E-25 – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

Suddenly my E-25 is going to become an antique in …interesting
Also, a weird bug at the moment, my in game audio is out of sync for parts of the match. I will endeavour to have this fixed for the next video, thanks for your patience..


  1. The audio effect seems to be rubber-banding so I cannot simply move the
    audio in one move as it moves the audio out of sync further down the
    timeline. I’ll sort it out next video..

  2. Gj as always Plumb :)

  3. Is it just being removed from shop or actually removed from the game?

  4. 3..2..1.. *ACTIVATE*

  5. I think it’s an completely unacceptable move on Wargaming’s part – If it
    unbalances the matchmaking they need to correct that first and foremost.
    Until that happens they should not only stop selling the tank but lock the
    tank out of random battles completely and restrict it in competitive clan

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