E-75 TS and Double Barrel in Loot Boxes? | World of Tanks Christmas Loot Boxes 2019 / 2020

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World of Tanks Christmas Loot Boxes 2019 / 2020. New Tanks in Christmas Loot Boxes – E-75 TS, Object 703 II and More. World of Tanks Holiday 2019. World of Tanks Best Battles, Best Replays.

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It is Friday, ladies and gentlemen, which means it is time for one news episode. In today's video I am going to talk about one of the hottest topics at the moment, which are Loot Boxes or Holiday Ops boxes or Christmas Boxes in 2019.

According to the latest “Leaks”, it should introduce 8 premium tanks in total, including 3 completely new premium tanks never released before – Object 703 II (Double-Barreled Tank), E-75 TS and AM 39 Gendron-Somua.

Full leaked list:
1. Object 703 Option II (USSR, -8, premium, double-barreled gun mechanics)
2. E 75 TS (Germany, Tier-8, prem)
3. Progetto M35 mod. 46 (Italy, Tier-8, prem).
4. SU-130PM (USSR, Tier-8, prem).
5. Sherman VC Firefly (Great Britain, Tier-6, prem).
6. (Germany, Tier-5, prem).
7. Sexton I (Great Britain, Tier-3, prem).
8. AM 39 Gendron-Somua

On the of that, many new special 3D styles for some legendary old tanks!

What do you think about it?


  1. Have fun to. I got from school. So let’s play this amazing game.

  2. Why would they put the Progetto in there, surely most everyone who wants one has one by now? I have the SU-130PM too. : (

  3. Hopefully this Holiday Ops will be a lot of Fun.

  4. Username : Clem26600
    Server : EU

    More camos is super nice to you tier 10s

  5. They are ok when you need gold, but in the end its still gambling

    Server: EU

  6. Username: paulius1234
    Server: EU
    I would like that everyone would get atleast 3 or 5 boxes for free

  7. Feras_kahwsh EU server
    I wish we can get some boxes for free and a lot of gold inside

  8. Username: T_7
    Server: EU
    Oh well I am keen on E 75TS. I prefer to play the total OP German Techtree. Btw: Please Santa bring me the Ingame-Button “No match with the Mario-Karts together” Or give the Bobby cars an own sever! Thx

  9. Name: 9Avatar9
    Server: EU
    Answer: I generally like loot boxes but they are so fucking expensive. And i want to see some new tanks.

  10. The man has no name

    Username: Enzaksz
    Server: EU
    Answer: some special camo and blueprints

  11. kolos2011
    Just new boxes to spend more money this christmas 😀

  12. I thnk this is a good way from wg to milk money from plyers but i like this new styles.
    Server Eu
    Name: pro_aktr

  13. Username: czarnoczerwonaowca
    Server: EU

    more special camos

  14. World of Tanks Blitz

    Username: zoli1478

  15. Letanca
    I’m always thrilled to become any prize at all. I just enjoy in game and gifts.

  16. The Unasked Intellectual

    Username: Adyy22
    Server: EU
    I would like to see new premium tanks and 3d styles.

  17. I think the lootboxes are the best deal in the whole year in wot. I would like to see E 75-TS in the boxes, I think there is no such a thing which I dont want to see in them, maybe trash tanks. :))
    Username: DozerMan
    Server: EU

  18. Username: S1ND3X
    Server: EU
    Answer: pretty good maybe some blueprints or special camos

  19. Username: DeffeDefect
    Server: EU
    I don’t want to see tanks that was included in the grinding challenges through out the year such as the Renegade

  20. Take my money Wg ! XD

  21. Loot boxes are another way to give wg money

  22. Username: PRO_Killer_destroyer_15
    Server: EU

    Answer: special camo and some blueprints 🙂

  23. Username: __vio__
    Server: EU

  24. Name: AntilopeV
    Server: EU

    Answer: digital camos from lootboxes

  25. IGN Kees_Koeiereet
    I am pretty sure I will buy some lootboxes, I got the IS 3A last year, was very happy about that

  26. I think they should be less p2w and have things like specials camos and new stuff.

  27. Username : Garonic
    Server : EU
    What I would like to see : actually more gold in those boxes. Something else then the Skorpion G.
    What i don’t want to see : FUCKING DIRECTIVES

  28. I like them! And I would love to get the E75TS and the skins! The other tanks are not so exciting to me


  29. Username: CINEMA3D
    Server: EU
    More cool styles! 🙂

  30. Username: Elite_Eliten_JR_2015
    Server: NA
    Loot boxes? I really appreciate the custom camos… and the face reveal Dez 😉

  31. Username: RealQuattca
    Server: US
    Blueprints blueprints and lot of blueprints

  32. Username: MCKaleX
    Server: EU
    Answer: I would like to see more over powered tanks !!!!! LOL

  33. IGN: galyan009
    Server: Asia

  34. Username: LAIKABO55
    Server: EU
    More special camos, premium days and gold.

  35. i think this year’s lootboxes are better than last year’s especially if wg than starts selling the obj and the TS. also i love the reskins aven tough i whish you could also find them in merit rewards.

  36. Loot boxes are very nice if you can get them, but yeah, more camo for tanks are realy going to be awesome
    Username: kiza555_hero
    Server: EU

  37. Username: Scott655
    Server: NA
    A: More 3D camo’s for tier X tech tree tanks!

  38. Username : moustache92
    Server : eu

    I think loot boxes are a very sweet trap which works every year on me ?

  39. jonsnow_18
    EU Server
    Loot boxes again …?! couple of moths ago M Jingle released a video about some countries where the loot boxes will not be available anymore because of the gambling issues , so now seeing this article ?? no idea , hope will have nice gifts inside the boxes . cheers

  40. Username: jozjozjoz
    Serever: EU
    Lootboxes are just a way for WG to make even more money.

  41. I just buy loot boxes for the gold. I don’t need anymore premium tanks 😀
    Ingame: The_InFames_Erjokill
    Server: Eu

  42. Username: ToniRadic
    Server: EU
    Change: purchasable blueprints

  43. Name: Qum3nby
    Server: Eu
    Answer: Want to see more overpowered op tanks

  44. Username : Eren1m0
    Server: eu

    Answer: more skins (leo 1 would be awesome imo) but it would’ve be awesome if wg added more cosmetic/functional pieces like in war thunder example…

  45. I have nothing positive to say about loot boxes. After all they were what made me quit my previous fav game, CoD. I only hope that all the p2w stuff in these loot boxes (i.e. the prem tanks) can be bought directly with real money or gold so that there is a way of buying them instead of being forced to gamble (just like IS3A last year.)

    scoopers_console_peasant (eu)

  46. Username : viorelmarius Server:EU
    The lootboxes are awesome in my opinion because with some money and some luck you can get the best prizes .

  47. Username: Deus_Culpa
    Server: EU
    I like to see more camos and stuff that personalize the look of your vehicle, like colors and emblems. I dont want more Op tanks tho.

  48. Username Commander_6apc Server NA Answer Don’t you think the loot boxes are a form of gambling? I think it would be better if the advent calendar gave players one free loot box per day if they log in to claim it… It’s a money grab.

  49. Username: SOVA_Overlord
    Server: Asia

    I guess I don’t really mind lootboxes as long as there’s plenty of applicable items to my tanks in it. I mostly really love those camos and would love some more unique styles added, especially ones that you can apply to Tier VIIIs (here’s hoping Tier VIs also get some sort of unique camo, cause I do have some Tier VI gems I left hanging around int he garage).

  50. I think lootboxes is OK, BUT WG should limit the amount/ account or overall all limit. IGN:mynameisdani from EU

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