E50M goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. mods will ruin this game, mark my words

  2. Flat out hacking hahahahahaha

  3. E-50M, BEST EQUIPMENT = Rammer, Vents, and Vertical Stabilizer! Ofc I have
    a 4 skill crew with BiA, situational awareness and 45% on recon, I get
    something like 442 meters view range. No need for optics! I just make ALL
    my shots count!

    Also 7.92 second reload on E-50M without premium consumables, IS BEAST!
    Between the armor, accuracy, and that reload time – it is VERY rare for me
    to lose out 1v1 against any other tier X medium! Apart from the BatChat 25t
    anyway, as they can unload 1950 average damage and fuck off so quickly it
    is hard to get more than 3 shots off!

  4. +TheFochYou With Zoom-in mods you SHOULD NOT shoot at any moving target
    beyond 16x zoom, and because of this a LOT of players get the mod and cut
    out everything past 16x.

    The zoom mod I use has a small zoom indicator at the top of the reticle. I
    only ever use above 16x to line up shots, so I really only ever shoot at
    16x or less.

    Artisan’s ReadMe on his zoom mod states that you should not shoot beyond
    16x because beyond that it causes video response lag on the client side,
    which makes you miss. At least it USED to tell you all of this.

    So if you don’t like having 20-32x get a customizable version of the zoom
    mod, I have seen ones where you can pick whatever zoom levels you want and
    skip any you don’t!

    • If you use ServerCross2 you can zoom to 32x and shoot accurately at
      STATIONARY targets, if you use the server reticle to aim and wait for it to
      stop shrinking entirely.
      As to Zoom-in mods legality? Well if that BULLSHIT Artillery Battle
      Assistant mod is legal, I should be able to use a zoom mod that removes ALL
      concealment! Because “Battle Assistant” breaks WG OWN RULES! In the EULA
      and on banned mod list it says “No mods that move the camera away from the
      vehicle” – well Battle Assistant does that WHILE giving arty TD like
      accuracy at short ranges as well!

      So fuck all that noise, remove Battle Assistant and I may actually give a
      shit about which mods I put in my mod pack!

      Ofc I HATE cheaters that use bullshit “War-pack” STYLE PMODs! I hope jerk
      off assholes looking for that shit give some shiester ALL their credit and
      banking information for a Pro MOD they could have downloaded/configured
      themselves FOR FREE!

      Speaking of which, it kinda surprises me that PMODs are still legal, as
      they make it easy to hack into the game client and display information such
      as where enemy turrets are pointing, show reload timers, destructed cover,
      and MUCH more! I get that a lot of players use LEGAL PMODS, and maybe one
      of them could tell me – WHY use PMODs over standard mods? What do PMODs do
      that regular res_mods .json and .pyt mods won’t do?

  5. 16x liekās ir labākais vidusceļš. man gan stāv 25x arī un nekādu mīnusu
    neredzu. 32x neesmu provējis, bet domāju ka piekristu ka tas ir ļoti par
    daudz, zinot cik ir 25x

  6. Installed Promod as a test and I must say the zoom mod is just annoying,
    sure you can zoom in far but RNJesus still decides if your shots actually
    hit where you aim or not.
    I agree with your point that it’s hard to judge lead on the top zoom
    settings as well.

    For that reason I far rather just go with the default zoom settings, they
    are good enough.

    Nice E-50M play once again :)

  7. Ive never tried out a zoom mod, even though sometimes Id really like to
    have one more level of zoom. However I heard QB saying that mods with any
    changes to the sniper mode are considered illegal (on NA I think), so I
    didnt bother all this much. The config youre using Foch, with no changes to
    foliage might be considered something different, but Im not sure about
    that. I rather refrain from using anything that might be considered
    illegal, even though I know I want get punished on EU (hooray for WGEU)….

  8. FatalTastySwift

    You literally spoke my mind about this mod in the video lol

  9. I play on NA server and have used 30x zoom mod for 3 years. Our zoom mod
    doesn’t remove foliage, as that’s a banable offense.
    Once you get used to it, it’s hard to not play without it. It does make
    close in fighting a little tense, if you over zoom. And your correct in
    that it doesn’t make shells more accurate.
    For sniping it’s awesome. I use team Roughnecks sight mod as well.
    I see no reason why you shouldn’t use at least a 16x zoom.

  10. I use a ten step x30. I think they are okay it’s not anything game
    breaking. I mean foliage kind of an issue but you still have to spot the
    person and actually land the shot. I rarely use full zoom.

  11. It seems that in the latest patch they fixed the problem of seeing through
    foliage with high zoom in levels.

  12. I’ve never used a zoom mod, but don’t have a problem with them. Removing
    foliage doesn’t allow you to spot enemies you wouldn’t have spotted, and
    the red outline means you can shoot them anyway. I guess the only advantage
    it would give is to allow you to see and aim at weakspots easier, but I
    don’t think that’s a big enough issue to bother kicking up a stink about

  13. Use a 10 or 12 step zoom, makes it much smoother.

  14. U may as well call this the breakfast meat channel as it seems there is
    nothing but HAM, HAM and more HAM. It’s funny, there are plenty of unicums
    in this game but only little FOCHY goes HAM just about every good game.
    Little geeky, nerd FOCHY is just a HAM when it comes to his skill at an
    online game, color me impressed. I bet he is not HAM in a dark alley, LOL.

  15. Dieter Dieteriov

    I am an ESL Player so I don’t use it and I think it gives an unfair
    advantage to people who use it because they can aim their sniping shots
    much better than people who are not using the mod. Therefore it should be
    forbidden to use.

  16. I run zoom mods and after getting use to it, it’s been very useful rarely
    getting in my way. That’s also due to my mouse and how much I need to
    scroll to achieve max zoom. 

  17. I miss more shots with the zoom. My lead and timing perception is way off.

  18. When it comes to mods, I’m a bit of a purist and consider the zoom mods
    cheats personally. With regards to zoom in mods in your videos, I vastly
    prefer the vids without the additional zoom.

  19. That was a pretty nice ham I would say. Kind of casual, but nice. Don’t
    bother with the zoom mods, they only make the game uglier :). Cheers! 

  20. I use aslains mod pack and have it set to 16x max but it resets to 8x when
    I zoom in from 3rd person. I almost never use 16x for shooting but more to
    get an idea of why my last shot seemed to hit but failed to actually hit
    the target.

  21. I’ve been using zoom mods for about 2 years now and I think it gives a big
    advantage, because of the accurate aiming on weakspots, mainly at longer
    distances. I even install it on every test server (the last version is
    always compatible). I think I use the 0.9-30x one.

  22. I used to play with a zoom in like this, but then i realized downsides were
    more than the advantages. now i’m happy with stock values of zoom in :)

  23. Its more of a question of why does it matter? Does it give you an unfair
    advantage? It doesnt actually change the accuracy of the gun. Yes you can
    zero in “easier” on a specific spot but RNG jesus wont actually let you hit
    that spot. Is the default zoom all relative when you say person A plays on
    1024×768 on a 17″ monitor and person B plays on 1080p on 22″ monitor and
    person C plays on 1440p on a 27″ monitor, are they all getting that “same”
    zoom? Also if your from 1st generation of gamers who grew up playing
    Specrum ZX and NES etc and yours eyes aren’t what they were all those years

  24. I use 6 steps mod with indicators. 4,6,8,16,24,30. I rarely use 30. Usually
    I use 16 or 24 max. 30 is just too much. The one I use also doesn’t
    de-foliage when zoomed in. I also have the mod that sets my default zoom
    every time I go in sniper view, which I set to x4.

  25. I use zoom in mods in my own config as i feel it really helpfull, i really
    can’t see the targets very well in long ranges. I am going to use every
    fucking unfair mod i find as long as i can still play the game myself and
    not the mods playing it.
    Just becouse wg allows warpack

  26. Considering the zoom.

    I dunno if this is what you had, but 99% just use a simple script saved in
    You just edit it with a notepad or notepad++, and change the values, 30
    being the max supported by the engine. There’s also usually multistage
    option there, but I would just leave that on. You change values to whatever
    you like and by adding more numbers after empty space will add another
    stage. So 2 4 8 16 will give you 4 stages with those
    increments (default being 2 4 8). Those are also the values that I would
    recommend. It gives You a slightly more with the fourth stage, but does not
    feel that weird when you zoom to max.

    There can be up to 10 stages set and I have seen modpacks using all 10 and
    going to full 30x. How the fuck are you supposed to react with this, I have
    no idea.

    I hope that helps.
    Stay Excellent!!

  27. any mod that removes foliage is illegal on NA. EU is obviously wild because
    they have no illegal mods, but yeah.

  28. My standard zoom is 8x, if I want more I roll in more, simple as that.

  29. I neither use mouswheel for sniping nor zoom mods (except the zoom out one,
    to see enemy movement) .
    Maybe this is why i’m “blue” and not “purple”? Whatever… I have a nice
    high sense razer mouse and a nice high sense hand, i rather depend on them.
    And they work after patch…

  30. † Masterhp †

    My favorite zoom is 12x after 12x my shoots go looping. beyond 16x is just
    too much disadvantage. Some mods even clear bushes when you zoom int hat
    high- which should be illegal. Wait what? Zooming in too much also makes
    your aiming circle solid.

  31. I use the zooms mod till the 16x. Everything above that is just unnecessary
    and worse.

  32. Please dont use the zoom in mod in the future. Makes me dizzy watching the

  33. i am using zoom mod cuz well my eyesight is pretty shit so when sniping
    stuff 500m away i dont want to have face 1 cm away from screen >_< but i do agree that x32 zoom is pointless

  34. Zoom mods are great, they dont increase you acc, so i dont see why its
    cheating. Without them people with bigger screens and high precision gaming
    mouses just have an advantage ^^

  35. Ah ,the E50M. Probably the best tier 10 medium in the game for random
    About the zoom in mods. Bullshit. Default is where its at.

  36. Denzell Rodriguez

    Depends on the tank you’re playing. For me 32 is much unless I’m playing my
    hellcat or 30B. It really depends. The default zoom is not enough for those
    tanks that have very good accuracy over long distances. So, its good for
    200-500 meter targets.

  37. just allow all mods all the time every time
    the sooner this game loses all their players the better, i wont lose any
    sleep over it
    if you dont speak russian you cant change anything at WG so why even bother

  38. i use no mods, do not approve of others using mods and would like to find
    the cocksucker who made XVM and kick him in the balls for all the times ive
    been XVM sniped/stalked by arty

  39. Ever since I started this game I have used a 30x zoom mod, i simply find
    the native zoom to be completely inadequate although with practise I
    suppose I could get used to it. At long ranges i find with native zoom that
    mousing over the tank and getting a red outline is about all i can manage
    so being more able to aim at the middle of the tank i find it does make it
    easier, particularly when making some very stupid shots with tanks like the
    conqueror or fv4202. I remember one game hitting the tiniest edge of the
    top the t57 heavies turret on the hill from the middle on prohkorovka. I
    doubt it would even have come up as possible on normal zoom.

  40. i do use a zoom mod that goes up to 30x with 1,5,10,15,20,30 step sizes.
    rarely use 30x but it can be useful when firing at you max render range
    like when you fire diagonally across that map.

  41. I can’t believe the number of cheats coming on here and admitting they
    can’t play the game as it’s meant to be played. Saying they can’t hit
    weakspots without a zoom mod ffs. Just learn how to play the fucking game

  42. Hi there!!! I was wondering where can I download your mod pack?

  43. I’ve played few games with x12 and x16 regular zoom in mod and even that
    was kind too clastrofobic for me.

  44. I like zoom out mod.

  45. I dont run 32x, i run… i think its 24.

    It helps a ton. I struggle to make good shots without it due to the default
    zoom being so anemic. The game has too many factors and tons of people are
    using everything from weak point skins and other odd things to gain an
    I just run the zoom mod to help with the long range shooting. It screws you
    up when you are a shift zoomer vs a scroll zoomer though, So i gotta
    remember to back out of zoom when i go in to close quarters, otherwies its
    too hard to aim.

    Looks like you were rocking it pretty well from what I could tell taking
    advantage of getting that accuracy.

  46. BornToDrive1500E

    When I used it, I felt like my tanks were less accurate. They were not, but
    still, I didnt like the feeling (shells flying all over the screen).

  47. I only use 16x because 32x is just a little too much
    removing foliage is a nice idea but the game does not feel real and dynamic
    enough after that for a big reason that I play wot is to feel the dynamic
    battles instead of playing a plain game and taking advantage over other

  48. Pzkpfw4owner wot

    Zoom in really sucks man its disgusting you can’t even lead your shots
    properly yuk I hate it.

  49. Any mod that increases the advantage of one player against other is not
    fair. Call it zoom in, zoom out, special view for arty, etc.

  50. Is it possible that you can show off some different tanks? Because I have
    the fealing that most tanks covered on this channel have been the same for
    a while. I would love to see some other tanks that we don’t see that often.

  51. I like the 32x zoom, just because on maps like el halluf its just nice to
    have the capability to see *that* far, i mean i guess it kind of depends on
    the size of your computer screen too- i used to play on a laptop and always
    used 32x zoom and it actually raised my efficiency

  52. I think the thing about the zoom in mods being used in replays on
    Wargaming’s youtube channel is that they don’t have unified set of rules
    across all servers. I know on NA any zoom in mod which removes foliage is
    illegal but that doesn’t seen to be the case on EU. Since I play on NA I
    find it easier just to have no interest in the zoom in mods.

  53. I dont use any mods that gives me a functional advantage. Your never know
    when wg will change their mind and make such mods illegal. It seem to me
    like those mods are just crutch aswell.

  54. Right there with you Foch, I don’t care for anything that removes cover
    when you zoom in. It is borderline cheating! I use standard zoom, no mods
    at all, and will continue too play that way. And the E50M is an awesome

  55. Did foch ever give an opinion on the news that the E50m’s penetration might
    be nerfed to 240mm? Same for the russians to 232mm but the other snipers
    like the ones using the L7 keep their 270mm pen.

  56. E50M<3<3<3<3<3

  57. i use a zoom mod because i have a shitty mouse and a shitty Mousepad that
    means i cant aim probably on Longranges. and i really notice it on
    patchdays… then i cant Play ont longranges because i cant hit anything

  58. i think zoom mods is cheating

  59. i think zooming mod is fine and you just have to take some time to learn
    how to lead your shots. I personally used it for a long time so i find it
    easy to play with it :)

  60. Never used zoom mod. I think there is no point in using it, but maybe its
    fun to see with zoom how your shot lands in another postcode.

  61. Wachira Narongsack

    i have try it once and i wil never use it again maybe it just me but when
    you often switch tanks and they have all different shell velocity it is
    really annoying

  62. Zoom mods never actually removed foliage… the game did. It thought you
    were closer to the bush than you actually were! – as a bi-product the game
    would make the bush invisible. This ‘bug’ was fixed in 9.8.

    Also standard/vanilla maximum zoom is closer to x9.5 than 8. Some zoom mods
    (the one in Quickybaby’s modpack for example) actually limit the zoom to
    LESS than if you played with no mods

  63. I know this might not be the most popular view but i think if a mod gives
    you an advantage, it shouldn’t really be allowed in an online game :/ but
    im not really sure how much of an impact this mod makes on how you play so

    • +Aroused Squirrel I think common sense draws a pretty broad line at
      actively changing stuff like that…it’s not hard to see that those sorts
      of mods are straight up cheating, as opposed to adding flavor to the game.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Lonesome Son Most people are retards, and give zero shits. I was
      addressing the point that troll face guy made, “If you can use it, it is
      stupid not to”.

    • +Lonesome Son My “most people choose not to” quote was in relation to my
      previous sentence about everyone could cheat if they wanted to. I still
      stand by that – most people do not cheat. I was not saying most people do
      not use mods.

      A lot of mods are fine, they just pimp the UI. Using a zoom mod that
      allows you to zoom in more and see, and aim at, weak spots more clearly is
      not just prettying the UI. It’s bending game mechanics to give yourself an
      advantage over people playing the game as it’s designed.

      I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t think that was cheating TBH. But some
      people’s moral compass works differently to others. That allows them to
      justify all manner of behaviour to themselves

    • +Stephen Green If the game developer and the majority of players feel it
      justified, I think it’s you with the aberrant moral compass—your opinion
      seems rather arrogant, and you seem like a fun vampire. It’s an arcade
      game…it’s for fun, not for realism. I don’t see any merit in your

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Lonesome Son If it is easier to aim using zoom in mode, compared to not
      using it, that is cheating, how can you not see that as a valid point?

  64. 16x is absolutely the highest zoom you’ll ever *need*. Filling up your
    entire screen with the aim circle is 100% counter-productive in a game that
    rolls a significant random deviation for every shot. The only upside is you
    might THINK you are doing better. It’s placebo. Amen.

    • +NaHoul76 i am using a 60x as well but i got every 6x zoom a new step
      (…x42x48x54x60x) so it gets smoother

    • yeah got the same i think 😉

    • +wtfronsson Some of us don’t have great eyes, others don’t have good
      hardware to display targets in high res…different strokes benefit
      different folks.

    • +Lonesome Son No, seriously. The game renders targets only up to 700
      meters, and most of the time maximum range you will be shooting is 500m. If
      you zoom to a tank 500-700m away with 16x, an average size tank is already
      about a quarter or sixth of the screen. It’s big enough for any eyes that
      would be playing WoT in the first place. And the reason for that is, shots
      are not going to be landing where you aim anyway. You don’t really “snipe”
      in wot, because the game is built on shitty accuracy. In the situations
      where your aim circle is about the same size as the target tank, then you
      either simply aim dead center, or if there is well angled armor, then
      possibly a bit towards lower plate or side, the generally weaker part of
      the target, not minuscule weakspots. Even in the extreme situation that you
      would need to hit a cupola from max range, well, you just put the cursor on
      roughly the roof area of the tank. It will not make a difference how well
      you can see the actual weakspot from long range, it’s enough to know where
      it is on the tank.
      Then you launch your potato in the general direction of the enemy, and hope
      for lucky rng. There is no pinpointing involved. And because this is the
      way wot is played, it also follows that there absolutely isn’t a single
      reason in the world that anyone would need to go over 16x. People might
      feel like they are being more effective with these extreme zoom settings.
      But all it’s really doing is hurting your awareness, if anything. Because
      of the mechanics of the game, long range accuracy simply does not exist. If
      it did, then it would be another story.

    • +wtfronsson First, what, only people with perfect eyesight play WoT? That’s
      a ridiculous statement on your part.

      Second, shot dispersion isn’t nearly so randomized as you make it out to
      be. There is RNG involved, but it doesn’t just pick a trajectory at
      random…it uses a center-weighted formula. True, shots can land anywhere
      inside the reticle, or in about 4% of cases even outside of the reticle.
      However, shots are not entirely randomized within the
      reticle…statistically about 34% of them fall within the inner half-radius
      of the reticle, and individual shot chances are higher closer to the
      center. Aiming matters—even if your chance to hit a particular target spot
      on a very distant enemy tank is very low, it’s better than aiming center
      mass and having that chance drop to next to nil.

      …and not only that. The game only renders tanks up to a certain point. It
      renders everything else on the map to maximum map distance. If you can’t
      see the significance in that, I’ll leave you to wonder.

  65. foch,search for “zoomX.xml” file in your config…in my config it’s located
    in resmods-0.9.8-GUI…there you should find your zooms…i use x12 max and
    it’s prefect fo me

  66. So what ever is gonna make you play the best

  67. 300m away the IS-7 disappears because of it’s Romulan Cloaking device…..

  68. Foch..getting tired of the same ole tanks going “ham”. We have established
    you can kick ass in the best tanks in the game, but can you do it in some
    of the worst tanks in the game? cheers.

    • +Thomas yates watch his stream, he plays many tanks there.

    • +Thomas yates Talking about some of the worst tanks in the game, I have a
      feeling T-34-3 video might be coming pretty soon. So there is that.

      On the other hand, your point is obviously legit, Foch basically only plays
      non-Russian high tier meds with few exceptions (50B, T110E4, IS-8) and it
      shows in his replays.

  69. did use it..and definitely saw a huge improvment in my sniping..but
    brawling is really annoying sometimes as you are zoomed in wayy too much at
    times…but 32x is very very unnecessary.
    although can definitely see players improving a lot if they use it a lot

  70. As a standard WG give you up to x16 after that it does give an advantage to
    whoever is using the mod. I will admit I have tried them but dislike them
    for all the above reasons and the one’s that take foliage away at long
    distance means trying to snipe with say a Centurion 7/1 or most TD’s is
    meaningless… as these machines are designed to engage from distance so
    personally I would prefer a hard cap on the zoom in maybe to 20 but no more
    than that and as to the foliage one should not be allowed…

  71. I’ve been using a zoom mod for so long now that after a patch comes out I
    just cannot properly give the correct lead to tanks driving at 400+ meters,
    as with the mod I usually aim so my shots will arrive straight at the enemy
    tank’s engine.
    I initially started useng the extra zoom because my hand-eye coordination
    is slightly below average. I’m still affected by it in close range brawling
    so in those situations I mostly use autoaim but in medium distances and up
    I’m at least as good as a regular person.

  72. x8 sucks, x32 sucks, 16x is a good balance, keeping the 4 steps, because
    more than 4 steps is a pain to use with the mouse wheel

  73. The zoom mod no longer makes foliage disappear. It was fixed several
    patches ago

    • +Pierasso it was fixed in the last 9.8 patch and for me, man i dont know
      how to play anymore. One year i was playing x16 with zoom through foliage
      and now im completly stuck. That change ht me like truck. But maybe i will
      “enable ” it again since WG doesn give a crap (at least at EU server) .

    • +logilogilogi so you like cheating? Why don’t you just learn how to play
      the game instead

  74. You modified a config :3 I guess that doesn’t make it a mod

    • We need to take this to the top

    • +Emanicas WG specifically made the game moddable, encourages modding, holds
      contests for best mod…isn’t it about time you people just accept that
      this game has mods? Play something else if you don’t like it…seems like a
      simple enough concept…it’s not like you’re anything but a small minority
      of WoT fans…

    • +Lonesome Son who said we dont like mods? There are just 2 mods I dislike:
      XVM chance to win and ‘artillery POV mod’

    • +Some Thing Ah, fair enough… Sorry for the knee-jerk reaction, just tired
      of seeing so much anti-mod attitude and the little context you provided
      seemed likely to lump you in with that sort. I stand corrected.

    • +Lonesome Son I was about to say xD I didn’t say anything like you thought
      I said. We were talking about whether modifying a config makes a mod and I
      then made a yolkas about this being inconclusive xD I didn’t mean wargaming
      at all.
      I played for 2 – 3 years and most of that with mods

  75. IIRC I used to use 20x max. Anything higher would get too awkward for me.

  76. marquitoescort2011

    i use 16x.more than enough to help on long range.

  77. Im using basic zoom in/out -mod, most valuable feature is just noscroll
    between arcade-sniper view and that when going into sniper view it is 2x
    zoom as default without remembering which one was last used. Zoom steps are
    just basic 2-4-8-16, and actually 12x would be enough instead of 16x.

  78. zoom mod really helps pinpointing weakspots from very long range with good
    sniper guns, but at the same time it makes you spam more ammunition trying
    overly ambitious shots from very long range with inaccurate guns

  79. As someone who uses zoom in mod for more than a year and a half, I have to
    agree with everything you commented about it, but would also like to add
    that I really had problems in the beginning, and didn’t like it, but, as
    soon as you get experienced with it, you just cannot play without it,
    especially when you try to snipe targets above 300 meters. I know this,
    because I have problems to snipe tanks when new patch arrives, and the mod
    is not ready yet :)

    • +Srđan Tubin I have the same. I struggle really hard with sniping weakspots
      without mod 😛

    • +hanssie88 so basically what you’re both saying is you have trouble playing
      the game as it’s designed to be played. You need a cheat mod to help you
      hit weakspots

    • +Stephen Green well you could just use your 50inch tv instead of your
      laptop screen and would have the same effect as a x16 zoom mod.. Therefore
      I strongly refuse the cheating accusation. I often play wot on my macbook
      13 inch retina and trust me: you definitely need a zoom mod there or a
      freaking low resolution…

    • +Stephen Green I will take any good change to win a battle, so, if a
      legitimate zoom mode is available, and it helps me, I don’t care if it’s
      vanila game or not and I don’t see why its of any importance here… Of
      course, say – if they ban that mod, I would get used to it in a few
      battles, like I do when a new patch arrives 😉

  80. I use no mods to each there own i have no problem with it people useing

  81. The default max zoom is definitely too small. Without 16x sniping feels
    like throwing crap at the wall and hoping it sticks.

  82. I would like to think that the zoom level is appropriate for this size of
    maps in WoT. Any higher and I believe it does convey an advantage. I would
    prefer you did not use the additional zoom level. 

  83. Same opinion as you regarding 30x+ zoom, not really needed at all.
    I use up to 16x myself all the time, much prefer it over the default max.

  84. I’ve been using 16x zoom since I discovered the config file change many
    versions ago, I can’t play without it. That’s mostly because I don’t feel
    like squinting at pixels when making long range shots, my eyes aren’t what
    they used to be.

  85. this replay is not s4lty

  86. russell andrews

    i think that zoom in mods are balanced, because you can zoom in a but ur
    cusser over an enemy’s cupola at 400+ meters, but thats no grantee that you
    will hit the cupola

  87. I do use a zoom mod because I mainly play supportive tanks so it just makes
    it easier to as an example track somebody or hitting weakspots and for the
    zooming itself u get used to it quite fast but everybody has their
    preferences 😀 

  88. Thehagengnome HD

    i really want to get this tank now…

  89. 32X is too much imho.

    16X should be default though considering I’m playing on a 17″ laptop screen

  90. CarelessFacepalm

    Well done :D

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