E-50 With Machine Gun is 100% MAD! | World of Tanks E-50 Best DPM Build New Equipment 2.0

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Source: DezGamez

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Last time I showed you the fastest reloading tier 10 medium tank K-91, this time let's into the fastest reloading tier 9 tank – E-50. We are going use the best DPM version of this tank, with the , pumping out close to 4,000 Damage Per Minute! 🙂

Enjoy the show!


  1. Haters say the thumbnail is photoshop. 😀
    I hope you enjoy the show, my friends, have a good one!
    Chapters in this video:
    00:00 | Introduction
    00:48 | Gun Setup
    01:30 | Build Setup (Equipment, Crew, etc.)
    02:57 | Battle 1
    07:20 | Battle 2
    12:20 | Conclusion

  2. Great vid. I like these vids showing different builds. But the price of these upgrades are so expensive. I can only do it on one tank at a time.

  3. If they go through with the E50M line buffs, increasing the L100’s damage from 240 to 280 (and not decreasing the ROF), this DPM would be 4617.

    • If they increase the dps, they increase the reload time. Thats how they managed to not buff the Tiger2’s awful 1900 dpm, but only the alpha

    • @Bara5 That would make sense, but a rate of fire decrease was not mentioned in the super test changes. That’s why I said if they go through with it as it is, it would be insane.

  4. It loads faster than char futur

  5. We’ve asked for the Equipment 2.0 on E50M Ramming mode, “actually”…

  6. Love E50 tnx for this video

  7. Id love to see Leopard 1 with gun handling boosted to the absolut max!

  8. The 8,8 cm gun will get 280 alpha later right?

  9. cant wait for e50 to get buffed to 280 dmg without reload loss lol

  10. Click click click bait…..

  11. God I love this gun on my E50, its ridiculously good!

  12. AMX30 B build please

  13. Hey Dez, I’d really love to see the Bat Chat with some crazy set up, I think it hasn’t been meta for a long time…

  14. It is Char Futur with a bit more armor and weight! Nice build!!!

  15. This is basically a tier 5 tank at tier 9, because all of them have like a 4sec reload but with lower damage obviously. Looks like I found a new build for my e50 😀

  16. Me thinking last month that stb1 with turbocharger is so OP… But this changed my mind, DPM and ramming capabilities.. take me money!

  17. What i found on the berlin map. The team that takes the city, takes the field and wins

  18. leo pta vision build would be interessting or a heavy speed shooting build

  19. that 2d style you have, how can you get it?

  20. Question. Why is his red, bluish purple for the enemy team

  21. tbh i was expecting that chatting girl intro,but its still good

  22. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Also worth noting this gun has high velocity on standard rounds

  23. CS-63 ram build? See if it can be a good rammer.

  24. Next video, same E50 settings but in a E50’s full platoon ^^.

  25. Wow, crazy stuff

  26. this build is kinda for people like this:
    person: finally I got the E50, the Panther 2 was kind of a mess
    person: but hey, I’m still at Indien Panzer at the other MT line…
    person: Imma just use this small gun right now…

  27. this is kinda like:
    me: I want a Tiger 2
    me: but I want it fast firing and deadly
    me: and it literally rams like a Tiger 2

  28. Oh yeah I need this troll setup

  29. Gun Loading time of L/100 is 6,9 secs , and not 5 secs like in video

  30. what give me even more chills is the amount of gold, experience you have ready xD

  31. E. Freaking. Fifty.

  32. Manipulative MM,RNG! WOT the most manipulative game ever created!

  33. the fastest loading STB-1 pls.
    that would make my day even better

  34. Can you make a video of e50 ramming build?

  35. I want this reload speed on my E75 top gun

  36. Tracked wheelie-wannabe: BT-7 with turbo, grousers, and purple vents. Make sure to mount the middle engine instead of the top engine for more horsepower. I recommend the stock gun, it has better alpha than the top gun and was recently buffed.

  37. That reminds a lower tier gameplay with low reloads. Probably need some gold spam but when you perma track people your golden for high results.

  38. Hey Dez can you do the most accurate jagdpanzere100?

  39. Running2 StandStill

    How about that build on a panther with that tier 7 pen.

  40. DPM is going to be buffed on E-50 since they will change the alpha damage to 280 right?

  41. u forgot to put the vents in the bonus cat to get more boost out of it for reload speed

  42. Vents should be in the mobility slot for absolute best DPM.

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