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  2. When does the kid start watching Yu Gi Oh? Bout 7. Maybe 8. Get him on good cartoons at about 5. You’ll thank yourself later.

  3. It starts with mind numbing sensory videos, then educational where you learn how many different songs you can make for the simplest things, then mind numbing again but of whatever interests them (my son watches trains, construction vehicles and other kids playing with toys). Haven’t got to any interesting shows yet….soon though…soon

  4. Phly, could you make a vid when playing all reserve tanks at high br? Would be fun

  5. Well it you don’t see that tiger 1
    Maybe That Pzgr. With 281g of explosive mass will kill you

  6. Love watching you, so I can better myself! It has definitely helped me playing this game! Also, congratulations to you and Laura! That little man is going to yeet in the best possible way thanks to you two!

  7. you should check out the REAL data on this thing. It goes much faster, and was designed for the Sand..

  8. dude 4 years of telly tubbies then it was bob the builder yugio will be about 6 7 years old sorry to brake it to you lie this

  9. You will be watching a bunch of kid shows for years to come. I’d recommend bluey if can find it. It’s like the simpsons good jokes for parents and kids. Congrats on fatherhood good luck mate. You and the wife will need it lol
    ( father of two )

  10. There’s a lot of kids TV until about 7 to 10 so good luck phly

  11. Hi Phly, I’m a new F2P player. Just letting you know that your videos help me out a lot in identifying where to shoot at tanks and how to position myself. Keep up the amazing videos!

  12. 7.3 for the ebr ? Well first let gaijin add the last round like the m4a4sa50 and then fix the mobility and ebr will be able to get 6.3 or more. 7.3 is too much when u have heavy armored tank at this br and first stabilized tank at 8.0 with apfsds. For exemple: the amx 13 hot have a useless main gun at 8.0…
    Dont foregt phly that u play this with a crew as lvl 150 when most player get the ebr but never play France before and ebr with a low lvl crew, mobility is just horrible.
    And as u can see, this gun has no post pen damage since gaijin nerf it at the last update. So tell me but this is what i think for the ebr. Btw if the ebr is 6.0 u will have a perfect line up cancer with the f4u7 with 114 rockets so chek it…

  13. Phly ironically showing how toxic players are in the game.

  14. Can’t wait for the second one (also event vehicle btw)

  15. 1 more days I can now get that tank

  16. I love the animation of the Shel eyection ( i dont know how to ride)

  17. hi can you do a video on some japanese planes like the A6M, D3A or B5N ?

  18. carsandstickmanlover569

    The Free GE isn’t available for PS4 sadly 🙁

  19. Kids will love whatever shows you watch when they’re young, if you’re watching it with them. You’re going to have to sit through a lot of Bluey, likely Paw Patrol will still be going, and hopefully Daniel Tiger which is a version of Mr Roger’s Neighborhood and really good for many life lessons. Once your kid turns 8, they’ll prefer newer shows. But start early, with whatever you love, and let them develop a lifelong memory of always watching Yu-Gi-Oh with their dad. Because once you have kids? You’re now simply making memories for your kids.

  20. Charles-Henri Caenen

    May god forgive you but I won’t

  21. Average Tiger H1 Enjoyer

    The fun thing with the E.B.R is you never know if you go forward or backward.

  22. i think it should be at 6.3-6.7

  23. You have no idea. Wait until your child sees “Blippi” go ahead phly and search it on YouTube. Because your going to get use to seeing it the older your child gets.

  24. Your kid should start watching anime at 3 bruh

  25. It won’t be Yu-Gi-Oh my guy, it will be Cocomelon. Have Fun.

  26. Vladimir Gregorovich

    Warthunder should add the G6 Rhino to the game

  27. I tried doing what Phly does, then realizing in in a tiger II just hit me with depression

  28. Lol volumetric shells….

  29. I like your channel phly. I’ve been a fan for about 7 years. I do however dislike when you go bashing vehicles br. Your voice is so strong in the community due to your fanbase, it’s almost like what phly says goes. I’ve noticed a pattern. Anytime you disagree with a vehicles BR and voice it, it gets changed. Not everyone disagrees, but I feel like our voice doesn’t count because we’re not famous YouTubers. Anyway…

  30. abdollah khoshnood

    Does this app work for ps4 accounts?

  31. When you see an app for free golden eagle but your on iOS :


  32. 6.3 better for this evil monster.

  33. Real title: This is the most nerfed vehicle in the game*

  34. *having fun in wheeled french boi* then angry chad R3 is coming from nowhere

  35. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha hahahaahaa

  36. I think 7.3 should be perect for this thing, maybe even 7.7 could be ok. But it has to be at least the same BR of M41A1

  37. Phly, in terms of kid shows, you watch all of the kid shows. And Yu-Gi-Oh starts when you hook your kid on anime. So…whenever you want, really.

  38. Thought about playing the Tiger yesterday. Got E.B.R’ed.

  39. Day 12 : phly please pliay da leotard 2a4

  40. @PhlyDaily Most importantly: What color of a controller is your kid going to get first? And when is training going to start?

  41. @Phly, i dont know what kids programmes you have in merica. But in the uk I survived 3 years of “In the night garden” before bedtime. All i’m gonna say is good luck bruther!

  42. Good kids shows- Little baby bum and cocomelon will rot your soul but the kids love it.
    Age 2-4-blippis annoying but ok. Plus he’s usaf vet and does planes alot. Bluey is good and the dad is my spirit animal.
    Age 4+ good luck. Pokemon is terrible. At 8 our oldest just started paying attention to the story lines.

  43. hey phly, dont forget to play AA at 7.7 with french

  44. Yo, ebr is cancer

  45. Phly: “The most devil vehicle in this game”

    World of Tanks veterans: “First time?”

  46. Instead of working for 3 hours to afford a tank, I can watch ads and do surveys for 30hrs, sick sponsor!

  47. Repent sinner. REPENT

  48. Am sorry phly daily I really do enjoy you and your videos but now….. that racist MF of a company really getting on my nerves. the constant I want you money attidude and HAHA summer event people need to sit 9 hours of playtime in order to get this reward HAHAHA!
    and 23 890 silver repair costs BULLSHIT! it’s beyond stupid.
    also they are racist and hackers all of them and the MODS in the game BAHAHAHAHA power abuse IDIOTS! banning everyone from chat but cheaters? hahaha nope they are still in the game. ONE BIG FUCKING MIDDLE FINGER TO GAIJIN!

    Phly thanks for playing this awesome game am honestly suprised you have’nt been tierd of the game yet but I guess money do make us love people more *right girls?*

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