E-25 Goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. “Special snowflake” oh God I chuckled xD

  2. I’ve actually been using the E-25 for all the TD missions recently because
    it does everything well actually. Having some great fun in it, especially
    if you platoon it up with 1 or 2 other E-25’s, some replays of that on my

    I find that because of the great speed and low silhoutte you pretty much
    never need to fire APCR a part from against KV3’s frontally at range.

    This TD is superios to the SU-122-44 in most engagements as well.

  3. Needs buff.

  4. i hope it never comes back, stupid cammo rating makes it soo unfair to play
    against it

  5. C0rvette1 WOT Tipps

    Can i send you my Replay of e25? Got 9 kills, ace Tanker, kolobanov medal
    and more…pls 

  6. you get +20% xp for E25 being tier 7 premium
    which td misison was it?

  7. Tomatobashing!

  8. What is this sorcery? Two videos in two days?!

  9. Ladies and middlegen!! I FUCKING LOVE THAT SHIT! :D

  10. A buddy of mine got a Steel Wall in the E-25. Though that was before they
    changed the parameters to get it.

  11. Such an rekting machine…

  12. Before watching the video, looking at the matchup makes me think this is
    pretty much going to be
    “How many zombies can you kill with a chaingun on an ATV”

  13. Too much hungry tanks these days, I’ve just ate ham !

  14. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    How the hell can 4 people fit into this thing? It’s hardly belivable that
    there’s enoguh room for 2 guys in the elc, but this thing is barely bigger.

  15. Wachira Narongsack

    I prefer the su12244 because of better damage and even better dpm

  16. Jean-Pierre Cloup

    This tank is stupidly OP on some maps, and more or less useless on others.
    this is why i dont play my E25 anymore. When you get kharkov, Himmelsdorf
    and Ensk every 2 game and cannot use any of this tank strengths, its shit.
    Get malinovka Redshire or prokhorovka and its retardedly OP, even scouts
    cant spot you when you fire most of the time.

    I still hate other E25s because 90% of them, contrary to Foch, just spam
    full gold in this shit.

  17. крипто-анархисты

    “Hello ladies and melocheng” – Still, a great channel

  18. I fucking hate this tank with passion

  19. Can u do for me the mission of 4k damage? I have su12244

  20. RedandWhiteGuerilla

    Don’t play cancer, Foch.

  21. So this is why Foch didn’t stream today, I’m also fine with that.

  22. Hehe, actually asking for less damage… Although I agree, it would have
    looked at bit nice with 4444 damage :P

  23. The 1881 (2822) exp might be correct, as you get some bonus points from it
    being a premium tank.

  24. Over 4k damage… that’s TD mission 15.1 completed… I never got more than
    3995 or so 🙁 DAMN…

    I may have to try harder

  25. Nice game

  26. Foch Yeah! Please do a T25at video sometime

  27. I actually like to go to the hill with my e25 to play peek-a-boo works
    quite well for me 

  28. You can still get an e25 on wot 360

  29. Coyot Manojlovic

    First!!!Nice video. :-)

  30. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank


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