E-50M goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Foch,they didn’t give you any 5 ann… giveaways,must be all the swearing
    on wargaming,hahaha!

  2. Epic game and video quality is beautifull!

  3. Two things that would be pretty cool… The mods/pack you use – and
    possibly your graphical settings… Just a short vid showing how you set
    both of those up… Would be awesome. Or not… who cares… :)

  4. nothing wrong as i can see, for now ;)

  5. nice you got a new rig dont forget to update your video info then it still
    shows your old specs

  6. you still havent changed the pc spec in your description?

  7. T7 machine gun truck go ham pls!!

  8. What’s with 260 players dying so early most of the time…

  9. All fine :)

  10. both video and sound are great….but plz reactivate xvm stats, it s always
    interesting to see what u re up against or what kinda team u got

  11. I know that you don’t play with grass but when you re-play the replay file
    can you add the grass via the settings please? It looks better

  12. What rig u got now then Foch?

  13. Looks good and sounds perfect. grats on a new pc. the higher fps really
    transfers well in the replays

  14. Amazing Game, well played. But don’t complain about spotting mechanics if
    you drive out with your ass first, which is not even covered in the bush.

  15. nuclearsharkattack

    Great vid as usual Foch, no complaints at all on the vid/sound quality,
    good job!

  16. Salty Lorraine, EFE-X player should know better as well, unless they have
    completely lowered their standards.

  17. Least it doesn’t look like you are playing 6.4 anymore

  18. sounds where good ^^

  19. Eric Archibald (Ballist1cInt3nt)

    You were complaining about the spotting mechanic, but you gotta realise you
    have no view ports at the back of your tank whatsoever. Ofcourse they are
    gonna spot you before you spot them, your turret isnt around the corner
    yet… am I missing something here?

  20. Wachira Narongsack

    we want patato specs!

  21. don’t worry about sound foch it’s fine.(I use headphones)
    the graphics quality is definitely an improvement even when watching this
    video on my phone.

  22. can u at least enable the foliage in the replay files? i do think it adds a
    lot of value to the overhall vid quality
    other than that 60 seems nice , its a nice up in the quality of your videos

  23. The font in the thumbnail is different, which doesn’t really matter, to be

  24. Ham goes spam. Liking all the vids, ty gg

  25. Dat spotting engine >~>

  26. Daniel Holt Pedersen

    all good mate keep up the good work !!

  27. Every time i use that rock, the enemy meds just rush the island and i get
    shot in theback after 1 min… The “rush the bottom left corner” thing
    happens almost everytime on standard mode.

  28. You keep complaining about the “spotting engine” when its you making the
    Your Sight ports are in your commander hatch and infront of your tank. So
    when you go ass first at the enemy you commander cupola takes about 1-2
    seconds to come out, while your enemy can see your ass immediately.

  29. looks great. At least the PC master race can turn of the fucking grass. us
    console peasants are stuck with the fucking stuff.

  30. E-50M is weak.

  31. More Gun Free Man

    nice cheat e50m
    nice cheat e50m


  32. perfect quality … !

  33. Lorraine: “Nice cheat E50M”. How stupid do you look now?
    Video looks and sounds great though, nice.

  34. “Nice cheat E50M”.

  35. Update your description

  36. Quality is great. Love your relaxed “fuck em” attitude

  37. Great game, and he didnt use gold, they dont give enough Credit to foch, he
    is a great player, keep it up

  38. Used that rock position once.

    Reversed to take a shot at an enemy.

    Got one-shot by a clicker.


  39. New rig, new games?

  40. Mighty Mighty (superbsen)

    Have to admit, new setting looks really good.

  41. Everything is so sharp now. I can actually read the text in your vid.

  42. The replay is perfect, the video is perfect, the sound is perfect!
    Everything is perfect!

  43. Fazakerley Patterson

    No issues with the video. May I ask what your in- game graphic settings are
    with your new pc? Screenshot maybe?

  44. Mic quality is great, 60 fps running smoothly, quality overall get’s an A
    from my side. Keep it up Foch!

  45. Ladies and Mentalgen!

  46. Aw c’mon man. In celebration of the new PC, The Lowe goes ham!

  47. Obj.907 did 8.2K damage…. and only got a 1st class. Cry everytime

  48. The quality is pretty good,perhaps lower post-processing and decals a bit
    just to get more fps.

  49. Looks amazing!

  50. …did 5.3k and 4k+ blocking in e50m and got a 2nd class

  51. i will be first one day

  52. no way

  53. Very good replay, no bugs! GG

  54. All seems good to me, mate. Congrats on the new PC!

  55. So much lowrolls, yet still a great game 😉 Love my E50M to bits, I play
    much better in it than in the Russian meds 🙂

    And btw, quality is great!

  56. go ham in a chiri

  57. Foch, why the new text on the thumbnail? I liked the old one much better.

  58. First, like a true mentlegen.

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