looking
    for more money then they will keep going.

  27. With what software you record your videos?

  28. Black prince wrecks the e-100 with sabot

  29. Officially autumn end on the 21st/22nd of December, so Gaijin has 2-3 weeks

  30. T-34 100 has a lower BR than a Tiger II as well. It’s proper awful

  31. Still wrong turret front, as like the maus since month. Makes so much
    sense, that the front has less armor than the sides. Maybe they should use
    the real planed armor values, not their sekret dokuments. Also
    underperforming 128mm since month. Yeah but as the T10 came out, it got
    fixes after 1-2 weeks. Hmmmm… i wonder.

  32. I think Phly might be getting a little overstimulated by some of these
    tanks lol….

  33. I like big BOLTS and I cannot lie!

  34. the maus still looks better


  36. Are you kidding me? Its one thing to have prototypes and one offs like the
    Panzer II H, but are they REALLY gonna be bringing in fricking paper
    vehicles into the game? So much for realism, might as well bring in the
    Ratte if they are just gonna start throwing in paper tanks.

    And for the record it never had a turret, never had a final motor, all they
    had was a hull with a Tiger motor stuck in it which frankly would have
    never been able to move the thing.If ever there was a paper vehicle the
    E-100 qualifies, as not a single example ever existed except on paper.

    What really irks me is there are a ton of REAL TANKS that have yet to be
    brought in, like the Romanian tanks (which IIRC were fielded by the Germans
    in limited numbers like they did the French), the Grasshopper 10, StuG 33B,
    Nashorn, Marder III-M, and unlike the E-100 they all at least got to
    running prototype stage and most of them actually saw battle. The E-100?

  37. 7:40 Use HE to blow up tanks from below…

    I’ve never even thought of that.
    Cookies for you, Phly.

  38. Hey Phly, do moors of those huge B-24 battles plz.

  39. The APCR you speak off is the APCR for the new Tank tutorial when you play
    as the Panther 2

  40. “…2 out of 1 shots…” LOLOLOL

  41. KV-2 is still the best. It can kill anything.

  42. anyone that thinks Russians tanks are op is a fool tiger 1 > is1tiger2 >
    is2panter> t34

  43. Muffler armor 2015

  44. 2 out of 1 shots…..

  45. Ratte tank would be great for April fools day.

  46. One time i penned a Maus with a T34/85 from 1500m

  47. Lol kinda glad I moved on to AW. This Russian favoritism is disgusting.
    Can’t believe I actually bought the t34-100 and clubbed in it for a month.

  48. Keep it in your pants Phly.

  49. phly what’s your new intro song man need to know

  50. I would like to be happy about this tank.. but it’s going to be just as bad
    as the Maus does vs other 7.7 :(

  51. What is the song used on his intro?

  52. Edger Van der Linden

    but this just the maus turret version of the E-100 there were plans to
    maken a spesific turret for th E-100 with an angled front I think it was
    called the kupp turret or somting like that and also two other turrets I
    think one is from the phanter

  53. Hey Phly ia very hard to restore a tank specially some these size the
    kubinka tank museum is trying to restore the Maus that they have but the
    estimate that they will need over 1.5 million dollars to restore it

  54. I’d actually like to play this map one day in warthunder

  55. Russia OP, as Always, Stalin wins.

  56. Sir Stefan Channel!

    I managed to shoot down the barrel of the Maus perfectly before, destroyed
    his breach, he repaired in 5 seconds flat and blew me to kingdom come.
    I have no idea why it didn’t do any more damage to the tank, but wevs

  57. lol that screenshot was so fake, just not possible with a WW2 gun

  58. “These SABOT and HEATFS should be at its own tier.”
    Thank u baron. gaijin wont listen to us at all

  59. The E-100 might have been actually used if it was completed back in WWII as
    it probably would’ve been more fuel efficient than the Maus cause the Maus
    guzzled gas like no tomorrow the E-100 still would’ve guzzled gas but not
    as bad. The E-100 would probably make the allies shit themselves if they
    saw it

  60. I want the Pz. Kw. X Löwe!

  61. I see Warthunder screwed up the thing with only a128 mm gun HEY IT IS

  62. Phly…are you getting enough love from your woman? Or you so desperate
    that you check out BOLTS on tanks now and get it on?

  63. Is it just me, or do those E-100s look a bit small? Almost like they are
    3/4 scale?


  65. Алекс Линкин


  66. Phly you are the best youtuber ever xD

  67. The E-100. What a bad ass tank. Here is the story of the E-100 for you guys
    who are wondering. The E-100 was a member of the proposed E-series of
    tanks, which was developed by Henschel. The series included the E-10, E-25,
    E-50, E-75, and the E-100. The only one of these built was the hull of the
    E-100, and it was not fitted with a turret, tracks, or the planned engine.
    It was discovered by Allied troops at the Henschel proving grounds. The
    E-100 was the heaviest, most powerful and most advanced of the E-series.
    The E-series was meant to standardized AFV production, because at the time,
    Nazi Germany were producing far too many ridiculous and unnecessary
    vehicles, which were too expensive and too resource intensive for an
    already strained economy. he E-100 was the only prototype built, so the
    only way we know of the other E-series tanks are by blueprints, drawings
    and such. It weighed an astonishing 132 tons, and looks quite like an
    oversized King Tiger in many respects. It was to be fitted with the same
    turret and weapon system as the Maus, which was built by Krupp. However
    like the Maus, the E-100 was a ludicrous project that was doomed to be a
    dismal failure from its weight and complexity, only to keep an insane
    Fuhrer satisfied.

  68. In the vudeo title you misspelled curves (cruves)

  69. big shit gaijin

  70. +PhlyDaily there is actually a project base in Australia I think it is that
    is making an E-100, although they haven’t started construction, they’re
    working on getting permits and whatnot:

  71. to me it looks like a tiger 2 p on steroids

  72. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)


  73. the bad thing in war thunder is that fule explode so easy but diesel dont
    explode or burn

  74. This tank shouldn’t be in the game without the 15cm.

  75. shooting underneath with HE was reality effective with the sherman 105, it
    was almost the only way i could get kills with it before unlocking HEAT

  76. Me: ooh look e100 *loads Heat* ooh look at the pretty fire works

  77. Please don’t start exploiting the magic broken armor ignoring shrapnel that
    they have yet to fix. It would be such a cheap tactic.

  78. where can i find the picture in the thumbnail? (the bavarian girl)

  79. T-34 100 needs 6.7 B.R atleast.

  80. Why even bother playing with this tank,your gonna get 1 shotted
    anyways,just like all German tanks.

  81. Plz use the Helldiver phleee! Nobody uses it!

  82. 3:48 If you look at the devblog (
    http://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/843) and look at question three it
    says that the gun will perform exactly the same as the Maus’s gun.

  83. Guyz – question: In realistic should I wait until the game finishes if I
    die or should I leave straight away?

  84. This is what I don’t like about war thunder. You can’t even do this with
    any other tanks other than the Russian ones.

  85. Phly love the vids never stop YouTube you rock man!!

  86. 15cm phly, not mm shees

  87. 15mm gun *face palm*

  88. wargaming said they were trying to remake a e 100 but it never worked out i

  89. Panzerführer Chavez

    T34-100 outright broken.

  90. Phly I would like to thank you for making my day 100x better every time I
    watch your videos. thank you ?

  91. Are we still gonna get it through grinding an event? That would suck balls.

  92. The E100 is not a casemate tank doe.

  93. The thing is especially in Germany they don’t want to condone the Nazi’s by
    making their planned weapons. Russia also hasn’t restored he Maus because
    they said they don’t want to prioritized a tank they didn’t build when they
    have “the glorious T-35” to work on. I know what you mean, I would love to
    make historically accurate replicas of these tanks.

  94. TiberiousThe Labrador

    2 out of 1 shots….

  95. I just want to know when it comes so I can stop checking every fcking day
    on warthunder

  96. I fucking hate war thunder now. They permanently banned my account and I
    was level 100 with almost all of each tree (planes and tanks) just because
    I had one 6 dollar purchase charged back by my bank. So fuck them entirely.

  97. phly you should do a video talking about your opinions on match making and
    brs and how they could be improved i think gaijin will listen to you

  98. next step: rattle p100

  99. Shame on Gaijin,they are a bunch of bastards!I hate every Gaijin member so
    much I can’t describe it.They are worse human than Hitler or J.W. bush!

  100. There is a group on Facebook who wants to build an E 100

  101. its funny a russian tank shell will defelect into the hull but when i do
    the same on a is-3 most of the time nothing happens….. russians bias is
    totally not in this game….

  102. just got my maus today, preparing to love it with my B-57

  103. the ratte will probably only be added to war thunder as an april fools its
    too powerful

  104. more e100

  105. Phly maus was made but its hollow there aren´t any components in there its
    only for the looks.

  106. t34 easy mode.

  107. There is actually a project that is working on an E 100

  108. What’s your graphics settings? Your game looks fucking amazing

  109. Game shell: Just bounces and still penetrates the armor on the top hull.
    Reality shell: The shells hits the Cheek of the turret, and gets completely
    cracked. If it managed to bounce on the top hull, it will not even
    penetrate it.

    War Thunder simulator my ass.

  110. winter officialy start the 21 december my good man

  111. In my opinion I think the new lost control is a bit pay to win as its in
    the crew section, previously anything to do with crew didn’t really affect
    game play in my experience but now with lost control if I try to turn hard
    in my meteor f3 for example I lose control and then someone who has higher
    crew rating doesn’t and kills me

  112. why do you say leopard like leo pard its leopard (like the animal)

  113. There has been snow for over two months now. Its fair to say that authum
    has passed

  114. Phly why do you play so many user made missions.

  115. It would be cool if tanks had fuel in them kinda like how the planes have
    it, for time.

  116. Never trust a russian screenshot

  117. lol dayum that thumbnail XD I would say clickbait but….

  118. Easy T10m kill with 128mm HE underneath the tank or right under the gun

  119. Anyone else have the war thunder launcher keep on installing stuff
    everything you start it. ITs very annoying

  120. I face t34-100s in my tiger, and it can take out a E-100?! Da, comrade. Not
    OP at all

  121. Name your line “Low Tier” –> put in Maus –> fight against low tier
    tanks… Thats how we do it Phly ^^

  122. This is like a porn video on war thunder

  123. If the Ratte was in game…. how much crew would it have???

  124. Well I see Phly have taken away all the grass in sniper mode…..
    Dirty, dirty Phly!

  125. That’s a big demostration of how unbalanced the russian-german 88 cannons
    are that unbalanced.

  126. @PhlyDaily I love all of your videos I watch ever single one of them and I
    told my friends to watch your videos and now me and my friends all play war
    in thunder because of you. Thanks for all the great videos!

  127. You can oneshot the E-100 and Maus with the 34-100 by hitting the turret

  128. Hey phly i agree with the RATTE why havent they made it and why havent the
    made a 1500 MONSTER why, and dose enyone no about the 1500 MONSTER!?

  129. I do not like the new intro music

  130. Please do start pronouncing aluminium the (correct) British way. Say it how
    it’s spelt. Either way you do great videos, mate, keep it up!

  131. The world of tanks version of the e-100 is wY superior to the war thunder

  132. wounder how much gaijin is paying WG to have the e100…..

  133. hey phly this is kinda unrelated but battlestations pacifici pissing me off
    because it dosent work for windows 8 or 10 do you have any advice?

  134. More of a E-75 and E-50 fan

  135. phly you know you can just press “R” to reload the gun instantaneously in
    this custom map and “H” to restore all broken/killed tanks

  136. I really fucking wish they put the 17 cm gun in that would so FUCKING COOL.

  137. Why wt still copy wot? i know wot is better but like they steal every
    fucking tank.

  138. Hey PhlyDaily, someone is actually remaking the E-100 from paper. It is an
    Australian community/group working and seeing with Gaijin and WarGaming to
    see the actual blueprint and statistics of the tank. Made out of real
    steel, they are getting some money to start it up. I think they have the
    idea out, and some parts are already built up. To see more check the link.
    I’m serious.

    Here is the link:

  139. So the T34-100 realy is an OP pay to win tank? Didn’t know that. I did
    notice it was available as a premium in the techtree and took it out for a
    testrun once and it handled nicely, but figured it was sitting so high up
    the BR that it wouldn’t stand a chance against equal tiered tanks so I
    never bothered…

  140. Me thinks that now somehow (and I wonder why ^_^) the sales on the T34-100
    are gonna skyrocket… xD

  141. do your damn homework, phly.
    everything was made, tracks, side skirts, chasis, wheels, and the turret.
    it got captured because only 2 men were working on it

  142. WT’s damage model = more realistic than real life because Gaijin created us

  143. I really wish that historians would rebuild the Maus. They have a tank
    chassis to work with, and they have to refurbish and rebuild it for the
    most part.

    However, to make an E-100 would take references only based on pictures and
    some experiments done on it’s captured hull.

    Making a Ratte would be AMAZING, but incredibly expensive and impractical.
    It was pretty much made of steel and concrete armor (debated on whether it
    had concrete armor, steel armor, or both). The Ratte weighed.. What? About
    1000 tonnes? So replicating that is pretty much making a literal land
    battleship (with a actual battleship guns.)


  144. To make the ratte you need the gun system from off the Bismarck

  145. is7 or8

  146. What the actual fuck? T-34-100 can punch through an E-100?

    Gaijin: Oh! It Ok! We use stalinium-base penetrator in the shell of
    T-34-100 for it to-

    Gaijin…you are a bunch of fucking idiots.

  147. no Russian bias in warthunder guys no Russian bias at all even though they
    have more 7.7s then German and American combined

  148. Lol phy * look at dem bolts* ??

  149. E100 with a Maus turret… ok… WarThunder is drunk

  150. “I bet 2 out of 1 shells can go through.” -Phlydaily2k15

  151. 2 chassis and a turret were developed phly. Unless I’m thinking of the

  152. wow T34 100 should be called the cheatest tank in my life

  153. Bring back the king IS-4!!

  154. So, uh, can I get a source for the girl in the dirndl on the thumbnail? I
    need it for… uh… research…

  155. um the t 34 has all the ammo in the bottom so for the m4 w 105 it could be

  156. KV-2 is actually called “this fucking derp thing”

  157. what? a t-34-100 piercing a E100? Yep, im done, im going to Il-2 BoS and
    BfM. i’m so done with this Russian bias bullshit. Thank god Il-2 BoS added

  158. Their is a group building the e100 in Australia (surprisingly) they have a
    facebook page if you would like me to find out the name i can.

  159. There is actually a group in Australia who are trying to build a replica
    E-100, but are suffering from large lack of funding and exposure. I’m sure
    they would appreciate if you gave them a shoutout just to help spread the

  160. phly what is your intro song yell me please I love it.

  161. I think a P 1000 Ratte would cost millions if not billions to build

  162. im new to wt id like to see a video where you talk about russian planes and
    tanks in wt because everyone is complaining and i dont know why, and please
    talk about pay2win

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