E100 / Abbey / “Random Salt Generator”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

It’s big, slow, heavy, well-armoured, and – so by all rights I ought to really like the E100, and yet it often induces quite the opposite feeling, mostly because of that 15cm gun. Yet, play enough games in a tank you struggle to like, and sometimes RNG will bless you regardless…


a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. The 12.8 is an option on the option on the Mauschen, or it will be

  2. its funny how he complains of the accuracy stats of the 15 cm yet the is-7s
    gun has worse accuracy stats and less damage

  3. I always got the impression that the 12.8cm was for bush campers using
    their heavy chariot to snipe? :)

  4. Love my E100, every once in awhile I get a shot that I have no idea where
    it went but I haven’t found the gun to be too erratic.Hope to see ya in
    World of Warships!!

  5. What do you use to record wot because I can’t get them to look that good

  6. The 15cm AP can be the source of indefinite frustration for sure, coupled
    with the inaccuracy… You know the REAL reason the AP pen is so low? Ask
    the greedy WG.
    BTW Jedi, you could make your videos more attractive for viewers if you
    used camo paints on your tanks. I know it costs money n it goes to the said
    greedy WG, but it looks much, much more nice visually than the vanilla, and
    it’s a big aspect in viewing videos, I’m sure you agree.

  7. Dont play the E100 Jedi its not the tank for you, if you dont like the 15
    cm then you shouldnt play the E100, stick to your maus because your good at
    the maus.

  8. I personally feel like i’m firing flumps or paper darts at the enemy when
    im in the e100, if i use the 15cm, when i use the 12 i feel like the other
    heavies line up and say, “oh how cute, he is using the toddlers gun with no
    dpm”, i seriously doubt a shell leaves the barrel, any other tier i feel
    like gun goes boom and after a meaty hit, numbers happen on the enemy, as
    for the armor,,,, how wargaming thinks a tiny triangle on the top of the
    turret would kill this beast of steel and diesel i dont know, and everyone
    can hit it so damn reliably even if your tank is dancing the gangnam style
    dance behind rubble

  9. Your grazy not liking that thing :D

  10. Its a shame WG didn’t put the 172mm KwK44 on it, as it was designed for.
    Too derpy i suppose.
    Good video keep up the good work

  11. I have to disagree you on this. The frustration is not from the 235 pen,
    but rather the 17 sec reload where missing a shot is costly. The pen
    difference between the e100 and the other t10 heavies are not that high
    (~250). This is also a balancing factor so that you can’t snipe with the
    tank, much like the is-7. At the range it should be fighting at (within
    200m), 0.4 accuracy is more than enough to hit weak spots reliably. Of
    course then wargaming give heat ammo for everyone so they can auto aim at
    500m. It’s just their way of making money… At least it’s fun to turn the
    44mm side of the m103 to a heat 100 and watch them bounce.

  12. “I don’t have good luck with the 15cm” then quit beeing a Greenie pub jedi.
    I avg 3500 dmg in my e100. 300+ battles and not a single heat round in my
    load out. The 750 alpha is the only thing that makes the e100 special and
    worth something. Go play a mouse if ur gunna be a 12.8 pub. Still love you
    do jedi <3

  13. the new maus at t9 will have the 128mm gun as well as the 150mm and the
    150mm will have only 225pen and will not have any gold ammo from what i
    last seen

  14. Hey you are crazy – I like it :D

  15. I carry 18 rounds of HE in my e100 because youe guaranteed to do 300 damaye
    as long as you dont aim at the tracks. Its also the only ammo i will ever
    fire at a maus because heat is jusr dirty. I go through at least 6 shots of
    HE each game plus i fire it for the module damage too.

  16. The VK 45.02 B is being replaced? Am I out of the loop here?

  17. well, when i first played it with the 15cm i was like omg im never going to
    be good with it. But i rly get better and better after playing it some
    more. Also im looking forward to the next patch where the LFP should have a
    better angle then it has now. What destroys the tank for me is actually the
    LFP because it seems weaker then the e75 one. For example i played the e75
    and i tried to pen another e75 i wqas unlikely to go through. But the e100
    LFP was no problem somehow even tho it should be stronger. I think it is
    actually weaker then it should be. Because tankviewer tells me when theres
    an auto bounce but somehow everyone still pens me all day. But i cant tell
    if the next patch is actually a nerf to the e100 or a buff

    Edit: im trying the jingles thingi, using no heat

  18. The 15cm IS better. The 11mm pen difference is not really noticable. The
    HEAT is awesome and beside the highre alpha damage, it even has more DPM.

  19. EmperorNefarious1

    I’m en-route to both german heavies and I am now just getting trough tier 7
    on both lines, I like both the tiger and the porsche equally so I don’t
    know which line I should push first, I am leaning towards getting the Tiger
    2 first, but I would like some honest opinions.

  20. The new tier 9 MAUS will not have the option to load HEAT. It will have the
    option to mount the 128mm though. (source: old FTR and my memory)

  21. Seriously – you thought you were LUCKY to pen a 704 with AP?! In fact you
    would have been significantly LESS likely to pen him with HEAT!

    Ugh, it’s frustrating…. 

  22. What a carry ! Platooned with Circon and Foch. Having to carry those two
    on your back. You must have been exhausted after that game. LTM

  23. I know this is really rude of me, but I find people which complain about
    E100s gun are just crying noobs… Because that gun is maybe the best T10
    HT gun, only T57s and 215bs might be better…. Penetration is enough, you
    just need to know what can you penetrate on what angle and if you learn it
    you can penetrate most of the shells you fire! I usually hit 85% of shots
    and penetrate same amount of those hits…. So if i fire 10 I usually
    penetrate 7 of them which is pretty good in my opinion.

  24. that pen on the 704 was not lucky 704 is easy pen. even with 190 pen

  25. The E100 needs the 15cm to stay competitive – If it didn’t have the option,
    no one would bother getting it… lets be honest, who wants a less
    armoured, more mobile less healty maus, with a turret the size of a small

  26. Circon doing 2000 damage less damage than Jedi and getting 104 more damage,
    kappa kappa

  27. big gun is best gun

  28. I always found that this thing and the Hellcat, M6, anything with that 90mm
    M3 gun are designed to sell APCR. 160mm of pen with AP rounds, 243 with

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